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Creating a basic airport database (merged)

Local food availability : field for a written description

Would you recommend this airfield :
For a fuel stop ?
For a lunch trip/ day trip ?
For an overnight stay ?

Fees :
Landing (with handling if mandatory)
24h parking

Ground transportation options : field for a written description

Any chance we can team up with SkyDemon on this?
I don’t see how either side wouldn’t benefit, as there is cross-pollination, which would be great.

I’m about to make a lengthy trip to some airfields that don’t get visited (I don’t see anything on them in the app) and I’ll gladly share, but it would be a little meh to post to both sites.

Obviously more work to provide bidirectional syncing capabilities, but worth it!

We are at the user interface / database definition stage (what data fields to put in) so any input on what people would like to see is appreciated.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I would appreciate an option to see airports that have night flying (say at least until 10 or 11pm) or are H24.
To see all airports with customs would be helpful too.
For the fees I think it’s sufficient to know if an airport has exorbitant fees that almost prohibit GA flying.

One has to remember that the authoritative source for legal facilities (customs/immigration, opening hours, etc) will always be the AIP and since this doesn’t exist in a machine-readable form there is no practical way to populate a database from the AIP. People will be able to mention that based on their last experience these services were available but that’s about it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Public Transit available (within 500m or some such)
Event Calendar (tough one, but it’s fun to know when an airfield is throwing a party with time in advance to plan for it) Notams will cover it last minute
Runway/Taxiway PIREPs [e.g. LHBS Budaörs was frightening! There’s a few massive depressions in the strip that must be considered. Not for prissy planes!]
English Friendly (some local airports don’t do well with English, and this helps to know)
Restaurant rating: 0-5 stars
Stickler rating (some airfields are friendly and helpful… others not, it’s great to know what territory one is delving into)

Restaurant rating: 0-5 stars

For Norway that would either be insanely priced airport food or a hot dog at the nearest gas station (5 + km away)


I will point again to my post from 2015. If a database is created, it should link airfields with EuoGA users. Like that, when I intend to fly to xy, I can look up these users based there (or very close by, hence a map solution would be great) and contact them for meetings, beers, local tips, help, ground transportation, etc.. A bit like Runwaymap does.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

That’s a good suggestion.

How would you see the user interface? Let’s say 100 people list EDDS as their airport. When you go to EDDS in the airport database, you would be presented with 100 usernames. It would not be right to provide a facility to send a PM to all 100; it would be only a matter of time before somebody uses it to spam people.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

You get a list of users based there, and then you can only contact them one by one, by PM.

It will be mostly useful for airfields with little GA activity, where infos and services are usually scarce. Hence, when people want to use this feature, the list of based (or nearby based) users will be rather short.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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