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Your 2019 flying year, how many hours, and aspirations for 2020?

Indeed there are some solutions. However, I don’t have any bluetooth headsets and changing the intercom is a massive wiring job.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

150 hours this year. Not as much as usual, but the problems with the engine in October and some other maintenance related issues added up to nearly 4 month of downtime during 2019. But I managed it to brush up my skills by doing the IRI licence in May. 2020 will be a year of consolidation of the finances due of the unforeseen costs this year. So I expect to fly around the same number of hours as 2019, but no longer trips are planned yet. Instead of these we are looking for several short flights:
- to Brittany (LFRQ)
- do the camping fly-in at Propriano
- join the meet-ups as far as work allows
- do another hiking fly-in, hopefully not alone as last year

EDDS , Germany

Peter wrote:

Indeed there are some solutions. However, I don’t have any bluetooth headsets and changing the intercom is a massive wiring job.

I don’t know what headset you have, but maybe adapters like could be a solution.

A guy from Berlin
EDAZ, Germany

I have flown only four hours this year mainly because the clubs Robin was away all year but is now back and I’m looking forward to having a checkout on her early in the new year.

A couple of months ago I re-joined a Beagle Pup non-equity group in Cardiff and am now checked out on her once again, last time was fourteen years ago before moving to Scotland. Cardiff may be a seven hour drive from my house but I have missed flying ‘CZ and it is nice to visit family whilst in Wales. Due to go to Cardiff again at the end of February to do some flying, looking forward to it.

However, at the beginning of this year I set out to pass my CPL(A) Theory Exams and this I accomplished over four sittings, passing all thirteen by the end of September. It’s been really good not having to study for and take exams over the past couple of months!

My aviation goals for 2020?

Renew my EASA Class 2 and add an Audiogram in April.
Renew my SEP by end of May.
Visit Glenforsa for lunch even though it is only an hour away, I have yet to visit! Many times been into Oban and Plockton but not quite got to Glenforsa.
Pre-entry FIC “Test” in April/May, this will give me time to brush up on any highlighted issues before the FIC.
I have negotiated six weeks off work and have my Flight Instructor Course booked starting in July.
Add night instructing privileges once the nights become longer up here in Scotland.

I would also like to renew my IMC/IR(R) but realistically I am going to require the full course again as it is over 10 years expired (also the last FAA IPC I had was in 2010). This may need to wait until 2021 and even then I may just go straight for the full EASA SE-IR as I don’t need to pass the CB-IR theory exams.

Plenty to be getting on with!

Prestwick, United Kingdom

Only managed 51hrs this year but highlights included this trip : and holding short for a Beluga at Harwarden, my 88th airfield, during IFR training :)

Next year I hope to reach Croatia, Venice, Ireland and the Isle of Man for the first time, renew my IR(R) and finally get a night-rating having passed the CAD colour blindness test after failing the Ishihara.

I wish you all smooth skies and happy landings in 2020

TB20 IR(R) 500hrs
EGKA Shoreham, United Kingdom

212 hours in 2019: Mostly SET under IFR and about 25 hours on skis.
For 2020, my goal is to obtain my….French PPL and IR conversion, do a few transatlantic crossings (as usual) and a bit more warbird flying.
I would like to add an instructor rating so my frequent right seat time could count as dual.

Happy new year!!!


202.5 hours for me this year. A quiet one in spite of 3.5 Atlantic crossings.

EGTK Oxford

3.5 atlantic crossings, what happened to the 0.5 return flight? or flying with another pilot?

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Ibra wrote:

3.5 atlantic crossings, what happened to the 0.5 return flight? or flying with another pilot?

The plane started the year in Nebraska.

EGTK Oxford

51 hours solo, + my “hour with an instructor” for SEP revalidation.
2019 ends very well. It started bad. The Jodel DR1050 was still u/s, since January 2017. The Bolkow Junior syndicate which started in May 2018 had gone toxic. Two v two, legal action against me, and “report you to the Insurers and the CAA when the holiday is past” for aborting a take-off due to carb Ice. Battery removed without discussion. Refusal to get brakes fixed, flaps fixed, and get new tach cable.
I bought the two out in March. Only 38 hours in the Bolkow, due to time getting her stripped to bare metal and repainted by Mick Allen, but she’s likely to be finished with upgrading by the end of January. Just the gyro instruments to recondition.
The Jodel is back flying. 13 hours in her. With three out of five wanting out, she’s for sale, with a potential buyer viewing in late January.
I hope to move the Bolkow into her hangar spot, with the other member who wanted to continue taking a share. At present she’s boxed in unles the Flying School planes are out.

EGPE, United Kingdom
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