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Clearance over London

highflyer wrote:

This happens sometimes and I do wonder why they ask for informations they already have from the flight plan.

Often there is no flight plan. For instance in the DA42 when I do these London overflights, it’s normally just a quick local flight.

Here are my contributions:

Last time city was Landing to the East and I asked (the Heathrow frequency) if I could perhaps do a little practice on their ILS, even if at higher minima, but they came back with a negative (after actually calling City) – Although with the clearance I had I think I could have legally flown it at least until the 1000ft rule kicked in (which would obviously be very early). Stayed out of the way though to not piss anyone off!

@denopa, for me best advert for twin is making it back dry after one engine started losing power over the sea at 22:30


What happened to engine – did you figure it out?

It was an injector failure

You can mitigate that risk in a single by flying high and closer to the coast (probably need to stop to refuel!). But you 100% need a twin to take those London pictures.


AH I see. Yes risk profile is increased with the twin

Just saw the below aircraft fly straight overhead from my office window (central London).. definitely a SEP and at most 2000ft (i.e. FR24 isn’t lying). Is this allowed? I thought the glide-safe rule applied? If not… I wonder what FPL filing would get me this out of EGKB…


Don’t SR22 owners claim the parachute as a second engine?

EGKB Biggin Hill

Yesterday morning I was cleared “any routing through the zone” in a DA40 – but only flew closer to highways / city airport / reservoirs etc where a glide clear is reasonable. The controllers passed the info as a DA40 (unlike the gatwick ones who mistook us for a DA42) to other traffic so were aware we were a single.

I used the pre-notification tool for the first time and had no issue with transits. Never had any issue before though so it doesn’t tell much!

This sort of thing is / used to be called NSF (non standard flight) and you apply for a permission. I don’t know any more details.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Timothy wrote:

Don’t SR22 owners claim the parachute as a second engine?

Looks more like “glide” vs “parachute” an not “single” vs “twin”, he could also argue that he has 300hps (twice as PA28s, so that will do), also nothing looks like RTA airspace reserved to that flight

I think with a parachute you can add jumps between Royal Parks to following Thames route…

@Noe, LCY used to let sightseeing flights on microlights from Damyns Hall as long as they fly along Thames/their marina and crossing on top of their runway in superb VFR days but it seems more like a “grandfathered right/agreement” from the old days

ESSEX, United Kingdom
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