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VFR flight plans for the Netherlands must go via fax or email (Autorouter won't file VFR for NL)

I’m planing a flight from Lelystaad to Toussus this week, but according to Autorouter:

“The Netherlands currently do not accept VFR flight plans departing within the Netherlands via AFTN in violation of international standards. We recommend filing directly via LVNL.”

The “login” section of the on website is in Dutch only, so at the moment I’m not clear what I can do. Filing via Olivia doesn’t work either. Ideas from Dutch pilots would be greatly appreciated !

Last Edited by denopa at 27 Jul 17:54

Isn’t there an office in lelystaad to fill a paper form ? Or maybe ask the local club to use their PC.

Last Edited by Jujupilote at 27 Jul 17:59

Have you tried EuroFPL?

Back when Achim was “around” I recall he implemented some sort of hack whereby you could use the AR to file a “V” flight plan (and he had to approve users who wanted to do that; he didn’t want to open the AR to lots of people, because the VFR community generates a huge number of FP issues which take a lot of resources to continually sort out). And VFR FPs do go to the AFTN, so that error message is bizzare.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Hi, maybe give the Amsterdam FIO a call, they are helpful and you can file via phone: +31-20-406-2315 (not ideal, I know, but without login to maybe the quickest solution).

EHRD / Rotterdam

Amsterdam are unfailingly helpful with flight plans. The staff at Lelystad are also there to help or you can come to my shop and we can file it for you.

Last Edited by Peter_Mundy at 27 Jul 18:42
EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

If you use Skydemon or Foreflight, filing via those applications works easy and fine in the Netherlands (and everywhere else I tried it)

EHRD, Netherlands

Why not file a short IFR section? Then it has to go to IFPS and the NL doesn’t get a say.

Are the Netherlands forcing VFR FP filing via some IFPS-like electronic gateway, and refusing to accept ones arriving via the AFTN?

This looks like yet another dumb thing which is going to be a trap for foreign pilots, particularly those who fly in Europe rarely. Like those crazy websites on which you have to book your handling otherwise you can’t fly to the said airport (e.g. Myhandling).

I did wonder how Z and Y are handled by the NL. With those, IIRC, the whole FP goes to IFPS (via their VPN or whatever gateway) and also the whole plan goes to the AFTN (with the proper VFR addressing added, per each country’s AIP requirements) because IFPS won’t do that bit (they merely send the FP to the dep/dest airports if those are VFR.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Autorouter should do the job if it is vfr then ifr. Lelystad has no ifr departures during UDP

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands
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