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Full-flap ferry with a TB-20?

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We’ve our TB-20 ‘unserviceable’ about 40 mins from our home airfield, with full-flaps stuck deployed, and engineers not available for a few days. CB’s checked, and no physical reason obvious.

Opinions vary 50-50 on whether to ferry her back, both from pilots and home-base engineers. My feeling is procedure not in the POH, insurance would be dubious, a go-around would be a serious challenge, and barge pole comes to mind.

Would appreciate other views.

How can water get into the tanks?

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Before departing Dresden yesterday I drained the fuel and it was clean.
Today I got a photo from the pilot that flew after me:

I flew through the rain for about 30 minutes.

The fuel system is supposed to be a closed system.
How can water get into the tanks?

Laval LFOV, and the non ATC approach

Tb20 eg1 Dscf0390 Lhe in flight new version 300px ray flying legends 2005 1 N41518better Images Img 20161105 164810

Several of us have done a trip down to Laval today.

A nice airport and a nice town.

The interesting aspect is the GPS approach with no ATC, just AFIS, and using a remote US-style approach controller (Rennes).

However the controller does not “clear” you for the approach, because it is in Class G. They clear you to the IAF and you are required to hold there until previous traffic has either departed or landed. The resulting spacing is considerable, at up to 10 minutes.

As far as I’m aware, this key provides download of the full IFR chart package on to an iPad within the MobileFD app only. I believe Jeppview includes the VFR package as well which is not the case f…
Airborne_Again wrote:

I remember holds (any type NDB, VOR, GPS) were “only optional” in the IMCr syllabus & exam, tough I take them very lightly I did few on the sim and for real on top of So…

Screen shot 2017 12 28 at 22.37.48
Stickandrudderman wrote:

Then I lose airspace information. I want to be able to see all airspace and not having it cluttered.
Anyway, it’s a personal preference. We don’t have to agree.
I’m not s…

Well I have had it done. I normally agree totally about Maintenance Induced Failures and would always avoid pulling a cylinder (for example) unless there was no other option. In fact most of my …
Img 0259
just sent Aeroservice a note – let’s see what they come back with and what actually happens :-)
Lhe in flight new version
Peter wrote:

I’m not so sure. Sweden has “always” used “IFR time” (at least it did already in 1987 when I first got my IR). At the same time Sweden is one of the countries where IFR in class G ha…

Lhe in flight new version
Peter wrote:

How difficult would it be to restart production? Will they scrap jigs etc.?

20180416 192510
Looking for a STEC ST-901 GPSS converter, preferably already set up to work with a Sandel SN3308 EHSI. 

Any of you upgrading to the new Garmin G5 HSI that no longer have a use for it, please let me…