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VSI showing deviations while altitude is rock solid

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I noticed this yesterday. Both altimeters didn’t move even a fraction of a mm, but the VSI was showing +20 to -20fpm. The GPS altitude varied a little too, by a few feet, but it does that anyway.

Is there a lot of damping on an altimeter?

Water survival training. Does it Make sense?

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I came across a website of a training organization, which offers a water Survival training for a reasonable price.

I fly to the UK once in a while and it would be a comforting idea to know what to do when you have to ditch.

Would it make sense to do such a training? Has anyone done such a training? Was it worth while?

Part-NCO summarized

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Although bookworm hasn’t yet posted the link on this forum, here it comes.

Part-NCO will go into effect and become law in a little more than 24 hours in most of Europe.

It’s a first class summary of Part-NCO and its effects for most private pilots in Europe. (It is primarily written to the UK pilot, making comparisons with the UK ANO, but most of it is still just as relevant for the “European” private pilot). Mandatory reading I would say (at least for those whose don’t want to wade through Part-NCO itself, i.e. probably 90% of private pilots..,).

Thanks a lot! Every single sentence in this review is well chosen and comprehensible.

One note: there is a clear tendency in Part-NCO over previous regulations in that it contains many “soft” wordings. This is both good and bad. Here and there, it allows more flexibility for the pilot/operator and that can be good. It however also requires much much judgement by the pilot. Also, in the future, when somebody asks “what is the definitve rule on xy in Europe?” it will not be possible to answer it, other than pointing to the relevant bit in Part-NCO. Interesting times ahead…

@flyer59 Thanks for the offer! I/we might take you up on the offer of an drive to Split airport if we decide to leave the plane there, but most likely we'll fly to Athens on Sunday.
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Is there anyone coordinating this event? Just curious about the number attending since it was stated that the hotel would open just for us IF they had enough people. I reserved a room in our GA Blo...
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Yes - somebody did tell me about this, @Noe I just have not bothered to set it up. On a similar line, you might enjoy this which remains unresolved. Many thanks @LFHNflightstudent for the input. I ...
From pilot's perspective, VLA is just like CS-23 (C172, etc.). It's just a lighter certification specification.
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Here is a later version of the Oban video which I previously put under "random videos". I edited it for length and added some more music. The full size, available using the Download function on Vim...
RobertL18C wrote: If the operator was US based, it should be there. Those are the rules for involving accident investigators IIRC: you get agency from where it happened, where the operator is base...
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Here's a little day trip I did with Justine 2 days ago... Crossing the Thames estuary The international passenger terminal - heavily disused Some 1930s buildings? Cambridge presents endless photo o...
LeSving wrote: Of course, you must know what you intend to do. But the equipment is prescribed (for VFR, night VFR, IFR, cloud flying, etc.). LeSving wrote: You're right, it's just a play with wo...
more info here.. I would seem with new prici...
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This is utility The Engine is also very cool, a small Radial from Verner. The link is from Facebook, have no idea if it works, but it should: