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Your 2016 flying year, how many hours, and aspirations for 2017?

We had a great thread on this a year ago

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

2016: sold and bought plane. 70 hours total (most from May on). 2017 plans: get night and instrument rated; upgrade Rallye for IFR; May trip to Sicily; long distance trips in June and August. Would like to fly at least 100 hours in 2017. We’ll see.

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Tököl LHTL

Like WP would like to get more than 100 hours in the Super Cub, and hopefully make a few long VFR trips in it (Palma, Germany/Poland).

May make my first North Atlantic ferry flight, going the northern route, and no, not in the no gyros Super Cub.

At some point get my seaplane rating at Jack Brown’s, a propos of nothing other than if you fly a Super Cub not having a float plane rating seems you are not fully qualified.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

Buy the damn plane ;-)

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

Due to my a/c spending a ridiculous amount of time in maintenance and it looks like that’s going to continue into 2017, I’m going to start looking for options to fly more. Anyone based at Denham or Booker who feels that their aircraft is under utilised please get in touch.

Forever learning

239 hours in 2016. Avg GS 254kts. Maximum 439kts.

EGTK Oxford

Well as relative new & free-time pilot, 2016 was bad year for me : 28h instead of 37h in 2015 :-(

Plans for 2017:
-getting back in the 35-50h zone
-get the endorsement for DR400 plane
-get NVFR
-make some pleasure flights outside Belgium

and if I am getting wild start IFR…

Belgium: EBGB (Grimbergen, Brussels) - EBAW (Antwerp) - EBCI (Charleroi), Belgium

48:55 in 2016 according to LogTen Pro (which I might add I value for its licences / privileges/ maintenance deadline monitoring and reporting in its “Certificates” section.) I’d have flown more hours if I hadn’t been medically suspended for a while. It’s tough getting oldish!

I’m thinking about heading off to Eire for a some quiet time in the spring and I’m booked to fly to Portugal with some more experienced pilots in June this year, and apart from that, I need to renew my IR(R). I’d also like to fly more new types in 2017. I keep toying with the idea of paying £400 or so (is that right?) for an hour in a DA42 just to see what it’s like. I might do another hour in a Harvard. (I flew an hour in a Harvard a year or so ago and it was lots of fun but the noise actually hurt my ears and really detracted from the experience. I’m thinking if I do it again I’ll take my Bose headset with me.) Some aerobatics for the first time would be fun too. I keep on thinking about helicopters too, but then I come to my senses :D

Let’s hope for a long run of predictably good weather on weekends this year. It makes such a big difference. I hate cancelled flights and I rather dislike there being good flying weather during the week when I’m busy working and can’t get away for it then to worsen again at the weekend.

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Flying a TB20 out of EGTR
Elstree (EGTR), United Kingdom

This is my overall statistic (from my excel/numbers pilot logbook):

I’m satisfied with 2016, and it would be great to repeat that hours in 2017.

In 2016 visited some new airports/airfields with my Rallye, I’v been for three days in Adriatic coast, and
that would be goal for 2017 too, to fly in some new places..

First hours in Super Cub was also great experience.

And am I’v also started SPT (towing), and NFVR at the and of 2016..


I don’t know my hours I keep a conventional log book but only add up the hours when needed for insurance and medical applications. I imagine I flew a bit more in 2016 than in years past, mainly because my wife could come along. The only upside to having our fine old dog pass on during the year…

I suspect there will be even more flying in 2017 and I’m looking forward to some weekend cross countries with my lady coming along. There is no better way to learn the geography of an area (in our case it’ll be the western US) than to see it from VFR flights in good weather.

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