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Spain October/November 2016 (Burgos LEBG)

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I am thinking ahead

Is anyone interested in a meet-up?

Looking through e.g. this great thread, and having myself been to

(which are all great destinations) I am thinking about Bilbao or Santander, or maybe other places. Needs to have customs/immigration and OK in one leg from the UK, so Jerez is a bit far Malaga is marginal but probably a very busy and noisy place – I’ve been there briefly by road.

@Emir is doing Valladolid soon so he might give us a report

Which acronyms do you use

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When reading this threat I start wondering up which were the “must-know” acronyms for flying.

During navigations, my instructor told me to remember
HAT before a turning point (Heading, Altitude, Time) and THARIF at a turning point (Time, Heading, Altitude, Radio, Instruments, Fuel) but that are the only two.
For the before start/before take-off I used the checklists of the plane.

But now that I fly on different planes, I notice that the checklists are not all with the same level of details. I wonder if using systematically the same acronyms whatever plane would not increase safety (by avoiding forgetting some things).

Hence the question: which acronym do you use ?

On internet I found:
Run-up & ground check – CIGAR controls check, instruments set, gas (proper tank, pump on, etc), attitude (flaps, trim, etc.), runup
Line-Up Check BLITTS: boost pump on, lights as required, instruments set, transponder on, takeoff time noted, seat (belts, doors secured)
Enroute FLARE: flaps set (if extended during takeoff), lights as required, auxiliary fuel pump off (if on for departure), radar transponder on, engine (lean mixture when at altitude)
Before Landing GUMPS: gas (proper tank, pump on or off, etc.), undercarriage, mixture set, prop set and/or primer in/locked, switches (lights, pitot heat, etc.)
After Landing FACTS : flaps up, auxiliary fuel pump off, cowl flaps, transponder standby, switches (pitot heat, lights, etc.)

Any others ? Which one to use during the landing circuit (downwind, base, final,…) ?

Planned further reduction in French Customs and Immigration airfields

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Learned today from a friend of this planned further reduction in customs availability at smaller French airfields. According to the French Airfield Union the following list of 12 airfields will be removed from the list of available airfields published in the official journal of the EU:

Abbeville LFOI, Agen-La Garenne LFBA, Amiens Glisy LFAY, Annemasse LFLI, Besançon-la Vèze LFQM, La Môle – Saint- Tropez LFTZ, Lannion LFRO, Le Castelet LFMQ, Lognes-Emerainville LFPL, Montbéliard-Courcelles LFSM, Nevers-Fourchambault LFQG, Vichy-Charmeil LFLV

Probably the worst case is Lognes, as I don’t think there will any longer be any useful Customs airfield for Paris accessible to GA (other than the ruinously expensvie Le Bourget).

The French government has not yet made this official, nor when it will take effect, but from the tone of the reports, it appears to be a done deal.

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I'm up for this if it's the later November dates...
I just checked ICAO Annex 2. It seems that neither EASA nor the UK has come up with anything new. SERA.5001 seems to be taken straight out of Annex 2, and the UK ORS seems to be identical to the ex...
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@Jacko : why not sleeping there?
Serenity 500px
Peter wrote: They removed the engine mounts as well. Those are only really useful in an aeroplane.
Peter wrote: I'm installing a VOR/LOC/GS antenna on the top of the vertical stabilizer of my RV7A. It's a RAMI AV-525 (the typical V antenna). Would you install with the points forward or backward...
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Cobalt wrote: Well, that would be the first challenge
Jacko wrote: I didn't know that. I used to fly a super cub (G-WLAC, for those from White Waltham EGLM), but it wasn't certified (it had an AI, but little else useful for IFR (also, no pitot heat)
Beech bonanza v35
Long running battle here, a Meags type scenario, where the City wants to close the airport. City using all manner of devious tricks, and the FAA, are digging in. Good news, because the airport was,...
@Noe: it provides rain radar and strike data in Europe, but also in other parts of the world. And ... you can also make and receive phone calls with the Iridium GO! over your Bluetooth enabled head...