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Peter, you have an expensive plane. Why do you persist in silly stereotypes?
Thanks David. I guess you refer to this write-up? They never asked me for my citizenship (which is Belgian), so I guess that as a foreigner you can do OpenAirplane yes. The only caveat might be tha...
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LOIJ St Johann might be an option. The flight time from Hungary is shorter, the runway is usable most of the year, the fees are low and also the ski resort including food etc is way less expensive...
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Well its a rough start. So far I was to depart on the 19th but due mainly to winds (50 kts on the nose) decided to postpone till today the 20th. Looking at the Winds forecast last night (still fore...
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LeSving, Thank you for clarifying porn for me. Porn in the US usually has XXX attached. NCYankee how accurate do you find the cloud cover and height forecast for the following (next) day?
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Bumping the topic because I have started to look into this very topic and wondering if anyone on here can help me out. I would like to see if I could keep a G-Reg Tecnam or Europa and base it in Ge...
If you read the sections of the MSDS on precautions and classification, neither of them are particularly hazardous. Don’t drink it (obvs), and wear gloves. If you spill it on yourself, wash ...
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I saw some yesterday at -18. not a huge amount but it was there. TAS of 210 so not super quick.