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We are missing France

I just saw a news bulletin that France and Spain returns to UK no longer need quarantine. This is great.

Where does one look to find out what France and Spain expect from us?

I want to fly a stuck aircraft back from Spain, and I fancy a steak in le Touquet-Paris-Plage!


The EU Commission set up a website to summarise these by countries. It has a log to detail on each country.

It works for exactly what you ask. Unfortunately the UK decided not to participate so no use for those wanting to check the situation when visiting the UK, but that’s not what you are asking.

EU Info site

EIWT Weston

Indeed a bunch of us are going to do a picnic on the beach at LFAT as soon as possible

I doubt anybody will want to sit in a packed restaurant for a long time.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Looks like ‘as soon as possible’ means 6th July onward. Great!

Still looks like Spain not possible yet- I’ll keep watching that site.

I have to drag a C42 microlight back from Requena near Valencia. This is 13 hours flying, so needs at least one night stop. Lots of logistics to plan – accomodation (tent?), food, fuel.


No need for a tent. In most of France, hotels, auberges, chambre d’hotes are open as are restaurants. Just bring your own mask. Restaurant owners etc.are providing hand gel and distancing.


How do you use a mask in a restaurant?

Will anyone want to go into a restaurant anyway? I would not. How much virus is there in le Touquet? The UK has a map but I haven’t seen an equivalent for any other country.

Fortunately takeaways seem to be all over the place here; they were never closed by law. Is that the case in France also?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

How do you use a mask in a restaurant?

This way:

Berlin, Germany

Can anyone report on the takeaway food situation at Le Touquet?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

@highflyer now that’s funny :) My wife and I went to one of our favourite restaurants in the week. One could eat inside or out. The procedure was you wore your mask on entry and used the hand gel just inside the door. All staff wore masks and gelled between serving each table. The tables were distanced so that anyone at another table was separated by at least a metre. Once at the table you could take your mask off but had to put it on again if leaving your table ,when going to the loo for example.
In the washroom there was special hygenic soap and hand gel.
You also wore your mask to leave the restaurant. The bill was settled by card and the staff did not touch the card. The card machine was disinfected after each use.
It was a lovely meal.
@Peter the website of most tourist boards, regions, departments, as well as those of the government will give you details of the number of cases in a particular area down to a very small part of the region or town. There is also a map which shows any hotspots in red. They have to follow rules set by central government and can be found on its website.The areas in green have low or zero cases and the rules governing hotels, restaurants etc are set locally or by the department. Sounds bureaucratic and probably is, but hey this is France and it does seem to work in the areas where people actually follow the guidance.


I concur gallois’s speech. Restaurants and shops are eager to do business, sanitary measures are becoming less prevalent. Cafés are limited to the outdoors, which are packed in every city.

So don’t worry about finding food. Then we will worry when the second wave comes :s

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