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Daft question - how do I mark all threads in a topic as read?

Can’t seem to figure it out…

EGJJ, Channel Islands

Going to the last reply works for me. The „new posts“ link then disappears.

Indiv. CBIR Instruction

Yeah – that works thanks, but really looking for a way to do this in bulk (ie for a forum)…

EGJJ, Channel Islands

So are we saying there is no “mark forum read” functionality? That would be most surprising…

EGJJ, Channel Islands

derekf wrote:

So are we saying there is no “mark forum read” functionality?

Not except the basic, but slow, “reading forum” functionality

While I remember it. When in one post I push the smiley button, one smile comes in. Push it a second time, for a second smiley, and two smileys come at once, instead of just one. Push it a third time, and 3 smileys all at once pops in and so on.


How true!

I’d sell that as a feature

So are we saying there is no “mark forum read” functionality? That would be most surprising…

The EuroGA forum software is a custom written package, which has not been widely marketed like the off the shelf forum packages (PHPBB, Vbulletin, Discourse which you are familiar with as as admin, I believe, etc) so it lacks certain features like that, but it is a nice clean simple interface which almost everybody prefers. Go to the earliest posts in 2012 and you will see positive feedback with nobody wanting more complexity. The forum has also proved to be secure, with no known hacks; compare that with every UK based forum which have all been hacked and in some cases dramatically (silent infections of client devices with trojans, a back door which enabled the entire membership of a “private” forum to be indexed by google – I reported that one and got told off – and all kinds of other hacks) and I am sure it is not because nobody has tried. Every site is getting attacked 24/7, generally every few seconds.

When David moved on early 2019 I looked at various other packages and all were either way too cluttered, most were known to have massive security holes, and eventually we looked at Discourse as an option but it had horrible admin facilities, e.g. with no (usable) merging of threads so you end up with countless threads on the same topic. So I stayed with the original code, even though there is no more free maintenance. A few bugs crept in presumably via library updates.

I have put the global reset button on the list for David who still does some changes, but it has to be paid for and we are now donation funded. Ruby programmers earn vast amount of money – probably like COBOL66 ones

Note that any such feature will work only if you are logged in. Most regular readers don’t log in, for various reasons of their own…

Personally I don’t think such a feature would make the slightest difference because the unread threads will soon move off the current page (whose size is adjustable in your profile). EuroGA is a popular forum and is quite fast moving, with around 100 posts a day, and if you routinely mark “everything read” you will miss out many posts which would otherwise interested you. I wish I could find a way to get everybody to read all 100 but people just don’t have the time The best way to get intelligent participation is to run the forum so the signal to noise ratio is good.

Total Registered Users: 4399
Total Forum Threads: 10309
Total Forum Posts: 234049

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Hi Peter,
Thanks for some impressive stats
I’m fairly recently new to this forum but you know me from some others
I’ll live with what we have and understand why you think it is the best way to deal with it, however – for balance – I’ll explain why I want it,
I have limited time on a number of forums (flying and non flying) and I scan the forums threads to see what is of interest.
What I want to do to make it easier is to be able to mark a forum read when I’ve read what I’m interested in, and this helps identify new things to review the next time I come on the forum,
Whilst I appreciate you may sant to read every thread, I can assure you a new member (albeit on a focus group of one!) will be much happier when first joining with everything unread to be able to scan and read what’s interesting then mark all read then see what’s new and read that (ad required) going forward)
It’s the first and only forum I’ve found that lacks this functionally and that does cause some more pain than others.
However, I’ll put up with what I perceive as deficiencies whilst the forum interests me (which it does at present)

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EGJJ, Channel Islands

What happens if you mark Read all threads on the Active Threads list page?

Last time we did a heatmap we found almost everybody went to that link.

Just click on each of these.

The reason the global mark read feature is not there is because nobody has asked for it. People just go to the Active Threads page and read the ones that interest them. That is why, as mod/admin, I always try to make (or edit) the subject headers to be meaningful.

The signal/noise ratio on EuroGA is high; much higher than any other forum I have ever known. Very few one-liners, too.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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