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URGENT: Please support Biggin Hill


I am sorry to have left this so late to draw your attention to it, but please go onto the following survey to support Biggin Hill getting longer opening hours:

If you live in Biggin Hill or have a local business.

For everyone else.

Last Edited by Timothy at 22 Oct 07:43
EGKB Biggin Hill


I had a quick look at this survey and as an (infrequent) user of Biggin Hill I would of course like to help. But before I answer the questionaire and give my personal details over the net, I would very much like to know who and what ist behind this. I can find no reference on the questionaire. Could you please point me towards the backgrounds of this initiative.


EDDS - Stuttgart

If you look at the first link it is clear.

EGTK Oxford

Ah, OK, now I understand! So actually, “everybody else” should first pretend to live in Biggin Hill and/or have business there

Regarding a new Aviation college: Is there really much demand for that? Since many years (must be more than five), the FTO where I instruct is offering training towards an aviation degree besides the ATPL in collaboration with a large and well known US aviation academy and so far, zero students have chosen to follow this path.

EDDS - Stuttgart

The training college isn’t about teaching people to fly – its for ground-based jobs. Personally, I think its an excellent idea.


I am all for supporting Biggin but it would have been nicer if Biggin had not compaigned to block the hard runway at Redhill, I am sad to say.

Redhill has now lost that application, so it remains grass, with all the problems that brings. But it has far better transport links than Biggin and, with its full ATC, could easily have GPS approaches and we (light GA) would have ended up with a nice IFR GA airfield, near the A23 and with London and Brighton, not to mention Gatwick Airport, very accessible from it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I see Redhill will campaign to block extended opening hours at Biggin as a result of that.

Not a great aviation spirit is it?

United we stand, divided we fall……

I can’t really see that they are in direct competition, but hey ho!

EGKB Biggin Hill
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