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Fourth Bordeaux (Saucats LFCS) International Fly-in : 31/08/2018

Dear pilots,

I’m pleased to announce that Bordeaux Saucats (LFCS) will once again be hosting its annual international fly-in.

The dates will be from Friday 31 August to Sunday 2 September 2018.

As always, a minibus will be laid on for those who would like, and rental cars with drop-off at the airfield can be arranged.

Expect as much wine and food as you can shake a stick at (no curry this time) as well as the traditional “stuff your face” group fly-out to a restaurant at a nearby field (weather permitting).

At this early stage, please just reply to the thread indicating your interest in attending. I will compile an “official” list as we get closer to the time.


LFCS (Bordeaux Léognan Saucats)

Sounds too good to miss.

Old Pharts flying safari's

I will be there.

Looking forward to it.


Sounds like fun, I’ll join

Private UL field, Mallorca, Spain

I hope I can make the long flight from Libourne! Yep, planning to join you all there.


Dear all,

Things are getting closer 8)

If you’re interested in attending, please email [email protected] with aircraft reg, POB, and whether you need anything particular on arrival (hire car etc.).


LFCS (Bordeaux Léognan Saucats)

Dear all,

I have just finished the information document for this year’s event :

Not much change for the regulars, except the fuel which has gone up to 2 eur per litre due to a rise in French fuel duty :(

Looking forward to seeing you all again.


LFCS (Bordeaux Léognan Saucats)

Looking forward to seeing all the pilots this weekend.

Please do drop in :-)

LFCS (Bordeaux Léognan Saucats)
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