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What endoscope / borescope / USB camera do you use?

I like to inspect pistons myself regularly, capturing quality pictures as shown at Does anyone have a recommendation of a USB inspection camera that can be used for this purpose, used below 40 Euro? Something along with a 70 degree viewing angle.
Thank you.

That’s a completely incredible price for what looks like a usable borescope / endoscope.

I paid $500 for a “German made” (actually crappy Chinese and with the German company not replying to any comms) endoscope, whose illumination source packed up after a few minutes.

I am going to get one. In fact searching for “eggsnow borescope” picks up a load of different ones.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

You can get them for much less, it’s all the same Chinese crap sold under different brands. Make sure they have a small diameter and a mirror. The resolution is very poor, VGA (640×480) usually.

Also I noticed that they do not conform to the USB camera spec and require a special driver.

They do various ones with an integral display however.

This would be good for the infamous Socata TB horizontal stabiliser corrosion inspection, too. That one seems to be related to the use of elastic bands

to tie the yoke all the way back, where it doesn’t drain via the drain holes.

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Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter, the a.m. eggsnow borescope on Amazon (Germany) is sold / imported by a company called Camera Mall, address

No.C522 Ming You Cai Gou Zhong Xin Bao Yuan Road,Xi Xiang Bao’an District Shenzhen Guangdong 518000 CN
EDxx, Germany

Socata TB horizontal stabiliser corrosion inspection

my A&P did the inspection last year using a KS tools boroscope. He even didn’t have to drill new holes into the stab but used an existing one.

EDxx, Germany

There is differences in viewing angle, and some come with a mirror to like to the sides, which should be needed to look at valves, shouldn’t it. I am looking at It has 67 viewing angle. I like that the mirror can be screwed on, and mitigates falling off into the combustion chamber. It’s not HD, but not sure if needed, if camera is of decent quality. Thoughts?

Doesn’t look to me like the mirror screws on.

He even didn’t have to drill new holes into the stab but used an existing one.

Yes it is possible to get in there, far enough to inspect the middle bit of the spar (which is all that the Socata SB really achieves), if you remove the elevator from the aircraft and expose the access holes in the middle. But to inspect the entire elevator spar you have to drill endoscope holes in the two tip ribs, and then plug them with plastic plugs.

Last Edited by Peter at 14 Aug 15:21
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I think the mirror does screw on. See picture.

It screws on exactly like Lucius said. It’s cheap Chinese crap and you find it under a zillion brand names. I paid less for mine. The USB descriptor says Alcor Media USB 2.0 Camera.

I did not get it to work so far. I fear it only works with Windows and probably not the current one.

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