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Your 2017 flying year, how many hours, and aspirations for 2018?

We had this one a year ago. It’s good fun to review the year

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

300 hours so far and still counting

App. 50h this year.
I did several IFR trips. The best was to Lithuania passing trough Sweden. Returning near Kaliningrad, then Poland, stopped for lunch at Bornholm.
My aspirations for next year is to fly more, complete the PBN requirement and perhaps try a more suited IFR aircraft to start dreaming about another toy.

pmh, Denmark

41 hours this year, not as many as I would like, mostly due to weather. Also, I had to cut short my summer trip to Croatia due to the failing battery.

Aspirations for 2018 is to do my instrument rating, and if I have any funds left, do a CPL with ME/IR. I would also like to fly something else than 172s and 152s with steam gauges. Something with G1000, retractable gear, and constant speed propeller. For this, I need to search outside of the comfort zone of our club.

OK – Reality Check for the New Year’s resolutions:

tschnell wrote:

Plans for 2017:
- getting a Courchevel site-rating
NOT checked – and mostly due to the strict currency requirements this one will not make it on the 2018 list

- attending a EuroGA-fly-in ;-)

Checked – Dresden in August

- making up my mind whether buying a share in an airplane would be for me

Checked – got the right (hopefully!) people together, spelled out the rules and now we are actively searching for the right plane

272 hrs. this year until today (with two more flights scheduled) – a very good year with a lot of IFR and VFR instruction, again some US flying, some flights in interesting conditions on the P210, but otherwise nothing that I will still remember decades from now.

So for 2018 it’s

  • getting us an airplane (obviously)
  • Flying said airplane…
  • … hopefully to another EuroGA Fly-in
  • perhaps doing the ATPL Theory if I can find the time for the three-week classroom-course
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Friedrichshafen EDNY

Around 250 not counting FNTP2 time – only one new type the Extra 200.

Visiting Mallorca in the PA18 now on the 2018 list. Also hope to compete at Sportsman level in 2018.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

My last 2017 flight was tonight so it’s time to recap !

Total for 2017 is 52h10m. Not a record but amazing to me !
Total total : 236h

Major achievements :
- got the night VFR rating : I love it, did almost 6 hours since the test. Constantly trying to set up trips that include some night flying !
- first major european trip : VFR to Bragança, Portugal LPBG with the family. Passed the 50 hours XC during this trip
- more cross country : 1 burger run and 2 day trips to Reims and Le Havre.
- subscribe to EuroGA : subscribed, wrote and attended first fly-in in Avignon (though not flying myself)
- share flights and show GA to non pilots : took 14 non-pilots to the air, including 11 first GA flights ! No new pilot yet but definitely some misconceptions have been corrected.

Minor ones :
- adopted Skydemon, and not disappointed for now
- flew with a fellow to our company fly-in : a great day with great people !

Objectives for 2018 : more of the above !!!
- many fly-ins planned : AERO, EuroGA at LECD, Duxford, my company’s one ….
- less touch-and-goes and more cross country : weekend at Scillies again, more day trips to visit cities
- maybe a full week of GA travel in Europe with family or friends
- get a tailwheel endorsement : my club’s J3 is about to be back in service. Will document it in a thread.
- bring more people to GA : I have about 10 people on my waiting list

My objective of the IR is postponed to better days (in say 20 years ), when money will be less an issue.

But all in all, it’s been an amazing flying year. I discovered EuroGA which is an awesome community. I hope I ’ll meet some of you at AERO or LECD fly-in !

Flew 25hrs 36min in 2017. Got the PPL as desired. Last flight was before moving to Hannover in August though, so I am getting rusty.

Aspirations for 2018 find a new homebase. Get checked out in a four seater. Remain current despite massive time constraints. Do that Bornholm trip we talked about. Take all those people flying who asked me about it since I finished the PPL.

And, carried over from last year: visit my friend in EDKB by plane.

If I manage all that and fly say 30hrs I’d be quite happy. Bonus goal would be the Night Rating.

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Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

125 hours this year. 40 of those are rotary.

I’m one hour away from my night rating, weather killed it.

Next year: to choose the path for some kind of IR. quite fancying EIR. We shall see.


About 2hrs this year. Sucks.

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