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Fly-in to Guernsey EGJB Channel Islands, **MOVED** Saturday 4th August 2018

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Peter wrote:

Regarding Alderney, I wonder about doing a EuroGA fly-in there. Or the Scilly Isles for that matter. I wonder whether anybody from mainland Europe would go there? From the EU (non UK) there is just the Guernsey GAR form to do, plus obviously a flight plan.

Well, plus the Schengen immigration exit & entry on the EU (non UK) side :)
The Guernsey GAR form at Alderney, you can even fill it in on arrival on the spot.
Alderney gave me the bad surprise that they have Jet A1, but won’t sell me any.

Scilly Isles, the runway’s a bit shorter, hmmm. Will have to see if TODA is more than the runway.

Telegram group joining link:


What do you fly lionel? I was fine in a heavy DA40NG

I’ve done a couple of very enjoyable trips to Alderney. Jersey is also very good, but I’ve not been to Guernsey.

It’d make a good venue for a fly-in – I’d go!


Noe wrote:

What do you fly lionel? I was fine in a heavy DA40NG

I fly a Cessna P210N. I downloaded the Flight Manual for a DA40NG from the Diamond website. Going “by the book”, our “as per POH” take-off ground run at SL and 30°C for a flat runway is similar (430m and 453m, respectively) but your take-off distance (over 50ft obstacle) is quite shorter (640m vs 759m). Skyvector was giving the longest (and hard surface) runway at 600m, but I now dug the AIP out, and it gives a TODA of 623m (runway 14) and 647m (runway 32) . Plus runway 32 has about a 1% average upslope (65m penalty for you), but both 14 and 32 start with a stronger upslope (100m at 3.1% and 300m at 3.3%, respectively), so we’d have to put some penalty for that. Going “by the book” there is some safety margin to be added, although not legally mandatory under Part-NCO (non-commercial other-than-complex aircraft).

A colder day helps :) So does not being at MTOW. 300lb/136kg less brings me at a take-off distance of 623m. That’s 1h45 to 2h00 of fuel. Since there is no fuel at the airport, let’s say I won’t leave at MTOW.

For a fly-in, if you intend to do it on a week-end, it is closed on Sunday…

Last Edited by lionel at 27 Jun 14:38

I’d definitely go too to a fly-in in the CIs.

Let’s do something then. I started this new thread and I am suggesting July to start with.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

July is already heavily booked for me.

  • 30 June / 1 July is possible (assuming the plane is out of maintenance as planned; I could consider coming directly from maintenance on Friday evening )
  • I have other plans on Sunday 8 July early morning.
  • The two week-ends in the middle of July (14-15 and 21-22) I’ll be in an organised two week-long travel
  • The 28-29 I’ll be just back from that travel and may not have the energy to fly. But maybe I would.

I would be up for Jersey or Guernsey. Alderney is a nothing place for me.

Last Edited by Propman at 27 Jun 21:54
Nuthampstead , United Kingdom

I’d be interested in a bit of a gathering.
However I’m quite committed time wise so thought I’d mention my prior plan incase there’s an opportunity for synchronizing.
The wife and I are planning a France Round-robin trip starting on the 17th August and intending to overnight in Jersery or maybe 2 nights. If that tied in to anything that would be good.
However I Will keep an eye on this thread incase anything works that we can join in on.

On another note, if anyone was around for that week, they are welcome to consider joining our route.
Uk-CI- Quiberon- Bordeaux- Carcassonne- Empuria Brava -
French Alps- somewhere central France – Home.

Last Edited by GA_Pete at 28 Jun 00:26
Private strip, Essex UK (not mine), United Kingdom

Can we do a Sunday?

Saturdays in July usually mean cricket for me.

I bet I am the only person on this forum who plays cricket.

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