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Looks good it's hard to get a straight run of hose at the entry, but for what it's worth EI doesn't think its as important with their red cube flow transducer. Mine has a roughly 5 inch radius ...
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I wrote a script which booked 500 slots with fantasy registrations and can offer to sell them.
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I assume you can only land if you get a parking PPR 72h hours in advance With so many planes on the flightdeck this is one of the few exception where I think parking PPR would be appropriate. Ever...
It's taken me about 20 years so far, since one eye started going near sighted. Then about 5 years ago (inevitably, with age) the other eye developed presbyopia and lost near vision. Now for some...
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Speaking of syndicates, there are basically two cases (to keep it simple) a group of "several" - in theory good availability etc, and most "advanced" planes which are shared are done that way a h...
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In my vague recollection, an Export CofA on a G-reg is a normal Annual, plus some extra paperwork. I believe it involves a pretty full check of the aircraft for mods and such. Basically the certifi...
... and there is the L3 TR497 Skywatch
This is not true, you can perfectly do this test, it is part of avionics testing in most European countries, and works very well.