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Which Avionics Co. can you recommend?

Having a bit of difficulty in finding an avionics comany for an upgrade to our Dr400.
I’ve spoken to 3 now with the results being either yes we can help just leave us a stack of shiny credit cards, or of just being royally messed around with weeks passing and no useful progress or input.
It really stinks. We’d have gone bust years ago if we treated any customers or potential customers like it.

Our situation is slightly difficult in that due to lack of STC for newer stuff, we’re looking to install a Gns530w and tidy the panel a bit. So we need a company willing to facilitate installing a used Gns.
We’re South East so anywhere with an hour flying would be a contender.


United Kingdom

My DR500 (Robin President) had an avionics upgrade at Bournemouth Avionics last year.
We had a Garmin GTN750, a new STec autopilot and a new Garmin radio.
It’s all brilliant and much recommended.

Biggin Hill EGKB, United Kingdom

Omg. Thats Robin Dr series porn right there. Lol.

Really like what you have. I don’t think in the current climate $ we could afford a 750 but did enquire about the 650. However I was informed there was no Dr series Stc.
I’m impressed that you have an Stec A.P. too as I thought that they could only be installed by ceapr?

United Kingdom

It’s important to point out that the superb Garmin GTN navigators – the large 750 and the smaller 650 – are IFR kit.
They show approach plates, airways, etc but are not so good for VFR – no towns or VRP’s for example.
If you are strictly VFR, then something else might be better.

Biggin Hill EGKB, United Kingdom

If you’re near Stapleford you could do worse than ask Chris Hodgson at Phoenix Avionics for a quote.

And on the basis that I wouldn’t buy a 1990s DOS computer today I would fit a GTN650. For VFR and display of plates, etc. you can link it by with a Garmin WiFi SD card to an iPad running Garmin Pilot.

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi guys, all advice and suggestions welcome and thanks for the input so far.
This an IFR upgrade.
However I have been told that we can’t have GTN series equipment as no DR400 Stc exists.
However AIUI the DR500 is in the same class.
Perhaps not?


United Kingdom

Didn’t @wigglyamp have some Robin STCs?

A search here on e.g.

robin AND GTN

finds various hits e.g. this

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The latest GTN softw will shows the VRP’s and can be added to the flightplan.
EASA certification expected everyday.

The latest GTN softw will shows the VRP’s

This is of no help to the OP but I can’t resist the observation that Garmin are only about 20 years behind Honeywell/King on this which had the official VRPs way back then

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

“Didn’t @wigglyamp have some Robin STCs?”

I was advised by wigglyamp about some of the STC stituation issues for the Robin and have pursued some opportunities based on his sound advice, but have been a bit let down in terms of response from a couple of companies.
I’m still hoping to hear from them but had a big-issue group meeting this evening and desperately needed to turn up with a progress report and or costs. FAIL.

David, do you have any knowledge of how the STC was acheived for your fit out?


United Kingdom
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