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Flims (Mollis) LSMF

Given that Bad Ragatz is too short for me, what is the best bet for Flims?

Is it Mollis? If so, any thoughts? The website makes it seem rather exclusive?

EGKB Biggin Hill

Hi Timothy, I live and fly nearby Mollis and it looks like it is indeed a good choice. There is a motorway to Flims which is quite convenient. Also, Mollis tends to have the best weather around and since it is an uncontrolled airfield, this is quite relevant.

Mollis is a private airfield, but if you ask them nicely, maybe they make it happen.

St Gallen LSZR: in case you want the sure thing: They are controlled, have customs, IFR, only ~20 minutes more to drive than Mollis, can be quite foggy
Ambri LSPM: PPR and no idea about how complicated it is. Definitely more exciting than St Gallen though ;)


ICAO code added to title.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Earlier this year I flew to St Gallen and took a taxi/car to Flims. It was about 1,5 hour drive. I also saw that Mollis was closer but never checked the possibilities to land there.

Sweden, Sweden

Thank you!

EGKB Biggin Hill

Fly310 wrote:

Earlier this year I flew to St Gallen and took a taxi/car to Flims. It was about 1,5 hour drive

The route from St Gallen looks more convenient to me… but Samedan is (also) about 1.5 hrs away from Flims, much less distance but across Julier Pass.

Last Edited by Silvaire at 05 May 13:40

St. Gallen LSZR has definitely the lowest driving time to Flims. >90% of the route is autoroute. Per 107km/1hr18. Mollis would be a bit closer, but you really would need to talk nice to get permission (read: unlikely). They are very focused on heli’s and VLA’s (i.e. low-noise) and “normal” certified GA aircraft are usually only allowed on special occasions (old-timer event, military, etc) as far as I am aware and is VFR only. Samedan LSZS would be fine (assuming you have an aircraft with approach category B or higher, otherwise you need a qualification), but the route is a mountain highway so the driving time would be higher. Again, per 93km/1hr58. If you’re coming to ski, then the time would be higher. Autoroute from St. Gallen likely about the same year-round.

LSZK, Switzerland

This will be a Summer visit.

Ok, St Gallen sounds like the best choice and least hassle, thank you.

EGKB Biggin Hill

I have to agree. Altenrhein is the least hassle and has all the options.

Used to be my homebase and I would love to be back one day.

LSZH, Switzerland

chflyer wrote:

Again, per 93km/1hr58

Google Maps says (road maps below for anybody who might be interested)

Samedan is 93 km/1 hr 38 minutes to Flims across Julierpass (I’m guessing the longer time quoted by chflyer may have been a typo)

St Gallen (Altenrhein) is 107 km/1 hr 07 minutes to Flims on the Autoroute (1 hr 18 minutes quoted by chflyer must include some traffic delay, not much traffic as I write on Sunday afternoon local time)

If it were summer, I’d rather ride across the pass for the scenery, but that’s just me… I’ve probably done it 30 times for fun, without any particular destination on either side!

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