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Ignacio de c%c3%b3rdoba 2

I was flying some weeks ago (Cirrus SR22 G2 with Avidyne PFD and DFC90 autopilot) ; everything working OK in a climb using Auto Pilot while Autopilot went off with the normal loud beeps having this message in the PFD:

The preflight had been OK and the autopilot had engaged normally.
The PFD didn’t seem to fail. Everything kept working OK… it’s just like the Autopilot lost connection with the PFD AHRS data (DFC90 relies on the AHRS information from the PFD so if that is missing, the autopilot becomes unavailable), as the AHRS in the PFD was working OK: I tested that using the secondary analog instruments. Also, no red crosses or other messages. Just that AUTOPILOT INOP AHRS FAIL that is a direct message from the DFC90.

I cancelled my IR flight (it was a IR training session) and we went back to my home airfield… I turned everything off… restarted avionics… but even though the AHRS finished calibration normally, the message was still there so we couldn’t resume the flight.

I have access to a spare Avidyne PFD wich I asked to be installed in order to test everything some days later. After replacing the PFD, the failure didn’t occur so although at first it may look as it is a PFD problem, I have read similar issues in the Cirrus forum related to interferences and other components involved in this problem (like the magnetometer).
(Since then, problem has ocurred twice with one PFD, it never arises with the other)

First step will be performing a Magnetometer recalibration (that is a software thing to be done in the PFD, I have not re-calibrated yet after the issue) but I am a bit lost after that… Any suggestions on how to diagnose if it does not solve it? I have the feeling that the PFD is OK and sending it to Avidyne USA will not solve the problem. (At will be very costy).

(And yes… Avidyne dealers here have no clue about the problem. They will just suggest packing the PFD, charging 600€ for that, and sending it to USA)


AIR BP fuel card (merged)

20200705029300507 Img 4779 20100808 southend 005 Eurogaprofile 12241613 112207992484209 552464377264469275 n Img 7269 Logo 60 Cw Photo 2018 01 26 14 17 22 Img 6493 Img 0738 Comanche seite 0263be7b 42d5 4e12 92f5 1714ac8eb875 5338039634192457442 1 square Lhe in flight new version Helipilot Channels4 profile Px 5159 50193def8d0bf Babypilotmedium Screen shot 2017 09 07 at 11.02.23 pm 375838 4450817799682 1844224250 n Blobby Petit prince 2 Hammer outline Dub Euroga image Cit mus flt18 hires Jfw aero Img 1599 Image Image 429238 10151352960525184 722425183 22793400 1008147852 n 24540 100953343273460 3071068 n Img 1474 Full sutton 14 aug 16 Snspilot Vision sf50 2 1920x732 Avatar2 161269 100001405137500 4684260 n Serenity 500px 6c6316b6 c67f 4dcf 8eb9 0ddfa9beb018 Chris greece med

I have completed application two times. No response from air bp (( Do they have any specific criteria for customers? Is there any other convinient way to get the card?

FAA 61.75 piggyback + FAA IR (and whether a Type Rating can be added to a 61.75)

Db0df647 d537 4842 9c7d 24ed2387cff1 Q2 Img 9364 20200705029300507 Img 6493 5338039634192457442 Lhe in flight new version Logo 60

I have an EASA PPL and an FAA piggyback. Now I want to take the american IR rating without the EASA IR because I am flying a N registered plane. Can I do this based on the piggyback certificate or do I have first to get a FAA private pilot certificate not dependant on the EASA one ?

Ground speed record

Pxl 20230104 232811496 Comanche seite 12241613 112207992484209 552464377264469275 n Db0df647 d537 4842 9c7d 24ed2387cff1 Img 7269 Image Io390 Cw 6c6316b6 c67f 4dcf 8eb9 0ddfa9beb018 02a8e1dd 7ee1 422e a05a 493be4a0b3d3 Lhe in flight new version 20200705029300507 Angrybird 2 Snspilot Screen shot 2016 09 28 at 13.48.29 Img 1599 34 ice avatar Ava Deald exterieur %282012%29 gro%c3%9f

This was on Oct 20th from LOAN to LOWI. We were in the climb with about 110 knots TAS in FL70.

At least there was no highway directly below us, so we were saved from the embarassement of cars overtaking us

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I wanted to visit a town in the Northern part op Germany, either Bremen, Hamburg or Lübeck because they are fairly nearby and Germany usualy offers a good experience flying wise and also regarding …
Also you have to leave a country such as France via a C+I airport. I may be wrong but I would have thought that if the French border force saw something amiss, like a bunch of unidentified or fake …
61905135 832128000498457 6817995836320907264 o

I see where you are going but I’m sorry, I don’t have access to these numbers :D. Could you lighten up our minds (mine at least)?

Img 7269

Following up on this laser attack incident, I found this research done recently by Polish scientists. It’s definitely worth of reading.

NO that is BS. Do not respond.

AIR BP have already had some fraud, presumably due to database theft.
Check email headers. Most people do emails on phones which is dreadful in that the full addresse…

Pxl 20230104 232811496
@UdoR luckily they fly a different (more northerly) course
Db0df647 d537 4842 9c7d 24ed2387cff1
Sav-shed updates:

- All new hoses
- All new filters
- New prop spinner
- Thermostat added
- Electric carb heat added (some friendly chap in Ireland sells it, his email is aircraftgraphix at gma…

I have just obtained an FAA piggyback with instrument rating based off my CAA IR (attended US and sat FPE etc).

The DPE I met said I don’t need adhere to the US system of 6 approaches/hold/tracking…