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Summer trip


Every year (for the last 8 years) me and some fellow pilots have made a longer touring trip throughout Europe or northern Sweden, it's usually a great week with aviation talk all day in good company :)

This year we are planning to visit Croatia (departing south Sweden), with 4 aircraft and 9 people. On our trip south we are planning a fuel stop at HOF (EDQM) and from there continue to Salzburg (LOWS) where we stay for the night.

The following day will probably be flying to Slovenia and Portoroz for fuel and food. We had a good experience last year. After Portoroz VFR along the coast to Brac (hopefully a very scenic flight).

We are meeting later today to do agree on the route and stops, and I thought that this is the right place to ask for suggestions :-)

  • Any suggestions on our way south? I know that HOF used to be a reasonably priced airfield for fuel and food both IFR and VFR. Salzburg is new though - it looks GA friendly but you never know :)

  • Except for the turbo arrow we have to route pretty far east to be able to stay at FL100 IFR. Our alternative if weather permits it to fly VFR. Any recommendations or experiences for a route that is doable VFR that is more direct?

  • On our way home we are discussing an overnight as well but haven't decided anything yet. My own thoughts are Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest or southern Poland - all suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks in advance all.

I just returned from a trip down to Brac in the last couple of weeks and can confirm the coast is very scenic - as is inland over the Balkans. Highly recommend a trip for one or two nights to Kotor in Montenegro (LYTV closest airfield which has an amazing approach - although you need to give 5 days PPR). Also make sure to do Dubrovnik (for the walled old town) and an afternoon in Trogir (next to Split airport) is worthwhile.

I returned to the UK via Salzburg. Fees were approximately 40 euros and we enjoyed a fine BBQ lunch over at Red Bull's Hangar 7.


Also, make sure you are aware of Brac's closing times. This was the biggest hinderance in our holiday - making all flying daytrips very rushed.


Yes; I can only just make it to Brac from Shoreham, before Brac closes.

These limited opening hours make day trips very hard. Same problem in Greece. If you want to go somewhere, it's usually an overnight stay.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks for the advice!

We noticed the opening hours, 6pm will be a challenge. We have discussed Dubrovnik as a day trip, 1 hour flight so it will hopefully be doable without an overnight stay.

When I was at Brac the airfield was closing at 4pm everyday and we still managed Dubrovnik. Depart as close to airfield opening as you can and you'll be fine. We spent just 2.5 hours in the walled city, not nearly enough time to absorb it but sufficient to give a feel for the place and the desire to return for a more significant period of time!


Morgan, thanks - sounds lovely. Do you remember the fees at Dubrovnik?

Regarding Brac opening times, I found this -

Sure, here are the fees I paid for my SR22 with 2 crew & 1 pax:

-Brac: 550 HRK (incl. 1 night parking)

-Split: 509 HRK (incl ~4 hours parking, not overnight)

-Dubrovnik: 419 HRK (incl ~4 hours parking, not overnight)

-Tivat: €75 euros - including 1 night parking

-Salzburg: €48.31 - including 3 hrs parking


Morgan, thanks!

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