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What happens with an ILS (or LPV) glideslope below the DH?

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From here

Needles crossed? With my calibrator’s hat on, I can say with absolute confidence that the GP info you are seeing is junk after about 175ft. During calibration we hand-fly to 50ft and after 200ft, even on a CAT III, we stop cross-checking against the ILS GP information presented on the HSI.

PS. Are you always looking to keep the needles crossed after DA? What about offset localisers such as Lydd? Do you follow the lateral guidance which is happily diverging from the actual centreline?

Holders of a UK PPL (A) Licence (ICAO) should read this – limited to 12hrs TT on Part 21 (formerly "EASA") aircraft

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This may be old news to many UK CAA PPL holders, but this is worth a read: ORS4 1471 local copy

In short, without converting to a UK Part-FCL licence you are restricted to:

1) Only flying UK G-registered aircraft in the UK (no restrictions on Permit to Fly)

2) VFR only

3) Max. 12 hours (until when? 30th June 2021)

4) No cost-sharing

5) Some training (but read that link).

6) This exemption expires 30th June 2021. What happens then is anyone’s guess.

Request an estimate for the time to process your application with the CAA, and then triple it at least. I’m told the UK e-portal is for commercial licences only, but this may be incorrect.

Superfluous / incorrect radio phrases

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It surprises me how many get used by so many pilots, but sometimes even by ATC.

For example “at this time” is always redundant. This is an interesting one because it seems obviously American, yet almost no European private pilots have ever flown in the US.

How is +V mode displayed, annunciated and implemented on GTN and IFD navigators?

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A colleague did a flight with a GTN650 driving a G5.

To play with the system, he selected an NDB approach. A glideslope appeared, which he followed, but after a bit it disappeared.

I have no more info except that it disappeared well before the NDB IAP DH.

Thinking about this, this may well be how +V is supposed to work. How else could the user interface be implemented? Either the GPS displays an explicit “+V” option next to each “official” IAP, OR it allows you to select the “official” IAP and then displays the lateral guidance and the “+V” glideslope. The glideslope will then logically vanish at the official IAP DH.

This also relates to this Q.

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@Mateusz thank you for the write up and good to see a forumite’s nice N35 being put to good use! With so many GPS jamming exercises occurring the venerable KNS80 is becoming fashionable again.

I would estimate that less than 40% of capacity available in Europe to manufacture this kind of drugs is currently actually used for Covid vaccine. I’d even guess it’s more in the ballpark of 20%….


Number 2 is here… Looks nicer to me in ‘dirty fighter grey’ than white.

One of logistics issues I keep having when planning day trips in the UK is how to find a good option for ground transport at an airport, especially when looking for an option that gives us the flex…

Ooops, while I didn’t mean to imply that in any way, shape or form (given that you were quoting somebody else) I can see that my post might give that impression. Sorry for that!

The trip worked out! Again thanks for the advice. Fortunately for us, the regulations had been changed some 3 days before our departure and we could legally skip quarantine by getting tested after …
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I had recently got my PPL in a Cessna 150, and I remember clearly what a difference the Archer was: comfortable, nice to fly, modern panel, and about 30 knots faster. Very easy to transition and af…
I saw the aircraft while on trip to LaRochelle month ago, just my nosy curious look inside the hangars rather than serious sitting inside or flying but their build quality looks good, hopefully the…