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Channel Crossing (while remaining within glide range of land)

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Hi all,

I am contemplating to visit my cousin in Edinborough. He lives there with his family (our family is quite widespread ;)
First things first, and the first “problem” seems to be crossing the channel in a single engine Bonanza, from a safety perspective (airspace and ATC communication later).

My thoughts are the following: The distance between the two closest points (Cap Gris Nez and Dover) is 22,5 NM.
My Bo has a best glide at ca. 90-95 kts with a sink rate of 1000-1200 fpm (1:stone), which would give me a maximum of 16 NM if the ventilator quits at FL 115. The longest distance over water seems to be 11 NM and that should be doable. So, in theory…. but that’s best case of course. If I can fly at that altitude at all. I would at least, over the water, try to be as high up as possible….. and I am not afraid of controlled airspace and have a level 6 in English.

I just wonder if I need to go the whole nine yards of buying vests or life raft, training water emergencies including exiting the plane under water, and all that. Or not ? How do the frequent continent flyers among you cope with that challenge ?

Or is it not a big deal anyway ?

Questions about ELA1 owner-declared Aircraft Maintenance Programme, including pilot-owner maintenance

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I am currently working on the AMP of the aircraft that I have recently purchased. While I am working together with the maintenace organisation where she has always been maintained and where I plan to continue to do the maintenance in the future as well, the AMP will be officially declared by me as an owner-pilot, so I want to make it as beneficial for my operation as possible. I have a couple of questions that I would like to hear your thoughts about.

  • I am using the template from M.A.302(e) as supplied in a Word Document format by the UK CAA. (The Hungarian CAA published the same document in English as a part of their otherwise Hungarian-language guidance, but not in an editable version.) Instead of checking the checkboxes, is it OK to delete parts that do not apply? This is purely for aesthetic reasons, but I do not want to see any reference to balloons in the AMP of my plane.
  • If I want to run the engine and the prop on condition, where to put that info? Should it go to Appendix B section “Maintenance recommendations contained in Service Bulletins, Service Letters, etc.”? If e.g. instead of the engine TBO regular compression checks are done, should it be “adopted with deviations”?
  • The maintenance company would like to add quite a few inspections from the regular Zlin 142 maintenance manual (which is, btw, more similar to that of an airliner or at least a turboprop with all those A – B – C chekcs than to that of a basic VFR SEP). I will keep most of the items, since they actually just contain the same things that are in the MIP in M.A.302(i), just with type-specific details. Where should these go? Should I “overwrite” the minimum inspection programme (i.e. include an Appendix A) or should I add them in Appendix B under “Maintenance related to specific equipment and modifications”? Or put them in the “Maintenance recommendations contained in Service Bulletins, Service Letters, etc.” section?
  • Should I include the oil changes and minor maintenance that are to be done between the annual/100 h inspections?
  • Should the details of each task be included in the AMP? If yes, I would create a new appendix so that each title in the main document would just reference a particular part there.
  • If I am the owner-operator, who would actually issue the annual extension of the airworthiness certificate? I understand that the AMP will have to reviewed each year by a maintenance person/organisation.
  • Which tasks may be added to the Part M / Appendix VIII list of pilot-owner maintenance tasks? I probably will not do too much maintenance myself, but I would like to keep this option as open as possible.
  • Is there really no current version of the Part M in a single document?

Thanks for any opinions in advance.

Flying in southern Italy (ZIKA VIRUS)

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Hi all new to this, doing the Malta Air Rally this year, anybody had experience recently of Avgas availability in Italy especially southern Italy.

Any suggestions of a routing or where not to route?

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Not so for our fly-in. See previous posts. BTW ATC saving is more than 1 person. Assistants too.
Img 1599
The Mission Kommander just booked a Lufthansa flight to LHBP for the event.
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I am going to plan Lognes LFPL also, and if it's a CAVOK / FEW day then one can go there and avoid the stop for immigration (LFAT, etc). There isn't much hard surface parking though; not enough for...
boscomantico wrote: Just to reply to that (a bit out of scope though) I think what Vieke meant is simply that short of being able to contact UKBF he/she (sorry not familiar with this first name) a...
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Nothing actually prevents you from flying to the NDB as a waypoint in the GPS database. This is how NDB/VOR approaches have been flown by GA for as many years as GPS has been around. NDB bearings a...
Hammer outline
Exciting approach indeed. I am curious how much he paid for landing in parking
I went there with the SR22 in summer 2012. It's possible, but tricky. First of all, you ist be light, so go with very little fuel. Secondly, you must be able to deal with short and soft fields appr...
G-SPIN is a Pitts I saw a few years back.
Thanks for the chuckle... :) Should've figured Piotr isn't a Belgian name, but the world is getting smaller, so one can't really tell origins by names anymore.
Img 2199
Well... the Rotors can be nasty but if you learn to read these clouds they can indicate areas of very smooth updrafts.
@Alioth, The relevant Manx law may differ, but in GB the Terrorism Act requirement is for the commander to notify a local constable in writing at least 12 hours before the flight. That's all. There...