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Flytrip 2018, help us out!

We are a group of 7 pilot friends (and some paxs) and we are planning to do a flytrip from the 30th of May until the 3th of June, we will fly Robins and Cessna 172’s during the trip. Maybe some other pilots from our club will join us, they are flying ultralights.
Since most of our trips went to the south in the past, we were thinking of flying to Denmark or Sweden this time.
Our homebases are EBKT and EBGB, we are planning for about 10h engine time.

We like to avoid big airports (unless they are needed to visit nice cities) and we like to visit special places (Helgoland, Verjø?) that would be hard to visit without a plane. A little challenge is always nice :)

Since we don’t know anything about Denmark or Sweden I thought maybe EuroGA could help us out :)

- Do’s and don’ts
- Places to visit
- Places to stay
- Best routings
- …

Thank you!

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Femoe in Denmark is a top class place to visit! Small airstrip with a restaurant just by the “apron”. Perhaps it would be good to stay there for the first night.
Flying in Denmark and Sweden is very easy. You should stay away from the larger airports, they are only boring and cost money.

Nice strips to visit in southern Sweden(random order):
ESMH – Höganäs
ESGV – Varberg/Getterön
ESSW – Västervik
ESSI – Visingsö
ESSV – Visby (biggish airport but they have a grass strip and you park on grass outside the aero club so you do not deal with the airport administration)
ESTF – Fjällbacka
ESVE – Stegeborg
ESMB – Borglanda
ESFS – Sandvik

These fields are situated on islands or close to the sea which I think makes a good scenery and something to do whilst on the ground. Most of the places are popular in the summers but you will probably arrive before the season starts. Try to call the airstrips to let them know that you show up with a couple of airplanes.

For fuel: Check if you can refuel with UL91 or 91/96 since that is often more available than 100LL. Check also the payment options on the smaller strips. In Sweden almost every strip has an aeroclub. SkyDemon works great in Sweden and Denmark as well.

You will have a great trip!


Before my trip to Scandinavia last year, I asked similar questions and this thread might be of help for you:

And here is the trip write-up from afterwards:

Enjoy the North!

Essen-Mülheim (EDLE), Düsseldorf (EDDL), Paderborn (EDLP), Mönchengladbach (EDLN), Germany

I recommend brushing up on short runways if needed.

Then do a trip visiting islands on the way.
Helgoland – nice and cheap fuel


As far as I know Femø is temporarily closed as the airfield has to be moved.

pmh, Denmark

pmh wrote:

As far as I know Femø is temporarily closed as the airfield has to be moved.

Interesting, I did not know that! I guess it is best to contact every airfield that you are going as most of them are not in NOTAM.
[email protected]


Pre-contacting airfields is usually a good idea but, generally, most people have found that most GA airfields don’t reply to emails. But maybe the above are different, especially if done in the local language (essential, IME).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Danes do not have a problem with English so that should work fine. The email goes to the restaurant which also administrates the airstrip.


Wow, thanks for the great tips. I also checked the older threads, great information. I hope there is more to come :)
I’ll contact Femø to see if we can still go there.

Is all radio in Denmark done in English?

I got an instant reply from Femø

“Dear Jens.
Yes you are welcome.
However during this winter we have moved the airstrip so please contact us 1-2 months before to get all the informations about the strip.

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From my experience, the English RT in Denmark is very good and easy to understand.Danish VFR traffic may and will speak Danish on the radio, but usually will switch to English if they notice you using it.

Regarding Helgoland EDXH: It is a interesting destination, but it also has a few extra rules. The PIC of an aircraft landing there must have at least 100h of experience, and microlights(and powered gliders) are required to file a flight plan. See also

Also be aware of seals possibly being present on the runway. Not kidding…

Thanks for the info, Helgoland was already on our radar, it would be a nice pitstop for sure.
Does anybody has some recommendations for a place to stay in the south of Denmark? (other than Femø).

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