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VFR on top, but not as we know it

After reading the ‘To much IFR thread’ I thought it appropriate to lighten the mood/lower the tone of this forum by posting a link to a video. Ok, it isn’t really about flying but these guys are definitely above cloud without any sort of IFR clearance. Those who suffer from vertigo should look away now…


great video – in between they really seem to be “on top”. When they reached the summit, downward visibility wasn’t that bad. Did they jump with their parachutes? Attention – I saw one building down below, the Brazilians would call “Parachutist’s Nightmare” (ref. monument on the beach in Botafogo).

EDxx, Germany

I just passed my ICAO level 4 english test at a local VFR only flight school. They showed me a picture of an apron with an overcast sky. A little dark but good visibility and rather high ceiling. So they asked questions and made me describe the picture and the weather etc. Afterwards they looked at me like an alien and told me I was the first one ever to call what was shown on the picture good flying weather. I explained them that bad weather means to me I can not see the end of the runway. That must be the final proof I recently did too much bad weather IFR flying…

I thought they were going to jump off. Aren’t they wearing parachutes?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Aren’t they wearing parachutes?

From what I read – no. Would spoil the fun I guess…… In any case – why would you jump out of a perfectly good skyscraper ?

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in any case – why would you jump out of a perfectly good skyscraper ?

Exactly. The same goes for aeroplanes. lol

EGBE - Coventry

They are climbers, not base jumpers. I have done some climbing and parachuting myself in the past. But without a safety line I’d probably rather jump with a chute than climb back down.


Just looking at this video is nauseating to me. I suffer from vertigo, even standing on a ladder.
Sorry to hijack this thread, but apparently such kind of vertigo has nothing to do with the fear of heights while flying, of which I have none whatsoever, not flying low, nor high, nor in a closed cockpit or open cockpit, nor at high speed or hovering in a helicopter.
Are there any more of you like me? The explanation?

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

I wouldn’t consider I have vertigo, but I could feel a sensation in my legs just watching that video. I don’t have a fear of heights in a plane or somewhere else relatively stable (even if I knew I was going to do aerobatics which isn’t stable), but I don’t like heights looking over ledges on tall building or climbing something higher than an average ladder. I didnt particularly like parasailing when I did it a few years ago. I think most people have these symptoms though.

Should I change the thread title to “VMC on top”, as “VFR on top” is a nonexistent concept in Europe?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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