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KLN94 database change: showing the missed approach

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I have started seeing this only recently.

It also displays a bizzare distance to the airport: 90nm instead of 72nm. The rationale for that is a mystery to me.

Group Exercise – EASA Part ML (Owner Declared) Aircraft Maintenance Program

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Cessna 150 1977 MM D2011-1-13.pdf
[file fixed – it was over the 20MB size limit]

I’m trying to understand how to formulate a correct owner declared AMP (aircraft maintenance program) under Part-ML based NOT on the manufacturer (“design approval holder”) maintenance program but containing only those items necessary according to the MIP (minimum inspection program) as well as any airworthiness limitations.

Some background info (with compliments from the UK CAA)

Part-ML simplifies existing maintenance rules and offers a less prescriptive and burdensome approach to maintenance programmes, airworthiness reviews, defects deferments and TBO extensions. It also provides more privileges for pilots, owners, independent certifying staff and small maintenance organisations. For example:

The CAA (any EASA CAA actually, note of author) will no longer be involved in the approval of maintenance programmes for Light aircraft.
A new Airworthiness Review Certificate (EASA Form 15c) has been introduced that can be issued by the CAA, by an approved organisation or by independent Part-66 engineers with an appropriate authorisation.
(Any EASA, note by author) CAA Generic Requirements (e.g. GR No.24) have been revised to remove their applicability to EASA Aircraft Types, including those within the scope of Part-ML

The “example” aircraft in question is a 1977 Cessna Reims F150M.

Step 1 → See attached EASA AMP template

Step 2 → See attached EASA MIP

I’m currently stuck at Step 3 → find out which airworthiness limitations exist for the plane to add them line by line to the AMP.
A Diamond DA40 will have these items listed in Chapter 4 of the Maintenance Manual, whereas items listed in Chapter 5 are not mandatory.

Where could I find the necessary data for a 1977 F150M?

The (attached as pdf) 1977 Service Manual doesn’t list anything.
The (also attached as pdf) Cessna 100 Series Piston Continued Airworthiness Programm contains a myriad of items, are all these “airworthiness limitations” in the context of EASA Part-ML?

Step 4 → formulate AMP (ideally in coordination with the organisation or part 66 person that will do the ARC)
Do owner pilot maintenance items need to be specifically mentioned in the AMP? If I understand correctly, anybody can “work” on the plane if the work is signed of by someone authorized?

Would be great if we could educate each other on this topic! Thank you!

And now for a VERY different type of aircraft – Archeopteryx


Check out the Archaeopteryx ! Takes the term ‘self launched’ to a totally new level.

@Snoopy we have several such people in our club, shoot me a DM if you like.
V-Tails must be one of the nicest looking tricycle aircraft about. One day perhaps

Tip tanks, upgraded panel, it should be a serious touring machine.

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Peter: Do you have a name or email source for this?
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Have we had this one already?
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Avionicare at Southend and Tatenhill Aviation are the remaining Bendix-King authorised dealers in the UK.

I had access to a test set until a couple of weeks ago but it’s been relocated as the busin…

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Here are some people who survived for 3 days. Looking at the pictures I wonder whether their ‘SOS’ might have been more distinctive than the official ‘V’ sign.