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Shout out for The Aerodrome Cafe at Elstree

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Happened to be nearby and popped in for a quick meal. I understand the restaurant is under new management and can say that the service and quality of food was excellent, and very reasonable. I wish all restaurants at airfields aimed for this combination of very good value and very good food.

I hadn’t visited the airfield in around twenty years, and I fear anno domini has taken its toll on all my acquaintances there, all moved onto the upper airways of the sky.

John Holder’s bathtub engine Aero Commander still out in the weeds, acting as a memorial to Mr Holder, next to the Lake Buccaneer which has been abandoned at Elstree since forever.

Jetprop grass strip / short field performance porn

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I just posted this over on the MMOPA forum, and thought you guys would also enjoy it…

I have been meaning to document some of the short field landings and take offs I regularly perform with my Jetprop HS-TOM, especially those on grass.

Last year I was fortunate to have a film crew following me around documenting the conservation work I do with the aircraft and they kindly let me have the footage they never used in the final programme, which is mostly the exciting aircraft stuff. :-))

I have edited the best parts together from a series of two flights for those propeller heads amongst us, of which I count myself being one. So no music, just the raw sounds from the aircraft and the visual spectacle of what these truly capable machines can achieve.

Disclaimer: I am an unabashed Jetprop fan.
Yes that is the stall warner you can hear.
Any and all mistakes are my own. :-)
The movie contains scenes of an adrenaline type nature, and those with a nervous disposition should look away during the grass landing and take off sequences!
Enjoy.. E

Belgian TMA VFR Crossing Help.

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Good Evening all,
Just looking for a bit of advice, looking to make a trip to Germany in the summer VFR and to do so I have to cross Belgium. My plan is to transit via KOKSY and OLNO via L607 at FL060 (PPR is required to do so from Brussels approach as TMA VFR transits are not authorised to cross without ppr under FL090 as well as there being specified times that VFR traffic can cross)

Here’s a rough screenshot from SD, I’m just wondering if the process would be to contact the Oostende TMA to request the Transit in which I would then be handed over to Brussels approach for entrance to their TMA or would I contact Brussels app as I believe the “general class C” (located in the same place as Oostende TMA) is controlled by them in the form of an LCTA?

Kind Regards.

UK CAA reviewing the PMD (Pilot Medical Declaration) system

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CAA site

Following the launch of Pilot Medical Declarations (PMD) in October 2016, 14,000 PMDs have been submitted.
A post implementation internal review of the PMD process concluded that the PMD process needed to be examined and potentially amended.
In addition, feedback received from the General Aviation (GA) community from the consultation on UK GA opportunities for change now that the UK has left EASA included a suggested review of the PMD process to enhance user experience and identify opportunities in the context of the simplification and rationalisation of GA flight crew licensing.


They are saying 4% of pilots with the PMD are not entitled to it so they want to review it. I think this is actually an extremely good figure and would expect to find way more people not entitled to a Class 1, on the grounds of non-declaration of a relevant condition

Also the CAA should be motivated by

  • there is no evidence of a reduction in safety – in flight incapacitation is incredibly rare
  • the GA community has gained or retained 14k pilots who are supporting the GA industry which pays heavy licensing fees to the CAA

Here is your chance to respond to their survey.

Autorouter issues and questions (merged)

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Yesterday I was in MonchenGladbach EDLN and decided to fly ifr back to Rotterdam. Normally the routing would be to the north with a big detour. Eurofpl found a route 168nm. (Straight distance being 87).

Autorouter found a track with only marginal xtra at 4000ft!

Really great!

I would enjoy the enhancement that I can export or copy the correct route straight into Eurofpl.

Great work guys!

Angrybird 2

I obviously ment the type used on Lycoming. (Not the “Sport” type)
Gearboxes have (or at least had) a 600h limit. Haven’t investigated what they are on these new boxes.
As I said. The iS is no wor…

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That is probably the one central point. Most turbine pilots would rather fly the oldest beat up turbine compared to any brand new piston.
A few years ago a fried let me drive his Ferrari. I had dr…

I agree.

The main problem with prewired harnesses is that you need a much bigger hole to feed the connector through
It is pretty obvious that the bulk of the wiring in the TB20 was done in-situ – …

Img 6493
Hello Dr.,

although I started a little bit further south, I flew such routing, exactly at 4000 feet, one year ago in a PA28. Initially requested this to Brussels Info, who then handed me on to Lièg…

Lhe in flight new version

I’m all with @Mooney_Driver on this. Although I now have a weight which is just a couple of kg over the “normal” BMI range, at time I’ve weighed up to 25 kg more and I’ve both lost and regained 20…


I popped in to Elstree a few years ago and had a chat with the people in the radio room. They said that the owner still pays the annual fee for parking for that old Lake. Practically had a lake in…

Img 2991

I don’t have a component-level maintenance manual and flight-line maintenance usually is done using the aircraft-specific STC install manual plus the flight-line test set.
The first thing I would …

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I use the clarity aloft too and I love them, wouldn’t bother with the bluetooth module. It works fine but never use it, it’s a distraction.