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Maybe we can fly in formation to Lido, Urs :-)
Yes, there’s two TKS versions for the SR22, normal and FIKI. But all SR22s have 2 alternators, and batteries
What are the typical ways to refill your O2 tank when away from home? Do you simply ask the OPS people at the destination airport and they usually have the ability to refill O2? Or is that somethin...
Good point. The ATC tower and the flying schools are also on the south side.
We shall just have to see. As someone said elsewhere, que SERA SERA…
Tb20 9
It’s not a dodgy site It is one of great many websites set up for some business purpose where you want HTTPS but don’t want to pay 200 quid a year to Verisign or whatever – be...
Almost identical avionics ’xcept the GNS420. Not everyone has to pay VAT …