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Why are old Garmin GNS boxes holding their prices so well?

The GNS530W AML FAA STC gives you LPV and PRNAV.

The GNS430W AML FAA STC gives you LPV only. PRNAV needs the FAA LoA process which is very hard to do nowadays (1 year has been reported). And there is no good solution for an EASA-reg plane for either LPV or PRNAV (= EASA Major mod etc).

There are no differences between the GNS430W and the GNS530W at software version 5.03 and later which both have new and identical AFMS text other than substituting 4 for 5 at the appropriate positions in the document (ie. 400 verses 500 Series).

KUZA, United States

As far as I know there is NO crossfill between a GNS and a GTN.

I have been to Avionik Strauning today and discussed the GTN650. $ 11.500 plus 19% german tax each, plus a new antenna and installation ...

MY 2 GNS430 (non WAAS) could be sold for € 4000 each, they said.

For € 3000 each theyx can upgrade and overhaul the 2 GNS430 and make the GNS430Ws. All I need is a new antenna, which is installed under the glareshieldin the Cirrus, so no big deal.

So I think THAT'S what I will do. Enough for the flying I do.

I can see a GNS[W] cannot crossfill to a GTN, because the GTN's crossfill protocol has been secured to stop 3rd party products working with it.

But a GTN should be able to crossfill to a GNS. It is the extent of this [dis]functionality that interests me.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

As far as I know that's not possible, becasue I asked if it would make sense to install ONE GTN (GPS1) - and the first thing they said was, sure - but no crossfill

I did a google and found this

There is in fact crossfill both ways but the GTN-GNS capability is very limited.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Oh, I'm sorry! I meant between a GTN and a non WAAS GNS it is not possible ...

my mistake

I just sold my 430 and 530. got multiple bidders.
In Europe, many people are upgrading for 8.33 KHz radio
The 530 and 430, once WAAS upgraded, can be connected to an iPad for FPL entry using the FlightStream adapter
No more dizzying knob turning!
I agree the GTN650 interface is not nice ( but it still is much better than the infamous knobs)

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Do you need the Garmin Pilot for the Flightstream to work, will it work with Skydemon?

Rob I found this post on the net:

If you install a FlightStream 210 behind your panel, you can then transfer flight plans from Garmin Pilot directly into your 430W.

What has this got to do with SkyDemon you ask? Well, it’s a bit of a faff, but you can transfer your route from SD into Garmin Pilot, then from Garmin Pilot into the 430W via the FlightStream 210.

Points of note:-

1) The FS210 ain’t cheap
2) You’ll need an avionics engineer to install it and probably a minor mod fee
3) It only works with Garmin Pilot
4) It only works with x30W / GTN. No go for the non WAAS units

So unless your flight plans are a million waypoints long, it’s probably not worth the hassle..

I intend to install Garmin Pilot (but I will probably use it fro FPL, weather and SynVis and install yet another, less costly tool for VFR and IFR charts)

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Thank you Flyingfish.

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