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Webspace suggestion?

Not related to this site but I hope I’m allowed to ask for your web space and hosting suggestions for a personal website (wordpress?) and to outsource documents and other non privacy critical stuff to free harddrive space.
Thank you!

ATPL / IFR Instructor

We use 1&1 for most things. It works and support is okay.

If @Peter doesn’t mind, this is a WP hosted on a 1&1 Server:

Aufwind GmbH
EKPB, Germany

Of course… why should this Q be a problem?

My original site is hosted on who are outstanding. Their fiver a month bottom package will do a pretty powerful website: 1GB RAM and 25GB storage.

Of course everybody and their dog is offering web hosting but IME Linode stand out for total uptime over years, customer service, and really perfect performance. They also allow you to resize the server up or down, without losing the data.

EuroGA is elsewhere and is fronted by a traffic filtering outfit called Cloudflare which does DOS and hacking protection and other security stuff, and is free for nonprofit sites. It is a different setup; you firewall the real server to accept traffic only from Cloudflare. But you won’t need this – unless you are a target If anyone mounts a DOS attack against a site sitting on any normal server, the hosting company will just kill that site; they don’t want any hassle.

As regards dumping possibly big stuff there, this is a problem, because hosting packages are priced largely per GB, so you don’t get terabytes unless you pay a lot of money. A similar issue here. I suspect they want to stop people running the kind of site which attracts loads of traffic, and with say 25GB allowance you can put only a small number of p0rno videos there There is no getting away from this billing formula; you get the same issue with dropbox etc. This then leads to considering running your own site at home, if you have good fast ADSL; nowadays many have tens of mbps UP speeds and with a fixed IP and “unlimited” bandwidth it becomes viable (for low traffic public websites).

I used 1&1 for some stuff and they kept changing it around, got taken over, etc. I believe they were good for giving you tools for knocking up quick and dirty websites, which Linode don’t do.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks. I’ll look at these options!

ATPL / IFR Instructor
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