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Experimental in Spain

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I’m very happy to have found this forum and have been reading threads for hours. I am of course still very confused about IFR and cross-border flying in Europe with an experimental. I built and flew my Glasair Sportsman across the US and Bahamas but sold it when I moved to Europe 3 years ago. However, I have the itch again and would like to build once more. I’m not sure what yet but I like the Diesel Sportsman, Glasair II, the RV-10, and even the Lancair Evolution piston.

However, I’m completely blocked on whether it’s worth it in Europe given the lack of clarity. My mission would be to explore Europe and potentially Russia with my daughter as I have time and the funds to do so. I would like to get my instrument rating to add flexibility and skill but I don’t expect to ever fly deadlines requiring IMC. The issue is that with all these fly over permission rules and lack of IFR clarity, I’m not sure if I should do experimental for such a mission. But I love getting lost in building and maintaining my aircraft as much as flying it so it’s hard to leave behind.

I haven’t been able to find much information about Spain. Specifically the options for N-Reg experimental of local registration requirements and their implications on cross country flying and IFR. My alternative is to buy, say, a Diamond DA40 but that’s not where my heart is. If anyone has advice or information on Spain (I’m based in Madrid), it would be appreciated.

Rise and decline of various types of GA around Europe

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Over the years we have had many discussions about what will happen to GA as we know it.

In the “largest activity” countries – Germany France UK – it seems to carry on, with a largely certified fleet.

In the meantime, Italy and Spain has seen basically a collapse in their certified activity and a big move to ultralights. “This one” is perhaps the classic illustration of why this has happened.

However, an activity with a lower barrier to entry also has a lower barrier to exit, so will this continue? This suggests not.

Ipad apps and providers for IAC / IAP charts other than Jeppesen ?

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Hey there,

so I looked around, including here:
and here:
and even here:

since they’re all a bit oldish I thought I’d ask the question in case I get better answers now than what existed then.
So for update, the “Europe” coverage that was kind of western Europe does not exist anymore (the one form the 2d link above)

There is only “All Europe” and some other not relevant for me (Northern Europe, also Eastern Europe if I recall right)
which are for 1 ipad, have somewhat decent prices (for Jeppesen) but don’t cover what I’m interested in. Not surprising givent that these are very few coverage.

Now of course, “All Europe” at the price of USA wuld suit me, but its rather 4 times the prices, so no.

we therefore come to my question:
Are there any other apps/providers for IFR charts (IAC mainly) ?
Do they have decent prices ?

I read about ForeFlight (and saw the product manager is around), but since they provide Jepp data, the y have it at… Jepp prices :)
God they must feel good about having a monopoly ! (Jepp that is)

otherwise I can also take France + Germany separately.
they’re also expensive but they are for 4 ipads which allows for some workarounds.

looking forward to read you !

Drones are a-coming to SE England


As if the airspace around London wasn’t crazy enough already, here’s some more fun: a drone corridor in the Reading area. Read all about it here: local copy

Edited to add: there’s also an article in The Times but behind a paywall.

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Bravo @Nuccio grazie, Wunderbar :)
Politicians can’t stop the population getting their news feed from social media. It’s out of their hands – in any free country.
Av 3459
Thanks for this nice trip report and the pictures and surround videos.

Gorgeous aircraft indeed.
I am glad that you as a professional pilot do appreciate the increased “stress” involved in flying w…


That is a much bigger thing than might appear. For example in France – arguably the place with the most joined-up ATC, despite impenetrably complex CAS structures in places – VFR is totally banned…

My company provides iPhones and I find they last 2 years as my only phone, assuming what I’ve found to be the usual charging plug failure mode. If it’s the screen and touch functionality you can g…
With measures like this (which appears to be a UK and French coordinated action) it looks like there is a general tightening of homebuilts based in a “foreign” country.

What “based” means is never …

Angrybird 2

This sounds odd. How can a US DAR decide, or have any saying at all, where an untested experimental aircraft can fly within another country? Most countries explicitly say in the AIP that foreign e…

Img 0214
LeSving wrote

Many have NDB missed approach procedures though (at least in the UK). The requirement for an ADF applies if any part of the procedure requires it. And in the UK, there are very few …