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Any up to date actual experience of Carcassonne LFMK?

Here is the current fees document:

I’m planning a trip there with a group of about 14 aircraft next weekend, and dropped operations a note as a heads-up to say we were coming. They replied with the above document and requested, “in order to manage assistance requests”, each aircraft fill out and send the form as soon as possible. The form is on the last page. My guess is that one only really needs to do so if customs and/or fuel are needed…. but that certainly isn’t clear from the above request.

Aviathor wrote:

The document explicitly says that handling is not required for private flights that do not use the commercial apron.

I can’t find that anywhere in the above document. There is this in the parking fee section though:

For private flights that require no assistance an additional 25 € will be charged for parking in commercial parking stands. This parking will not exceed 2h00, beyond the ground handling fees applies. Every hour started is due.

The most unsettling is the €50 basic fee for

A/C Marshalling, chocking, apron area watch, light cabin cleaning

Nothing that says this is limited to the commercial apron. So they could rush out with a follow-me to guide one to the GA parking and then try to charge the €50 fee. Or perhaps submitting the form, even just for customs or fuel, implies a request for handling incurring the €50 fee?

Do I understand the thread above that there is a self-serve AirBP fuel station at the east end whereas the GA parking is at the west end (i.e. one needs to taxi back and forth, or be sure to taxi directly to the fuel station on landing if fuel is needed)?

We are quite a large group and the GA parking looks like the markings are perhaps for less than that. The aircraft are all C172s, PA28, PA18, Bucker, Jodel, Glasair, Maule, Aeronca, BE35. So I’m sure they could be squeezed together if the airport allows us to ignore the lines defining the parking spots.

All the info in the thread is very good, so perhaps I’m worrying too much ;-(

Any visits this year or comments on the above?

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LSZK, Switzerland

I recommend initially reading the link posted above from the 2016 fly-in.

There was some “funny stuff” going on there, with the FTO having a monopoly (quite aggressively stated) on the avgas pump. Like on the ski slopes, where there is a dedicated passage straight to the chair lift, the “national school” gets a priority over the outsiders When we arrived the FTO was shut but we still could not get the pump to work. ATC absolutely refused to help, also refused to get anyone from the fire crew to help. One of us could speak French but we could not turn the pump on. Luckily we had a guy who helped a lot to organise things, @Nestor, and he made the right calls to the right people and magically minutes later a guy walked up and flicked a hidden switch inside the pump

The location is superb but the airport organisation was problematic, as previously reported.

It may have changed, of course… these things do change. But if it was me I would do due diligence before going there.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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