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Will a phone ever be anywhere as good as a DSLR?

Peter wrote:

With autofocus, you can’t do that

Just checked one of the AF Nikon lens I still have that has an infinity stop, and the infinity focus is spot on. It’s an 85mm that I have had for twenty years. So it can certainly be done. The newer lens don’t have this feature as they are built with “improved” construction.

Peter wrote:

On the spectrum of lens prices, the Moment lenses are cheap lenses

Ya, but then compared to this 1,200 $ lens:

(go to 13:24s) Moment seems to be the ‘least ugly’ picture. Although in my previous post, the Siriu actually seemed to perform better…

Last Edited by Archie at 09 Aug 10:41

I do like their lens attachment method. Never seen that before; every day is a school day. I always regarded the usual “washing line peg” method to be really crap

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

So on the basis of this discussion, I spent my kids ’ inheritance on the Moment iOS photo app (£2.99), however I didn’t manage to find a video setting that reduced the prop. Admittedly it was quite a busy flight so I didn’t spend much time on it, but I’d appreciate some pointers from the experts, please.


You can lock the shutter speed to a specific value such as 1/80th or 1/125th of a second. Use the slider to find the shutter speed needed for the prop to disappear. Then lock that speed. If it is very light outside, you might have to add an ND filter as well as discussed above.
EHLE, Netherlands

Thanks. Indeed it was probably too bright. I tried to bring the ISO down as much as possible but that unlocked the shutter speed… Need to play with it. The reality is the picture that comes out of the iPhone is much better, straight out of the box, as that from my Virb, which is somewhat frustrating.


I have never seen anybody remove the prop completely with any phone or “action cam”, no matter what ND filters were stuck on the front.

That’s why I think the “shutter” implementation is different to say a £1000 “prosumer” camcorder.

The reality is the picture that comes out of the iPhone is much better, straight out of the box, as that from my Virb,

This is also interesting. Obviously I have not mounted a phone externally on the plane but messing about with ski videos, comparing the S7 with the Sony X1000 and later the X3000, I have found that the phone produces at least as good a video quality if you don’t move it about much, as the X3000, but the X3000 produces better videos in reality – it just works better all round at HD, is smoother at high bit rates (for HD I mean 50mbps+) and importantly has much better stabilisation. I think phones struggle to do everything at high bit rates – perhaps because the same CPU is running the GSM stack, the 4G stack, trying to login to wifi networks as you ski past the cabins, making reports to the church of Google / Steve Jobs, you name it Whereas the X3000 is just doing the one thing. I am not going to post ski videos on a forum full of hardcore black run skiers but if you look here and compare the S7 videos with the X3000 videos, I think the results are fairly clear.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

So, for a quick flight (DA42) to Greenland (not much time to venture outside airports), what do you recomend I take?

Already on board: iPhone X

To stay on topic, 5D available with the following lenses:
35mm prime
135mm price
70-300 stabilized

I am planning to take only one lens (because there’s already a bunch of other things I have to carry). I compensate lack of skills with good gear so suggestions appreciated on what should be taken. I promise i’ll post some pictures with both so more minutious eyes can work at “comparing”

Last Edited by Noe at 10 Aug 14:52

For general shooting out of the plane, I use a 24-70 nearly all the time, so your 24-105 is the one to go for.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

That’s why I think the “shutter” implementation is different to say a £1000 “prosumer” camcorder.

Does it have to do with the fact that the camcorder is a CCD sensor, and the phone a CMOS sensor? And/or with the fact it has a mechanical shutter?



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