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Editing posts

I can't see a way of editing posts. If there aren't subsequent replies/posts, that would be very useful.

Swanborough Farm (UK), Shoreham EGKA, Soysambu (Kenya), Kenya

Yes, you can. There is an edit link beneath your avatar on the right.

Ouch, no you can't - I'm sure that was there just yesterday! Unless, of course, I confuse it with the 'other' site.....

Temporary... patience please

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Editing worked well for me a few days back.

Regret no current medical
Sandtoft EGCF, North England, United Kingdom

2greens1red, there is an Edit link under the avatar on the right side of your post. It's there for up to 30 minutes after you post. It was briefly removed yesterday whilst the facility was upgraded, perhaps that was when you were looking for it?

EGTR / London, United Kingdom

Thanks, David, I'll take a look.

5 mins later: Yes, it works.

Swanborough Farm (UK), Shoreham EGKA, Soysambu (Kenya), Kenya

Nice website!

But editing didn't work for me today.

After posting, I noticed some typos, clicked the edit button, but nothing happened.

There was some kind of "no translation" error.

Now there is no edit button at all.

Just so you all know I can spell "gryoscopes"!

But editing did just work for me now. Weird.

Booker EGTB, White Waltham EGLM

I can't correct a typo in a post I made yesterday. Is this a feature or a bug? I'd say a somewhat longer editing window would be sensible. How about a week?


The edit button should be there for 30 mins after the post has been submitted.

If you do not get this functionality then please report it to the Contact link.

Regards the '30 mins' we wanted to strike a balance between the obvious need to edit for typos, additions etc, and the ability to change a post after somebody has replied to it with something like 'I agree'

But as always your opinions are listened to

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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