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If the experience in certified four-seaters is anything to go by, plastic aircraft are not lighter than conventionally riveted metal aircraft - the columbia 400 and Cirrus SR22 have the same ...
It is actually quite simple if you know the correct calls, many of which you seldom get the chance to make during a training flight or skill test. I agree but how many people actually remember an...
Great pictures of some interesting aircraft. For example, I have never seen that German WW1 low-wing airplane before... Thanks for sharing!
There is actually not that much stuff in the IR TK which is departure/approach only. IFR procedures is a very small part of the TK — and even an EIR holder must be able to fly a hold.
Hi all I just called world fuel service (BP). He told me there has been a series of events: strike followed by fuel contamination, followed by breakdown of the cargo ship due to electrical failure,...
accepted the cabin rises up to about 10000ft cabin altitude or in some rare cases even a little above that. In several hundred hours it has never been above 10k at FL280 but I get 5.6psi differen...
I have spoken to my contact. You seem to have basically two options. If you are EASA66 already then you can go to the Frankfurt FSDO and they will sign you off to sit an exam, which can be done in ...
AFAIU, they will feed the Commander's GO435s with regular gas.