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Why does the UK CAA force a 2000hr engine overhaul, and blocks SDMP, for flying schools?

Tb20 9 Lhe in flight new version

From here

Shame in the UK flying schools are not allowed to move onto the self declared maintenance programme.

I say that as my only engine failure occurred 150 hours post overhaul.

And so it thoroughly annoys me when a perfectly working engine has to be removed at 2000 hours and replaced with one that is less safe.

IFR at uncontrolled aerodromes - a study by the Czech CAA

Tb20 9 Ava Img 2813 Avatar

Last year, the Czech CAA in collaboration with APAC GmbH of Austria and some local operators undertook a study of changes to the regulations and airspace structure required to enable IFR operations from uncontrolled aerodromes. The study produced several hundred pages of documents in English. I haven’t studied them yet for lack of time, but if anyone is interested, they are here.

Acceptable IAS discrepancy ?

Dscn1198 Tb20 9 Babypilotmedium

Hey there !

Looked into the TB20 PIM, this forum and the www, but did not find any usable information.

What would be, on our GA plane, an “acceptable” IAS discrepancy between main and stby indicators ?

when crosschecking on takeoff at 50 IAS, i usually have 3 to 5 knots discrepancy between those instruments.

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This debate is probably interminable; we did the "what is non profit" debate exhaustively in several past threads. There is no such thing as "non-profit"; every operation has to make enough return ...
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Or you could do what many people do and make "friends in low places" and get Jepp terminal charts which show this stuff correctly IMHO the way the national AIP terminal charts are published is par...
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I have a friend who just bought an N-reg Cessna 414 (to be based in Germany) and he is looking for experienced C414 pilots with an FAA license (preferably also CFI) to help with some mentoring duri...
Lhe in flight new version
Ibra wrote: Well, at that time, I would think the risk of losing a Spitfire due to enemy action would totally overshadow any risk of losing it due to poor handling. And even in that case, there wa...
Hi Petakas - of course I get your point, but there's been so much talk on this and other Greek threads about significant and sometimes hiked costs etc that I wanted to check in advance. It wasn't r...
The potential perpetrator might be better off to stick with different types, intended for VFR operations at smaller airports
kwlf wrote: Takes more time to unzip the 5 points straps and most aero pilots will wear parachutes, while in Turbs you can consider yourself happy if you manage to slot in while wearing a pant and...
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I was merely saying that FR24 reveals much of Mode S traffic and can thus reveal current practices within certain sectors of airspace users.