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Pirep post removed

I register that my pirep of Kaunas Aviation has been removed. That is your right and obviously your choice.

As I said in my post, this was a pirep. I have been a member at BeechTalk since 2009 and have more than 500 posts there. I have also posted pictures of the paint job (in fact the whole process) without receiving anything but positive feedbacks.

What kind of forum is this if one cannot write (and recommend) good companies within aviation. My experience is that there are quite a few that are not serious, nor honest vendors.

So recommending one that has proved to be just that is only beneficial to all aviators.

Regards, Arne Opheim

It is very hard to distinguish a genuine pirep from advertisement I guess. Big issue on Amazon or travel sites like TripAdvisor.

Very nice TravelAir by the way!

I understand your point of view. However, I think one of the major problems within GA in Europe is that anything that has to do with airplane is immensely expensive.

So when someone comes along that happens not to be that and also delivers a good job (I have seen their jobs on a number of airplanes), why not tell your fellow pilot about it. It only gains us.

And also, if you end up with a forum where one cannot mention or write about product experiences (good or bad) without your permission, for me at least this forum will loose some of its value.

The thing is Beech, this isn't BeechTalk. How am I suppose to know that you're prolific there? I've emailed you about why your post was removed and await your reply.

EGTR / London, United Kingdom

I didn't know I could reply. It said noreply in the e-mail address.

BeechTA, please use this. Thanks.

EGTR / London, United Kingdom


I hope you appreciate the unusual circumstances here.

In any forum, one cannot just sign up and post what looks like a straight advertisement.

This is true regardless of whether the poster looks connected with the product or not.

Had you done that on BeechTalk on your 1st post there, they would have kicked you off too.

So you need to get back to the admins with your details so we can be reasonably sure you are not working for that spray shop in Lithuania (which may well be excellent for all I know).

I do recognise your name from Beechtalk but David (the other admin here) cannot see that because one cannot read posts there without creating a profile, etc. And it is simply not practical for admins to go to such lengths verifying a new poster who posts what looks like an advertisement.

Accounts of product experiences - positive or negative - are valuable and are welcome here, in the right context.


Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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