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Rotax announce new 135 HP engine

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My eternal scepticism can’t help wondering:

-) yet more power out of the same block? Already the 100HP is rumoured to be less reliable than the 80HP…
-) available only in 2017, a full two years yet? Make that 2018, presumably?
-) No indication of pricing? But at least they are not asking for deposits

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Student licenses do exist - i would be surprised if in this day and age they let you do your solo nav without any sort of paperwork :-) (As a matter of fact i got ramp checked last Friday in Beaune...
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Peter wrote: Peter, I don't understand your point. Plenty of aircraft ask for handling because they want it. Maybe as they are travelling on business and handling charges are less important than ...
Thanks Rob. Triyng to find time in Sep. to continue this project.
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I have heard various stories on this. Years ago, c. 2008, I was asked by somebody (some organisation; don't recall which now; I was involved in a campaign called "Save the IMC Rating") whether I c...
I got my UK PPL in 1964. I realised I could not afford to keep renting and stopped flying in less than a year. I didn't know about cheaper options at that time. I could afford sail cruising with a...
The longer ahead you look at the GFS model, the less reliable it becomes. So, best is to look at the model less than 24 hours or even better less than a few hours before departure. Compare that wit...
Cobalt wrote: Hovden don't have a customs office. The exception is smaller airplanes, MTOW 5700 kg max 10 passengers and from a Schengen country.