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Make sure you check the AIP re filing Geneva as alternate. ISTR it is not straightforward.
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If you down the road of rooting etc. then you best start with CyanogenMod. That's the distro for these things, gives a lot more options in a well organized way with package manager, etc. Otherwise ...
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Good video. Should make anybody buying a very-low-time aircraft think twice.
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Just stumbled upon the news that famous actor and pilot Harrison Ford had an engine failure in a Ryan PT-22. He is injured, bur seems to have managed a pretty decent emergency landing. ATC audio: L...
Here's a hint on what some at FAA or elsewhere in the Executive Branch may think... (from the Avweb article on the current bill) "In an effort to force the FAA to comply in a timely fashion, there...
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I saw the ‘99 eclipse from 7000' over the English Channel above a solid layer of stratus, then in to Jersey for lunch and home again. Indeed it was legal daytime, although the French had imp...
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I am told by a UK CAA insider that under the new rules this is supposed to work. That's from the UK angle. Usual caveats apply IMHO, including the obvious one about what an FTO tells you is "not un...
Recommend Malmi / EFHF. You may not need hangarage just to avoid de-ice - it's been reasonably "warm" recently and looks to continue the same.