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Ah, so it is possible to go east in a European permit you are giving me ideas... Last year I did the Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq crossing in the right hand seat of a PA46, and concluded I would never ...
We have Dynon system (double glass) in a WT9. It's simple enough to use, but a bit intermittent and have to be hard rebooted sometimes to start up. Could be some power related failure, I don't know...
In the right Aspen, i think ...?
Two accidents spring to mind, I think, both involving prop strike in a late gear-up go-around after which a prop blade separated, and then the airplane went out of control.
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Im happy I got my system early on; 25K installed. Now thats what I call an investment. Saw the guys at TKS and of course busted their shoes regarding the windshield pump. Why? Cause its a crappy de...
The TBM has an optional pilot door, useful investment. I wouldn't want to crawl to the seat.
I would say virtually every IFR plan that's "filed" via programs like aurorouter etc. is "accepted". If it weren't "accepted", it wouldn't be "filed".
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It's true that your router seems to work despite squawk changes.