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What is the total addressable market for retractable General Aviation airplanes?

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By addressable market, I mean world-wide. As a best proxy, one could use U.S. numbers and double. But even U.S. numbers, I can’t find. Thank you.

ANY installed transponder must be turned ON

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From here

Peter wrote:

by turning it off

That is not allowed. If the aircraft has a transponder installed, it shall be turned on at every flight, no matter CAS or not. Not doing so is just as illegal as busting airspace. That, at least, is the Norwegian airspace regulations.

Cruise power setting for higher altitudes

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I usually climb at full throttle, arrive at chosen altitude and then throttle back to a cruise setting.
With the IR I started to cruise higher.
I’ve seen some here that cruise at levels close to service ceiling of the aircraft.
Is it then full throttle all the way in the climb and then continue full throttle in the cruise?
Do you lean in the climb?

Slide in TKM 8.33 Khz Nav Comm coming soon (KX155 replacement)!

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I am planning my 8.33Khz upgrade and I am considering all options from a GTN750/ new audio panel, second radio etc @ £ 18,000 installed to the bare minimum of junking one Nav Comm (I have two) and putting in a Comm only.

£ 18K is half the cost of my plane so apart from over capitalising it, I am still hoping that in 12-24 months there will be more competition from Dynon (or others) – they have a nice radio controlled by a huge glass cockpit – perhaps one day this will be legal in EASA land.

As part of my investigation I contacted TKM and asked them when their “slide in” Nav Comm was due out

The project is coming along very well! We have our display design submitted and will have prototypes in late January. From there we can finish up our testing and start the TSO approval process. We will start production on units for the Experimental market right away and start selling to the certified market once we have the TSO. We are hoping to have them ready by April for Sun n’ Fun in Florida, but if the approval process takes a little longer we will definitely have them ready for Osh Kosh in July. I will let you know if we need any pilots to test in Europe, I appreciate it!
Thank you,
Vic Casebolt
__TKM Avionic_

I emailed a follow up email on pricing and it will be “similar or a little more” than the present 25 Khz MX170C which is presently about £ 2,400.

TKM had some issues in the past as the integrated circuits we in IC sockets & used to shake loose on the logic boards. I have personally flown for 3 years with two TKM 170C’s and they have never missed a beat. I am thinking of waiting to see what emerges even though I will probably miss out on the 20% European rebate.

@Aviathor wrote: Maules are very forgiving taildraggers, not exactly STOL airplanes but they land relatively slow and they often need a touch of brake as well as rudder to maintain directional con...
I've read Lugano LSZA, but I realise it comes from a "sim" database. It's actually an IGS (it's offset) To steep for the DA40 to do it at best glide in...
Noe wrote: No problem. We also have Geranuim (3 Michelin Stars) at the same price range:
I was very happy with this rainbow at Shoreham- flew through it before I landed to give the plane a wash.
One simple way to satisfy everyone's preferences would be to make iron-on transfers - they are cheap to produce, and people can buy whatever clothing they want themselves and put the logo on it in ...
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We have a new forum section called "Aircraft" - here This is for aircraft type specific postings. Since we already have a Non Certified section, I think that should remain specific to all non certi...
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NCYankee wrote: Yep, it looks like this.
You can't fight bureaucracy, so go with the flow. I'd be inclined to pack it into a shipping container and re-assemble it in Cyprus. There are people like Erik van Veenen who know the light airplan...
Thanks for taking the time to confirm. Kind regards Pete.
Michael, you may be right, but I hope not. I don't see the whole FAA NORSEE snowball melting any time soon. Rather, I suspect we're seeing the start of an avalanche. The FAA has recently declared w...
Archer-181 wrote: Nothing wrong with that! Good to hear your feedback. Archer-181 wrote: I think that is only good, from both technical and financial point. Would be nice to see a KX-155/165 slid...
Just being cheeky - if the pump failed, you would still be able to fly with the pump inop, and defer the defect Would you be allowed to fly with the inop pump removed for repairs? FAR 91.213 allows...
Michael wrote: I have decent engine monitoring equipment, a JPI, but don't use it for leaning. I do use the JPI for diagnostic purposes, but would be totally comfortable without it for any leaning...
Pilot 02
Maybe the reason is that traditionally NiCd has been used for aviation (military aircraft and airliners). More kWh per kg than lead and can be charged fast.