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What if.. you lost your medical?

Pilot 02 000avatar09 Tb20 9 Serenity 500px Bfpo 2573824682 315bed39b3 q Sea Photo 5 34 ice avatar Full sutton 14 aug 16 Avatar Hbdwcavtar Ae vfr Avatar2 Img 1186 Screen shot 2016 09 28 at 13.48.29 Euroga Fetching nina in the cardinalrg at port elizabeth

your doctor says: time to give up flying?

It is a grim prospect, but being temporary grounded feels bad enough at the moment. What would you do if your doctor grounds you permanently?

Keep Fairoaks EGTF Open Petition

Babypilotmedium 10377 Tb20 9 Chris greece med

A developer is planning to close Fairoaks EGTF and build 1500 houses there. Please show your support for the airfield by signing this petition:

Fairoaks petition


Ciav2015 fpz.hzns
Nice picture on CIAV 2016, display of HZNS (HR.ATO.02)
Tb20 9
We have a new forum section called "Aircraft" - here This is for aircraft type specific postings. Since we already have a Non Certified section, I think that should remain specific to all non certi...
Dr400 4
An excellent idea. Should make meet-ups a lot easier.
Many in here have an avatar that is a picture of (their) airplane but it is often hard to see the details. When I click on the avatar I go to the person's profile but there's no avatar. Would be ni...
I can offer seats, single or return, from Biggin Hill, going out on the Tuesday, returning Saturday morning.
We are coming, I've sent an email with our details, 3 of us in one aeroplane.
Pilot 02
mh wrote: Are you 100% sure about that?
A. contet pilot
If you look closely from the spinner towards the windshield, you can see some engines are pointed at a slight angle. A Piper Turbo Arrow comes to mind. It has a rudder trim too to tune at cruise.
Ben wrote: As a person born and initially taught to fly in Russia, I can say that the safety culture is often direly lacking indeed, especially in two aspects: CRM and the culture of doing things ...
Pilot 02
LAPL still works I think. It's more or less like the same criteria as a mini-bus.
Michael wrote: Exactly. Peter wrote: This is not true, it is just because the it is so labour intensive to install, that it just doesn't make sense to install an KCS55 HSI. In many cases I would...
@pmh You don´t need a slot for your "alternate" and usually you don´t must pay for an approach. At some examples you get a bill from eurocontrol or DFS, but this not this much money. (10-...
"This accident is featured in book 4 of the Darwin Awards.4" (Wikipedia)
In my experience the KAP140 can be dangerous in other ways too. Here is what I wrote 4 years ago: Kamikaze initiated by KAP140 This happened to me on a flight with a KAP140-equipped DA40. As a flig...