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After the Croatian fly-in I’m going to proceed ahead Turkey. Does anyone has experience in flying over Turkey? Airfields (close to Antalya/Alanya)? Immigration? Fuel and fees?
Thank you for advises :)


Hi – I’m doing some planning for a similar trip earlier, around Easter. It seems clear that the easiest solution is to use Gozen Air Services to arrange for your permits (in and out for each flight), ppr, slots, Avgas etc. The people I’ve talked to so far have been quite impressed with their services.


Seems, that I need prior permision obtained from Turkish authority (GEN 1.2 1.1.5 of AIP). Seems, that handling company is realy the best solution. Have you already contact Gozen Air and got service fees from them?


No, but seems you need to count on ~200eur/day including permits, handling, pax charges etc.


I suggest contacting some Turkish pilots at where they hang out, which I believe is a club at LTBJ near Istanbul. Drop a PM to Petakas here (he is Greek but he knows them).

I flew to Cannakale LTBH in 2009 and they arranged it all.

An N-reg, or any non Euro reg, needs a special code to read out to ATC as you enter their airspace (yeah I am sure they really didn’t like the USA allowing them to buy a load of F16s ).

There is another long thread here, about flying to Iran, and there is info there on Turkey.

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Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

May be best to ask some questions publicly, so that they enter the forum’s electronic memory forever:

1/where can you find VFR charts for Turkey? (No Skydemon does’t cover it yet)
2/where can you find piston oil?
3/The Turkey section of the EAD website doesn’t have some of the airports (like Kapadocia LTFJ), where can you find the approach charts for these? I’ll probably get them with my Jep trip pack but would be nice to have another option.



I don’t think Cappadocia is anywhere near LTFJ.

Kayseri LTAU or Nevsehir LTAZ perhaps. They are in Jepp (make some friends ).

I don’t know if Turkey does VFR charts but the old ONC ones exist and are available online, and can be run as a moving map under Oziexplorer. I have a few links in my original Crete writeup for ONC sources.

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Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I am on a low GPRS mobile connection up in the Peloponnese mountains till Monday and cannot browse much.
Nevshehir-Kapadokya LTAZ is the airport.

We flew there with neighbor AOPA’s in 2003.

Check out the presentation, worth a read.

Indeed its a bit hard to find some facilitations but once someone gets in contact with a local things get simpler.

Erdogan Menekse is a key person to contact, will look for details when back home Tuesday.

Handling Fees at major airports are indeed in the 200+ Euro

Indeed non EUR register need some extra process for entry permission but its just red tape, nothing to delay or spoil the flight as long as you prepare what has to be set up in advance.

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LGMG Megara, Greece

That’s a great writeup, Kyp. Scary to see everybody looking so much younger

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

pshz and denopa I had a response by Mr. Erdogan Menekse

Please contact him at [email protected]

He’s the owner of based in Ankara.

He helped up a lot in the 2003 Fly In on questions like the ones you have.

You can see him pictured at the “Kapadokya” part of the above write up.

When you get feedback and hopefully complete your flight(s) do come back to this thread with useful info. for future reference to other readers.

LGMG Megara, Greece
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