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Sebastian was right: I could execute the planned flight without any problems. When we left, the thunderstorms were coming in from the south. It started to rain during taxi. But since we were headin...
Only an electrical one once “ran away” from me, which was not funny, because in order to keep the RPM within limits, we had to throttle back so much that we couldn’t maintain altitude. Luckiliy we...
I have been reading the electronic version of "Pilot" (UK) for a couple of years now and I find it much better and more interesting than the comparable German stuff like "Aeroku...
For Bosnia it's pure insurance BS. I fly regulary to Sarajevo and it's first time I've heard some insurer excludes Bosnia. The war has ended 20 years ago and there's absolut...
The video does just about show the accuracy of the LOC+GS indicators (you can see them intermittently) which is what matters. I am uploading a bench test video right now, which should be online tom...
Gliders avoid downdrafts, and seek updrafts. You do the same in a powered aircraft. You plan your flying ahead - as you fly - in the mountains. Not all before T.O. As regards "ro...
Thanks Peter, it is interesting but I do not think I would dare use such a facility, however good they may be. S-TEC want around £5000 to supply a replacement!
And Heart Bleed free too