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It doesn't have to be "good as new" at overhaul only "good enough to operate". Imagine the lawsuits that would follow if the US Government decided to force owners to ...
I thought those 3 phase tachos worked a bit like a step motor and it is normal for them to ‘jump' from one reading to the next. They never appear to work smoothly!
Also for the Chinese market which seems to be taking off quite a bit. And this is most likely the market they are aiming at. A friend of mine who runs a big FTO recently went to a pilot recruitme...
You do? We do occasionally go to Konstanz. Maybe we can meet once there for a coffee.
Hello there guys! Maybe somebody knows where I can do check-C (maintenance and repair) for De Havilland Canada Twin Otter DHC-6 aircraft? By far my search ended up in nothing: either there are comp...
I tried to play music on my iphone whilst it was BT connected to my headset (Sennhieser).....didn't does auto-mute if on a phone call though....not that it worries me a...
Are any of the US places Part-141 schools? If not how do they work the visa issue, now you can't just fly there and do a rating but need to get security clearance and a visa?
UL is nation based and I donĀ“t like it. (and all UL folks are now hating me). But current Europe and Schengen is opening a lot of opportunities and having national variation and permutations will n...