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Taking off IFR without clearance and/or from uncontrolled airport

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In the recent threads it was often mentioned that IFR flights are started without a clearance on the ground and/or from uncontrolled airports. Being an IR noobie I don’t know about that possibility and how it is handled. I always thought one has to get an IFR clearance on the ground, either by an SID or a clearance in the type of "climb straight ahead, at 3000ft turn left heading 300, climb further, etc. and if this was not available the only other option was to file a Z flight plan.

Can someone elaborate on how such flights commence (or are even completely flown from point A to point B if not entering CAS)? How do you plan the routing and altitudes? Is there a difference between flying such a flight vs flying VFR if both are without a flight plan, except that if flying IFR the weather can be worse than VMC?

Peter wrote: It's not hard at all, it's just a major hassle (because you have to get a qualified instructor, and fly with him there; and you have to do this stupid online exam that asks about rele...
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Hmm, not looked at it in detail. I have noticed a number of "compact" DSLRs which are often made of "plastic" and are pretty light. Maybe that would be a better way to go. BTW the 5500 will weigh a...
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It is still in spec - see here And anything above about 10 is lost from the breather. Sure. The filter and the strainer will pick up larger pieces but they are clean. Based on what I have seen I...
I wish I had hangar :( My previous base airport is closed (LDVA) due to some political/criminal/corruption affaire and the hangar is empty.
Did not know about the bacalao, which I understand is a Portuguese dish made of Norwegian cod, but I did get some very good fish&chips at Havnekontoret, a bar/restaurant overlooking the pier.
Peter, We've had a lousy summer but the GFS is predicting a nice stable anticyclone over Ireland for the next 10-14 days. Prestwick airshow next w/e, and we're plotting a cookout at Glenswinton. So...
Crossing the Channel in a PA46: BTW the cabin is incredibly strong, and especially with airbags at the front, surviving a ditching or a glide landing into a field has proven to be very doable. The ...
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Done, They are in dropbox for you. The Slovenian ones worked ok for me in IE. The Croat ones wouldn't work from your links, did from this page Click here