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Hmm…. I have not heard of AOPA UK being viciously opposed to the CBM-IR? I had the impression that there was excellent support for PPL/IR’s CBM-IR initiative. The perception at the t...
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I assume to try to get as close to ambient static pressure as possible. The vents and storm windows could distort with dynamic pressure and or suction. the defrost and heater may bring more ambient...
Indeed. But this kind of begs the question of which is the hen and which the egg.
In Belgium there is Loma Air but, though their website says they sell spares, they must be primarily a workshop which is perhaps not what you want.
I hope to be going there – I know the way now!
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One major update a week. This is the highest rate in the industry :-D
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I download them one country at a time.
I would be interested in a meeting in Prague (but perhaps even more in Vilnius, considering where I’m based).