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Show EuroGA: - A simple GPS Flight-Track Renderer and Movement Classifier

I’d like to share a small project with you that I’ve been building off and on for the past weeks:

A few friends and myself are using it to process the GPX flight track files that we generate for each flight with our handheld Bad Elf GPS trackers.
Apart from altitude and speed profile rendering the service can identify and classify movements with reasonable accuracy and automatically generate logbook entries in our preferred format.

In order to be able to provide you with a proper analysis of your tracks the service needs somewhat accurate geometry data (coordinates, width, length) of all runways used over overflown during the flight.
Unfortunately the airfield database that I’m currently using ( has proven to not contain the most accurate or up-to-date data on my part of the world, which meant that I had to manually augment the data for a few fields here and there.

So, it’s not that unlikely that the service has issues with certain tracks of yours as long as the visited airfields have insufficiently accurate data in the airport DB.
In this case you are welcome to simply send in your track and I’ll update the respective field data on my end (which isn’t very hard and take only a few minutes).

Feature-wise it’s still very simple, but I could imagine a couple of interesting extensions, e.g.:

- The ability to upload a ZIP with many tracks, which then get batch-processed and produce a CSV file containing interesting statistics/histograms on things like airfields and runway directions, distances, times, altitudes, speeds, etc.

- The ability to simple send in a GPX file by email and receive an analysis back (by email) a few seconds later.
This way I could have my logbook entries generated for me right after the flight, maybe even as part of my shutdown routine.

- The ability to have the users provide better airport/runway data themselves, which would augment the internal DB.
This would allow you to improve renderings/classifications without a roundtrip through me.

Let me know what you think and whether and how you are collecting/processing your own flight tracks!



Very cool!

Make Aviation Great Again

Just tried it… would be nice to upload garmin csv files. Foreflight tracklog gpx file doesn’t work as well.

Make Aviation Great Again

You could integrate a telegram bot, send the gpx file, and get back the analysis.

Make Aviation Great Again

It not only kicks a$$, but also chews bubble gum!
If I may, I’d suggest displaying both altitude and speed on the Y-axis, and perhaps a ground track distance on the X-axis, in addition to time. Maybe an option to have time start at zero (show time of flight, not actual time).
Then again, simplicity is beautiful, so maybe I’m wrong.

Last Edited by tmo at 10 Dec 20:03
EPKP - Kraków, Poland

@Snoopy The telegram bot idea is interesting! Hadn’t though of that yet. I’ll put it on the list…

@tmo Thank you! And yes, ground distance or flight-time might be alternative dimensions for the X-axis.
We’ve selected UTC because that’s the dimension most relevant for logbook entries.



Reminds me of

EGBP / EGBJ, United Kingdom
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