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Flying to Egelsbach EDFE tomorrow

Not exactly looking forward to the VFR arrival. Seems like they bring you in from the South from D1 or K. Anyone been there?

EGTK Oxford

For a visual approach into Egelsbach, just follow the trail of Citation wreckage on the ground

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes I know. I will not however be trying to do it in IMC!

EGTK Oxford

There are two approaches into Egelsbach: standard and high speed. You have to choose the right one and then program the waypoints and sequence them at the right altitude. It is important that you are familiar with the approach altitudes because there is terrain.

Other than that, nothing special. It's Germany's busiest GA aerodrome and situated directly next to EDDF so ATC expects you to be well prepared.

Check the German AIP for the procedures here.

PS: Even though you might be offended, you have to accept that your Meridian is not a High Performance Aircraft according to the Egelsbach AIP

just take the standard vfr approach and make sure you have the reporting points on your ipad/skydemon

take it nice and easy and do it in VMC..

if it is the east bound landing ... follow the road on base and watch the powerlines.. after that it is turn short final ... westbound landing is easier.. You do have the powerlines but you have some more spacing on final

nothing fancy .. nothing complicated. The crashes were both with pilots trying to do an ILS kind of approach in IMC while they were supposed to be in VMC. If in IMC divert... simple as that.

The restaurant is good by the way.

If you come in for the normal approach you will descend before reaching Frankfurt airspace. It is actually quite an interesting area with a high ridge after which you descend so the normal (scenic) version is nicest!

I have read up on the procedures, and all seems straightforward. Not offended at all, it seems to be the HPAs that have the problems.

EGTK Oxford

I did my PPL-training there. It is an uncontrolled field within the CTZ of Frankfurt. As has been said before, nothing special about the field if you avoid self-contructed IFR-approaches, stay in VMC when you are supposed to and follow the procedures and VFR-routes described in the AIP. The terrain and the powerlines will then not be an issue. EDFE also has an apron frequency (which needs to be contacted prior to start-up when on a Z-flightplan / prior to taxiing when departing w/o flight plan) which in my experience is bit of a rarity for uncontrolled fields.

Just outside the terminal building are two shops you might want to look into: Eisenschmidt ( - pilot supplies) and Ringeltaube (which is being run by the catering company of Lufthansa and sells perfumes, alcoholic beverages and "travel-related" goods at sometimes very good prices. Officially, the shop is only open to airline staff but I have never encountered anybody actually enforcing this.) Just for the record, I have no affiliation to either.

EDML - Landshut, Munich / Bavaria

it seems to be the HPAs that have the problems.

Yes, because "we" (commercial/business) operators have the usual problem that our customers/aircraft owners expect us to take them to the destination of their choice. Always. Instead of diverting to Frankfurt (expensive) or Mannheim, which is less than half an hour's drive away.

Like many other busy airfields, Egelsbach has some noise sensitive villages just outside the traffic pattern and close to the approach/departure routes, so don't take any shortcuts, even if traffic permits (I have been told off several times over the years although I never flew over houses...). At busy times it can be very demanding because of the very different aircraft in the circuit - from the 65kt C152 to a Citation X that will fly at 160+ until short final.

If you have a business lunch or dinner scheduled, do it at the airport restaurant - lots of people who have nothing to do with EDFE or aviation drive there from Frankfurt for eating!

EDDS - Stuttgart

Are jet landing fees into EDDF that bad?

EGTK Oxford

Your Meridian would cost ca. 1200 € in EDDF.

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