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Looking for someone who can do PHP / JS

Is there a good HEIC (Apple image) to Jpeg converter for Centos 8?

Apparently all new Apple devices use this in Camera Roll…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Not sure about CentOS, but Debian & derivatives (such as Ubuntu) contain a command-line converter in the libheif-examples package. See

Basic usage, e.g. for quality setting 95 in the resulting JPEG:

heif-convert -q95 INPUTFILE OUTPUTFILE.jpg

Worst thing, if CentOS doesn’t have that packaged, you compile libheif locally from sources.

Last Edited by lionel at 22 May 19:58

I am sure it doesn’t; it didn’t even have TIFF (but nobody is likely to be trying to upload TIFF).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Another path is that it seems that ImageMagick supports HEIC images in recent versions. That even has an interface in PHP


libheif which is provided in the rpmfusion-free-updates repository has a heif-convert utility.

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

This is good:

Chrome and FF handle things differently when sending data from a text entry box. In FF each line is in a < div > and I made it so the divs are discarded and changed into < br > (new line). Chrome doesn’t put the first line into a div, so when I drop tags there’s no new line there. It also puts multiple nbsp; at beginning/end line after you split the line with enter, while FF just eats those hanging spaces.

I wonder how the hell one deals with this sort of thing long term. Everybody uses some library to do this. But that library cannot be live linked (in the hope of getting an upgraded version) because one day the link will go dead and then your site breaks. So you store it locally. Browser bugs like this (it simply is a Chrome bug) have the potential to break a site when a browser gets updated. One way is to run the edit box on the server; you can do clever stuff then much more easily but it breaks client spell checkers etc. We had that on EuroGA in the early days and people complained about the spell checkers etc.

Meanwhile FF is down to a very small share in this audience

It’s been solved but took some time.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Nitpick: HEIC isn’t an Apple format, it’s a format developed by the MPEG which Apple adopted 2 years after it was developed (Samsung also use it on their newer phones)

Andreas IOM

Peter wrote:

That is what a lot of people tell me but I have not yet seen a scenario where a double click does not highlight the space after a word

For me, double clicking does not highlight the space after a word either in Firefox or Chrome, although this may be because I’m one of these filthy types who runs Debian Linux rather than Windows.

Andreas IOM
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