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What is the best Traffic Avoidance system for light GA in Europe today ?

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So what is the general concensus for a retro-fit trafic avoidance system in a SEP operating in Europe ?

Is TCAS still relevant versus stand-alone, full in/out ADS-B ?

Is the Avidyne TAS600 the only game in town for TCAS these days or is TCAS “dead” ?


Best combo ADS-B receiver / EFB app for VFR in Europe and US

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Here is my point :
I use SD a lot in Europe and I like it very much.
I may go fly in the US next year and I want ADS-B In there.
And while I’m there, I would like to buy an ads-b receiver that works both in the US and in Europe (with SD). In order to use it for all my flights after this trip.
No IFR flying whatsoever on the horizon.

I heard SD is usable but not ideal in the US. I would like to have the sectionals/AFD on the ipad for example.
I am convinced FF is the best app there (i used it in 2016). My understanding is that FF uses a proprietary protocol and their ads-b receivers do not work with other apps.
WingX seems a good alternative for the US, and uses the gdl90 protocol like SD.
As of receivers, Openflightbox and Dual X170 look like good options.

Any first hand experience ?

Anybody have installed dual transponders on their plane ?

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If your transponder fails it becomes difficult to fly and to come back home. Is it worth to have a second transponder installed as a backup?

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Just came across this old thread. Has anything actually changed since 2013? Diamond are still there, the diesel retrofit business is pretty dead, and that's about it.
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OK, so both TXPs are always on, but the toggle switch enables only one of them to be active. And you have two TXP couplers, etc.
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What I don't like is that some 90% of the PBN topic is dross, more relevant to the Royal Institute of Navigation, than to flying a plane, when what is actually needed (to prevent the "WTF is it doi...
I agree that we do everything differently and much of it wrong, but I see nothing significantly changing while the whole system is funded commercially, as opposed to by general taxation.
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Firstly, hello folks! I have been lurking here for a while as I've been getting my PPL here in the Czech Republic. I'm originally from the US, but have lived in CZ for work for about 4 years now. O...
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There is zero GDPR enforcement. It has made zero difference to spam which was the main driving factor. It is just another EU driven "consumer protection" thing, without thinking about the practical...
The deed is done. While some last minute reciprocal licensing arrangement may well emerge from Brexit, the downside for me if this did not happen would exceed the downside of a SOLI change out of ...