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Is there a requirement for N-regs to carry the POH in the original version printed by the manufacturer in the plane? For my D-reg TB I scanned the original POH and now have a pdf-file on the iPad a...
Ok sorry, hadn't read the posting instructions yet. Should work now.
Sure, most of us habe radios and thus an RMZ sounds like a very decent solution. However, we also need to think of those without radios (basic ultralights etc.) and those who need the altitude (gl...
I recall reading a trip writeup (by someone I know personally) who flew an old twin, G-reg or N-reg, around South America, and he reported that some of the overflight permits (arranged by one of th...
First the technology needs to mature a bit, then everything is possible. We're currently working on a separate approach for Her Majesty's airspace incorporating the standard route docum...
Only today did I have a chance to have a closer look at the new (2014) Avioportolano maps. Yes, the TMAs are now depicted, BUT: they made the same mistake like others before and didn't includ...
See Posting Tips - it's all there under Posting Graphics/Images/Photographs
Given that the usefulness of this check is somewhere close to zero, use the cheapest guy no matter how bad he is. The prices will be similar but I negotiated a discount on my airplane due to the la...