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Your 2019 flying year, how many hours, and aspirations for 2020?

106 hours for me. Flying was limited by ATPL theory exams, which I passed at 93,8% avg. It cost a lot of time. Managed to squeeze 15h CPL training in last days of December (TBM at 2000ft, 30% power, 130kts hahaha) and logged my first MEP hours on a Tecnam. Beginning of 2020 I’ll be doing more MEP and 20h MCC simulation. Then we will see. Maybe an IRI if time permits.

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146 hours for me, very close to my 10 year average. Of which about 120 in the Mirage – between UK and Switzerland, Germany and Spain mostly. The rest chugging around the Cotswolds in a Piper Cub.

Highlight for me was the last trip of the year – EGBJ to Malaga via Valladolid two days ago. Perfect weather, virtually prefect pilot performance (I rate myself on every flight!), interesting approach into Malaga with the 11,000 ft Sierra Nevada range off to the east. I added a full EASA IR to my FAA IA thanks to the congenial folks at Aero Poznan and John Page.

2020 – will I finally make it across the N Atlantic? Otherwise I want to explore Croatia and Slovenia and get more comfortable with flying in Germany.

Upper Harford, United Kingdom

Just a few minutes short of 190 hours in 2019 for me. About half of it as PIC in our Mooney, while the rest was mostly instructing in C152 and DA40. Moreover, I have quite a few hours of right seat time which can’t be logged – with Mrs. terbang in our Mooney and friends in their aircraft.

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

A quieter year for me with about 58 hours, more than I thought I’d done.

Hopefully I’ll make a significant improvement on it next year and continue to land in interesting places, fly with friends and go to some new spots.

I don’t count hours.
I passed the IR ME extension skill test, and got my C510 SPO rating (3 weeks at Farnborough)
I could maintain all my ratings current (MEP/SEP/IR SE/CRI/FI/TMG/French Microlight Instructor
I started my PPL(H) training
And I spent several days at the gliding club.

My aim for this year
Get my PPL(H) by June 30/2020
Get through the MCC training and extend my C510 rating to C510 MPO and start flying commercially with it by October 31st
Years after
IR ME + Agusta 109 rating
SEP( sea) rating
Balloon, Autogyro , Interstellar Spaceship etc. Fly again a Carreidas 160?

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Piotr_Szut wrote:

Carreidas 160

Did you pass the medical ok with only one eye?

EGHP-LFQF-KCLW, United Kingdom

I’m on the left. Quite an old picture.

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During 2019 I focused mostly on getting a commercial job. I have gotten the MCC and JOC qualifications required by most airline companies and I have been applying to over 50 operators all over Europe and a couple in the other side of the world without any success.

29 hours in total, revalidated my SEP/MEP and SEIR/MEIR during late summer, although I’m very disappointed to not have flown a single hour IR or ME between the revalidations, it’s a miracle I managed to pass. Maybe those MCC sim sessions were not lost money after all.

For 2020 my goal is to get some IR hours in the air on my own, and do some IR trips, but that requires access to a proper aircraft capable of proper IR navigation. I will also slow down my commercial flying job hunting, as the market is completely dead unless you have thousands of hours. Better to focus on enjoying flying instead!

I completely forgot about that one ! Shame on me

EBST, Belgium

I managed just a little over 40 hours, which includes a lot more solo trips but also a few with the family, Mooney transition training (ongoing), and unfortunately only an hour and half in the US. I would have loved to do a few more farther trips but with the club’s plane availability and weather, many plans were canceled. Still I am quite satisfied.

Now that I have a share in a Mooney, I hope to do more hours and further away trips in 2020.

Günzburg EDMG
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