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Visiting Heringsdorf (EDAH)

I’m planning to fly to Heringsdorf (EDAH), just for a one day stay.

Is it easy to grab a taxi to Poland from the airport and vice verse, to go from Poland to the airport?

My plan is to fly to EDAH, then visit both Heringsdorf City and Swinoujscie City during the day. I saw that it’s possible to go by train between the cities.
Any “good to knows” about Heringsdorf?

Johan M

No problems at all. Yes, German taxi drivers can pop over on the Polish side and vice versa.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

I went there on this trip.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

If you register beforehand, you could also take an app2go from the airport.
Scenic bicycle path along the coast between Heringsdorf and Swinousje.
Lots of PJ at the weekends.
Tower cannot see the far end of the runway, just take care even, when it is an active CTR and he actively guides you.

EDM_, Germany

I Also recommend app2drive. It’s easy. Car stands right where you exit the apron and opens with your phone. Not expensive and gives freedom to drive around whole Usedom.

Last Edited by loco at 22 Jul 18:54

I have two times called polish taxis to come to the aiport.
First time I had some problems as where to be picked up. Last time I had the Polish hotel fix the taxi and walked to the main terminal to be sure to be picked up the right place.

pmh, Denmark

app2drive’s website has a rather critical fail. They do have a station at Heringsdorf airport, but their website doesn’t find under any name of “Heringsdorf” or “Usedom”. You have to enter “Zirchow”. Which is the technical locality where the airport is, but, well, the airport is called Heringsdorf airport.

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