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Northsea Beer Festival Ostend 24-26 August 2018

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For the beer lovers:
Northsea Beer Festival in Ostend on 24-25-26august.

“Ostend invites beer lovers from near and far to the fourth edition of the North Sea Beer Festival being held over the last weekend in August 2018.

The festival is held in the splendid Leopoldpark, not far from the famous Casino-Kursaal, right opposite the De Grote Post cultural centre and just a few hundred metres from the sea and the beach.

Approximately 30 Belgian breweries and beer firms will be showcasing more than 200 Belgian speciality beers. There will be plenty of opportunity to sample some of the country’s better-known beers, and to discover many new brews, including several limited editions, as you explore the marquees dotted around the park." See website for more info

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EBOS, Belgium
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