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The search box on EuroGA is designed to be really simple – just enter what you want to look for and click Search.

However, you can also use a variety of special features to refine your search.  For example:

Search for: delightfully easy
Display: any posts that contain the word “delightfully” or the word “easy”.  Posts that have these in the thread title will be favoured, as will posts that contain both words.

Search for: “delightfully easy”
Display: posts containing that exact phrase

Search for: delightfully -easy
Display: posts that contain “delightfully” but not “easy”

Search for: landing AND (simple OR easy)
Display: posts that contain “landing” and either “simple” or “easy”

Search for: land*
Display: posts that contain words beginning “land” like “land”, “landing”, “landings”

Search for: co?l
Display: posts that contain words like “cool”, “cowl” etc

Search for: topic_thread_title:charade
Display: posts that have “charade” in the title of the thread, but don’t search the body of the post

Search for: body:charade
Display: posts that have “charade” in the body, but don’t search the title of the thread

Search for: topic_name:Flying AND radio
Display: posts that have the word “radio” and are in the Flying topic

Search for: “easy landing”~3
Display: posts that have the word “easy” within three words of the word “landing”

Search for: birds AND created_at:<2014-01-01
Display: posts that contain the word “birds” and were created before the 1st Jan 2014

Search for: birds AND created_at:[2014-01-01 TO 2014-06-01]
Display: posts that contain the word “birds” and were created between 1st Jan 2014 and 1st June 2014

All these things can be combined at the same time, so you can do:
( (“easy landing”~4 AND topic_name:“Student Pilots”) OR (bounc*) ) AND created_at:[2013-01-01 TO 2013-12-31]
and you’ll see posts from the Student Pilots topic where the word “easy” is within 4 words of the word “landing” or posts with words that begin “bounc”, which were created some time in 2013.

Boosted searches allow you to adjust the relevance of each word:

diamond^10 DA42

would make Diamond far more important than DA42, so anything with Diamond will come nearer the top, with DA42 lower down.

There are even further options too – please get in touch if you need help.

There is no built-in search mechanism for searching what people put in their profiles, but Google will get you pretty close:"+da42",or.r_cp.&cad=b&biw=1475&bih=1219&ech=1

Ditto for where members are based.

This page last edited 16th January 2016