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Peter wrote: You are right: little actual money goes to claimants: again some google research shows that for airframers, only 15% of their product liability costs go to claimants, the rest is for ...
Has anyone in europe actually completed this process for a N reg aircraft without upgrading to WAAS version? Any direction to personnel or organisation who can do this? Have seen/ received lots of ...
Ben wrote: I was only questioning the reason to not keep it experimental.
Take a look at this thread I got some recimendations: Beziers, Perpignan, Carcassonne, Monpellier ...
Me neither - have to fly to Split over the weekend for some business.
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stardust, how would that ever allow approaches in low IFR to city-based airports? Or are you suggesting that SE aircraft simply don't do them?
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It worked for me this evening, but unfortunately the problem with good old SMS is that it works only when it works... There are many reasons why an SMS may not be delivered or why a particular phon...