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A prebuy checklist for the 21st century European buyer

From votec first solo Tb20 9

Every good mechanic who knows the type should be able to do a basic mechanical and AD check competently.

But what about avionics? Most mechanics don’t fly, and know little about instruments.

Then you get the European stuff especially for IFR eg the AFMS required to legally fly GPS approaches. This is much more obscure and almost nobody (off EuroGA ) knows about it.

How about throwing together a checklist?

Carcassonne Fly-In Briefing Notes

Tb20 9


Read this PDF

In short, the airport is OK for us to go there but it took a lot of negotiation.

The aeroclub, who originally said it’s fine, later said they don’t want to get involved. Also it took weeks to establish / re-establish contact with them. Finally, after weeks, we were able to establish contact with the airport administration itself.

Aviathor and StevenR have done a huge amount of work sorting this out.

Earlier, Dublinpilot produced this, and this was posted here some time ago.


  • aircraft type
  • aircraft registration
  • planned date/time of arrival and departure
  • airport codes for arrival from and departure to

of all aircraft planning to fly to Carcassonne LFMK. We will send this to the airport nearer the time. Please send them to me by email or PM. Please don’t post them here.

(the above was also posted in the main fly-in thread)

The overall details are:

Arrival Friday 6th May
Departure Monday 9th May

The main thread is here and if you go to the last post

and work backwards you will find the latest info.

C210_Flyer, if you still have a seat available in your transport to visit some decent caves/vineyards on Saturday 7 May - I am enthusiastic! This will be a no-fly day.
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Hi, If the OP is looking for a TB10 that is going for TB9 money then drop me a PM. I have one. Regards,
Hammer outline
I have the Pulox and it works very well under all circumstances as far as I can tell.
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blueline wrote: Are you not coming from LOAN? I believe you do not yet need immigration facilities to fly between Austria and Hungary.
Arun What is "rental car caleta" at Velez Malaga? The link doesnt work. Googling it does not turn up a rental car at Velez Malaga. I have been to LEAX many times, and may go there after the Carcas...
Peter wrote: Well, yes there is. The NorthAviMet web site does. It is free but requires registration which is given to "anybody holding a valid pilot licensing or certification (leisure or commerc...
Tb20 9
The long thread on the Evolution is here A pity it is almost useless in Europe. I was watching one on FR24 today, doing one of it's usual flights at a low VFR altitude, burning tons of fuel...
Tb20 9
A few of us are doing LFAT tomorrow (Sunday), ETA 1000Z or so. Justine coming too Threat title changed