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Would you keep Meggitt or move to G600?

I am thinking of buying an aircraft with Dual Meggitt AI/HSI, as well as Meggitt Engine Instrumentation and autopilot. It has, I think, one GTN750 and possibly one GNS430

Obviously that’s a neatly integrated package. Would those with Meggitt experience swap it out for G600 TXi (or possibly G950), or is the Meggitt “good enough”.

EGKB Biggin Hill

Timothy wrote:

I am thinking of buying an aircraft with Dual Meggitt AI/HSI


Fortunately my Jetprop came with the Meggitt only on one side, otherwise it would have been double the expense when the time came to change it, which could be sooner than you think!

The one thing to your advantage with Meggitt is that the seller (and almost everyone else) knows that any day soon the whole thing (or a good part of it) will go blank on you and consequently will already be anticipating to have to reduce the cost of the aircraft accordingly, (maybe its already doing it and the seller hasnt told you?).

My Meggitt sytem lasted all of 9 years (from new) before it had to be replaced with a G500, work done at Fairoaks …. perfect job 1st time and ZERO snags.

Like you ain’t no fan of Avidyne, I feel the same way about Meggitt.

pm me if you want to know more …

Hello Timothy,

Quatrelle and I had similar exchange on another Meggitt thread a couple of weeks ago on EuroGA. I have a dual Meggitt installation both sides in my Meridian. My dilemma is so far my installation has worked perfectly, I really like the presentation but know the Meggitt systems have dubious reputation for reliability. But after our exchanges of messages I do see that the sensible option is replacement. So it’s looking like a Garmin 500 TXi portrait when they become available. Or landscape but they will require major panel work and cost $3k more each but are more desirable.So what to do?

But conversly, how do you assess relative reliability between a brand new design with no reversion option for PFD failure (I think AHRS systems can cross-couple) with the separate instruments in Meggitt that has full reversionary mode to display attitude and speed data on bottom instrument?

If your aircraft is like the PA46T you have no option but to retain the Meggitt engine display units and data acquisition units.



The aircraft is a Twin Commander, and there are choices.

But add in RVSM and the requirement for EHS and the choices get really complicated really quickly!

EGKB Biggin Hill
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