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Engine reliability (pistons and turboprops)

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Rotax engine reliability

This was mentioned on another current thread…

I have no personal ownership experience but have heard various stories. Commercial users tend to be less than happy and have mostly reported having abandoned the experiment, while private users tend to report favourably.

How can the two be reconciled?

Cirrus BRS / chute discussion, and would you REALLY pull it?

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Of course it is impossible to judge, we never can from a distance, least of all with the scant information available. Yet I can’t help wondering: in that flat terrain, was a “normal” deadstick landing not possible? wouldn’t it have offered better chances for survival?

Still, everybody survived, and that’s what matters above all else.

One thing about CAPS is that the aircraft is grounded without CAPS repack: very expensive and require lot of downtime

For N-reg, CAPS repack is mandatory before every flight even in daylight with…

Here’s a data point:

Our club has five airplanes (four until 2019) and has been around for over 60 years. In the years I have access to the data, which is about the last 10 years, utilization acros…

Petit prince 2
Finally some progress after my January propstrike. All the reports and quotations are in, so I’ve ordered a new McCauley propeller, and authorised the shop to start engine repairs (standard shocklo…
Sven euroga
Yes the Dutch event is nice too, please keep that in a separate thread

My plans have changed for the better and I think we will be there at around 16LT with PH-TDI.


Thanks for the info & email

What would be interesting to know if the same “familiarisation flight” with UK FI does also require G-reg as well, @Qalupalik?
AFAIK, UK CRI can fly N-reg in UK …

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I guess the engine is the expensive part here. Also, running skydiving operations in these conditions

Sorry people I think I posted the wrong one:-