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Panshanger to La Rochelle

Peter kindly published my trip report for La Rochelle under the 'Articles' section of this site. I partly wrote it as account for my own reference as I look back on trips I have done, but more because I feel inspired by reading the trip reports or looking at the photos you guys post online, and if one PPL or in-training PPL reads the report I have written in the future, and is inspired to do something similar in their future, then I hope I have also given someone some inspiration.

Very nice write-up. It is nice to venture out and stepping a little outside your comfort zone. Too bad you could not make it into La Rochelle itself as you would have loved it (as we did). I have been flying the Piper Archer II a lot before starting to fly on the Cirrus and still fly now regularly a Piper Archer III. Great pictures as well.

EDLE, Netherlands

Thanks AeroPlus, though I wish I got some better scenery in my photos, hence next time I might try a more scenic route :-) Your (I assume it is your's ;-)) AeroWeather is extremely useful to get a quick report on all TAF's and Metar's for a given route on the ground. Besides SkyDemon, it is probably the only other 'App' I use a lot, and not just for flying.

Well, PiperArcher. Indeed I would try to go for a more scenic route now that you know that the controllers don't byte when you cross into unknown airspace. The AeroWeather app is not mine. Mine is called AeroPlus Aviation Weather app. See what it does different here in a blog item or see there in the top right the YouTube channel on the same.

And yes, AeroWeather is a great app. One of the features we don't have is the webcams at aerodromes. Great to see how the weather looks like.

EDLE, Netherlands

Thanks AeroPlus, I actually have your weather app on the iPhone but will put it on the iPad as well as I have some of the subscriptions for the extras. It is good, and helpful to get a more global representation of weather reporting.

Nice write up!

A pity you didn't get to make it into the city. La Rochelle is a beautiful city. But now that you've pushed yourself a bit further I'm sure that you'll do that next time.

Beautiful photos too.

Well done!

EIKH Kilrush
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