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Diamond DA40 Maintenance Costs

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I am thinking of buying a Diamond DA 40 and would like to get some idea of maintenance costs.

I have been told that the diesel engine is costly to maintain with the timed components – hoses, etc

I would be most appreciative if any owners could elaborate on the actual costs of ownership.

Regards John

Garmin handheld aviation GPS business - the end?

Howard graff Euroga Chris greece med Pilot 02 Three greens Tb20 9 Avatar2

I heard recently that retail pilot shop sales of these have fallen massively – of the order of 98% i.e. a factor of 50.

Looking at the last Transair catalogue, they have just 2 pages covering these, out of 100 pages.

Clearly this is due to people flying with tablets and phones.

But what is going to happen with Garmin making them? If this drop is anywhere near real, they cannot be worth making.

I wonder if there are other market sectors, not obviously apparent to us in Europe, where these continue to sell?

Some years ago I was talking to a pilot who wanted to fly around Africa and the (today ancient and back then quite old) Skyforce Skymap 4C was the best solution he found for that airspace.

Also the handheld units are very obviously much more robust and don’t suffer from the crashes and heat related shutdowns which you get with modern consumer IT tablets.

Official Non Towered airport (can you land regardless?)

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The other day I was making a fuel stop at and clearing immigration to go from Hungary (EU and Schengen) to Croatia (EU but not Schengen). The Place has very very little traffic. No Im not stuttering as I type. In any case I had the miss fortune of arriving 10 mins ahead of Air Germania. So the tower told me to hold because of in bound traffic. Ok I thought but for how long? I was maybe 2 miles from midfield for an easy right or left downwind. The winds were insignificant. But as I was doing the merry go round and burning fuel I was getting hotter and hotter under the collar. “Anybody see that guy?” “Tower where is he?” “He is inbound continue to hold.” Finally about 10 mins later he appears. Now My flight to that airport from my airport was only 33 mins so a 10 min hold was a significant portion of the flight. On the return trip we were the only ones. The place was deserted so I felt like I had to stop in to the coffee shop to spend some money. But thats the sucker in me. If I was one of the CEO As*holes that run that airline I would step over the corpse.

But I digress. What I noticed on the return trip that it is a non towered airport with an INFO service kind of like a Unicom. The question is, that in the US a Unicom is only for advisories. They cant tell you to hold or direct traffic isnt it the same here? Could I have said I was landing? I was VFR. By the way the 737 was not even at the IAF.

Landed in brac 23rd stayed overnight. Very friendly airport, fuelled, tied down as soon as wheels touchdown. Air Traffic was not manned but no problem it's still open, they only man it when they ge...
Ok, I can change my Shift on my work, so I will be there.I will fly friday late evening or Saturday morning (depending on what time i Will finish at my work friday evening.)
As previously stated, I am interested but cannot commit until I have an airworthy aeroplane to go in.
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AnthonyQ wrote: I just don't see how a small plane landing 10 minutes before would jeopardize the on-time performance of any airline flight and therefore the business between airport and the airli...
Jonas wrote: What? You think this is a democracy??
Excellent work! Aviathor wrote: Bear in mind that at least 10 of those 50 hours must be in EASA land....
Tb20 9
How can the turbo tumble? It runs on a shaft with two end bearings, no?
Hammer outline
aart wrote: keep you on your toes...
Hammer outline
dublinpilot wrote: That's a pretty categorical statement. If you do not pay attention to the visual glideslope indicator, this can happen to you. I follow the visual glide regardless of flight rul...
Howard graff
@Peter_Mundy I'd like to second 795 is wonderful and it keeps on getting cleverer. When paired by bluetooth to a Garmin GDL39 3D (AHRS etc) it give me a reliable backup AI on my 795 (wit...