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Why can't engines be internally inspected with an endoscope?

Avatar01 Tb20 9

It seems that most can’t.

Some Lyco variants (which don’t have a combined dipstick + filler hole) can reportedly be inspected in so far as one can see some cam lobe(s), just about.

But it seems a dumb design. It would be so easy to have a screw-in inspection plug somewhere, or several of them.

Pulling cylinders to check the camshaft is ridiculous.

Does mountain flying get any more hardcore than that?

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As the title says: Have you ever seen anything more impressive than that in mountain flying?

Watch the following video and see when you recognise the “strip”. (It’s actually an official USFS landing strip in Idaho — apparently still maintained, but reserved for emergencies only).

Too bad they didn’t post a video of the takeoff! (The other three vids on his Vimeo account are also not bad.)

P.s.: The guy in the video also offers flight training, see

USFlyer, you should really inform yourself before posting stuff which is simply wrong. Both the Acclaim and Ovation have had FIKI approved de-icing since a very long time. Here is one for sale with...
Michael wrote: It is certainly one of the best designs around. Unfortunately we will never know what a Columbia would do if it had retracable gear. Or actually we do. The Columbia was derived from...
Yes, agreed, I thought that is what I selected, but missed. I've been watching who flies in and our of BGBW and BGSF for a few weeks now. Almost everyone has used BGBW. Very few use BGSF. Only...
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Jacko wrote: You hear a lot about these but never meet one....
You will find that they rarely answer emails. And the more south in Europe you will go on your trips, the greater chance of no answers due to bad English. Brush up on your VFR skills - you can almo...
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The constant wear ones are the ones to have comfortable and not cumbersome. As in Switlik brand. Plus it doesnt scare everybody.
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europaxs wrote: I intend to
Thanks. He was an amazing chap. I thoroughly recommend his outing on Desert Island Discs too