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Looking for a F33A

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Anyone out there in central Europe selling his/her F33A ? Please contact me. Thanks.

Remotely controlled airport towers

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All contracts signed now, so in 2-3 years 15 airport towers in Norway will be remotely controlled (including the two on an R&D basis today).

They will all be remotely controlled from a “tower central” in Bodø. For GA it means tower services 24/7 on all this airports. It’s very limited opening hours today due to limited traffic. That’s the theory, at least. How it actually becomes in practice remains to be seen. GA can use these airports outside opening hours today also, but only day VFR.

Highest hour airframe – 91600 hours?

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Getting transits through French military areas and the Paris TMA

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From here

Yes indeed France has a lot of DAs and RAs but there are not so many “PAs”, especially in the west of France. Most areas marked P are nuclear power stations or high security prisons and they are very rarely a large area or go to a significant height.
DAs are as most outside the UK ie you can enter them at any time but if active you might be a bit daft to do so.
Crossing RA’s is normally pretty easy with a call on any of the frequencies mentioned in the complimentaire and are often very easy to transit otherwise either above or below.
I don’t know why @Peter seems to have so many problems navigating in France but as I learnt here and do most of my flying here I am not the best judge.

Flugleiter in Germany – pointless?

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From here

One person with a fire extinguisher can make the difference between five lucky survivors or five burnt victims.

Even if we could cite one or more instances of this actually happening, I’m sure that the German “flugleiter” control-freakery has killed more than it has saved, specifically by creating a psychological barrier to precautionary landings.

This lethal rule fosters the mindset of carrying on regardless of CFIT risk, instead of setting down in the nearest suitable field and waiting for bad weather to pass.

If I were certain that it would be my last plane, this Falco that’s been for sale for many months might well get my attention. The issue is the price, not that it isn’t representative of the effo…

Here is a HOPE

Img 7269
This trip was planned for last year, approximately in the same period of the year but, due to various limitations, it was too complicated to execute. Few months ago, it also didn’t look easy but fo…

In relation to (a) I would have zero issues personally with traveling anywhere in Europe, having now been vaccinated. That’s why you get vaccinated
Combining (a) and (b) if you are vaccinated t…

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I don’t believe there is any requirement to be in contact with them to enter, although it’s probably a good idea. They are looking to change that airspace (where was a consultation that ended recen…
Comanche seite

Whow. Maybe I could. But I don’t want to be the one to blame!
In any case, you could do better, taking into account the photo you posted yesterday..;-)

It isn’t difficult to come up with a simple leaning mechanism which sort of does something.

Like the fuel servos which have the extra diaphragm for altitude compensation, and which occassionally st…


It is strictly open to trained crew of operating carriers only. I doubt they’d let anyone in otherwise and I also doubt it is wise to do so. I’ll try to ask a friend who flies there (PC6 from ther…