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Throttle stuck wide open - should this be a real problem?

Tb20 9 000avatar09 Pilot 02 Babypilotmedium Avatar2 Serenity 500px Gen ewokz Avatar Cit mus flt18 hires Full sutton 14 aug 16 G ahau sml


I would think one could use the mixture to bring the power back. Is there some other issue?

The engine is likely to be very rough when using the mixture to bring the power back far enough to land, but I can’t think of anything else.

Dynamic propeller balancing

Tb20 9 Image Avatar01 Full sutton 14 aug 16 Img 20150525 142912445 Img 2310 P1050712 Screen shot 2016 09 28 at 13.48.29 24540 100953343273460 3071068 n Blobby Photo 5 Image Avatar Cit mus flt18 hires N41518better

I am looking for someone who does this, preferably in the UK.

I've had it done a few times over the years and it was always worth doing.

Oddly enough the engineering firm where I am hangared have bought the equipment but have no-one who can use it, so even just a person who knows the equipment would be OK.

What's the maximum range of your plane?

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I know that there are some Mooneys that have a higher range, but I checked all my Excel data I have put together in 250 hrs of flight and found out that I could actually fly to Crete (from the Munich area) non-stop – if necessary.

This is the average data I have collected for the lowest fuel flow.

LOP fuel flow: 9.9 GPH, TAS 160-162 Kts, Range (zero fuel): 1309-1325 NM (G2 model with 81 Gallons)

A G3 model with 92 Gallons could stay in the air 1486-1505 NM flown this way.

Would an FAA Medical Have stopped German Wings

Phoenixf Img 1599 Img 0079 Hbdwcavtar Serenity 500px Tb20 9 Image

There is an interesting question being put forth. Would the FAA physical, as invasive and intrusive as it is, have prevented the German Wings debacle.

According to news sources the French Investigation suggested that the medical authorities should have told the FAA equivalent of the European authority of the medical psychiatric problems the copilot was having. Right now it is not required to report this potentially dangerous medical condition under European Medical Flight requirements.

Whats your opinion?

Beech bonanza v35
The Bonanza...... The Super Cub
Tb20 9
Here is a sheet kindly produced by one of the fly-in participants. Here are some notes on instrument flight in Denmark, for those arriving IFR, with permission from the author. There is a mailing g...
Screen shot 2017 03 06 at 22.10.32
I would certainly be interested if it weren't for the dates not working out for me. The WX alternative dates do fit nicely though!
Hammer outline
I was in Bend, OR in 2002. Could not see the Lancair factory but talked to several people who were fitting turbines to Lancair IV IIRC. I recently bought a Columbia.
I booked arrival slot on Apr 5 at 1100 UTC and departure on Apr 6 at 1100 UTC.
Dr400 4
An excellent idea. Should make meet-ups a lot easier.
Tb20 9
We have a new forum section called "Aircraft" - here This is for aircraft type specific postings. Since we already have a Non Certified section, I think that should remain specific to all non certi...
Tb20 9
I did much of my PPL with an instructor at Shoreham, whose favourite trick was to stop the prop in a C150/C152 and say "and now we are a glider". It takes a lot of nose-up attitude - about 30 degr...
Tb20 9
A little update on the previous debate about how much current these produce. You do have to be very specific on the RPM. From the B&C website: The small difference between 1.3 and 1.5 make...
Tb20 9
This discussion moved to the TB20 backup / standby alternator thread here
Tb20 9
I don't think PMA comes into this TC stuff. "Anybody" can set up PMA manufacture of some part. The limitation is what is practical, what design data exists, etc, and it is very hard in Europe (I ha...
Tb20 9
After some discussion elsewhere, it appears the answer to my question "Can a pilot, performing maintenance within pilot privileges, substitute a PMAd or STDd part?" is YES. It has to be YES because...
Airborne_Again wrote: I think not - FCL.945 does not distinguish. Airborne Again, I would be very interested to know whether Transportstyrelsen will accept your revalidation. With reference to the...
Peter wrote: ELA2 includes ELA1.
Tb20 9
I was doing some admin (thread merging) and though the first post here is an interesting point of view, and fortunately not from me because I would nowadays be hung drawn and quartered if I wrote t...