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Clearance over London

Re W number:

I generally haven’t been asked when I state a clear itinerary on the “pass your message” reply.

Otherwise, “Negative W number”, and I’ll expect they ask me for what itinerary I want to do (which is what happened the first time I did a transit)

dejwu wrote:

Maybe a stupid question, but after Sully, shouldn’t they abandon the safe glide rule and allow the Thames as landing option?

That was a dual engine loss at 3000ft after take-off on 7700, so probably does not fall under “land clear” for “zone transit”?

The Husdon has no crossings after GW bridge, only ferries/boats, the Thames is a lot more congested in bridges, the only parallel Hudson-Thames I could draw is the Thames estuary east of QE2 bridge but then you are outside London airspace and probably inside Southend

To be fair, I find it hard to route from Bovindgon to Lambourne south of M25 on low ceilings without having personal doubts on “glide clear” apart from one reservoir, but I think lot of pilots don’t make much fuss about that crossing: as it happens to be outside Heathrow/City controlled zones…

On single engines, I may try crossing east of LCY on tmgs/microlights with 1/30 glide ratios at 1500ft they should give 7nm, more than enough to land clear but few of these aircrafts are transponder equipped these days…

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ESSEX, United Kingdom

For the next two months

But from from 1st March 2019 the NSF part of the AUP system will go live. The AUP can be accessed via – Although, the NSF part of this will not be visible until the go live date.

EGKB Biggin Hill

On that AUP from, how do you describe those “preferred routes” for both VFR/IFR? VRPs, GPS Waypoints?

Also, I am not sure if this tool is useful for IFR transits? does this give any advantage or actually make it worse due separation constraints?

I think it is worth it and it is a very promising initiative from NATS, I tried a few VFR transits:
- Luton, I can see they have “VFR corridors” on SD/map and they usually cleared me trough that route most of the time unless something come up they give you a tactical route or just say sorry
- Stansted, they have preferred “VFR routes” on SD/map that I tried but I am still waiting for a clearance
- Heathrow/Gatwick, I don’t see any “preferred VFR routes” but surprisingly after asking I did end up in unexpected places/heights, I guess they just make sure your stress level goes up so you never come back trying again….luckily we have situational awareness from moving maps these days (Gatwick asking me to switch tower, fly east/west then cross south/north while Heathrow amend the transit in the last minute and surprisingly asking me to get closer to the M25…)

ESSEX, United Kingdom
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