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Flying to Egypt

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In April 24’ I am looking at flying to Cairo via Italy & Greece – with 3 or 4 nights rest in Cairo.

A few things come to mind for this trip;

  1. Aircraft Insurance – It states North Africa (So should be fine)
  2. Access/Permits for Egypt
  3. Handling in Egypt
  4. Maintenance issues for a DA40 (Who can fix the aircraft this far from base)
  5. Oxygen refills down route (As I’ll be flying 3 up on oxygen there and back, I need a few airports that will refill via an adapter (Jet Centre in Greece/Italy?)

Also how does on access the Egyptian AIP? I can’t see the charts on

Lastly the easy bit, what places are worth visiting and have full Instrument capability – with challenging procedures etc?

All help would be appreciated

Richard McSpadden, of AOPA Air Safety Institute killed in crash

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Richard McSpadden, who no doubt you’ll have all seen presenting the excellent Air Safety Institute YouTube channel, has been involved in the crash of a C177RG.

Avweb article

Local news article

Wingly flight sharing site (merged)

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The majority of people I know who seat share are doing it primarily for cost sharing.

So the various “seat sharing” websites were really about cost sharing, but could not call it that.

With EASA’s liberalisation of cost sharing advertising (despite DGAC’s current amazing rearguard action) surely few people will bother running the old sites?

Flying a F Reg ULM from France to the UK

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Hi, I currently live in France and I’m looking to purchase ULM.
Once purchased I will be looking to tour France and other European countries but also my main focus is the ability to fly back to UK to see family, I messaged the CIA seeking clarification that this is possible and some six weeks later I’ve still not had a response, I have sent a follow up message stating that if I did something illegal I’m sure I would get a very quick response!
Does anybody have any knowledge or can point me in the right direction where I can seek clarification that I will be able to fly without any problem subject of course flight plan
I have a French ULM licence, French PPL (A) licence transferred from UK
I’m very grateful for any knowledge shared
thanks Mike

I’d say that in my heavy cessna the only time a turn back would be possible, is at a huge airfield with multiple runways, having taken off from the longest runway, 1800m +, into a 10kt headwind and…
Angrybird 2

I have never said cracks aren’t bad. Van’s has never said cracks aren’t bad. No one has ever said crack’s aren’t bad. But, cracks is not a religion for haven’s sake I mean seriously.

No. This is…

Not sure if I posted this before but this is a drawing done by one UK firm I considered for making these screws


Img 6493
Way past the weekend really, but still part of my long flying weekend, finished today by an easy pleasant VFR flight LSZL to EDHL, FL95 all the way.

Just past the Bernardino pass, still deep …

Girona LEGE asked for a VAT number for their invoice.

I gave them my full company name address and VAT number. Then they didn’t charge the Spanish VAT. That saved ~20%. Obviously I paid for it with…

Petit prince 2

Sounds like ‘petit’ (small), and in Comic Sans MS.

Yes I saw the same; heli notam only.

After sending the email, and especially if you didn’t CC the email to the other addresses, I recommend calling the police there on their top secret number, post…

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Thanks to all who organized and to all who shared with pics that great weekend !!

It seems it was a great time
Dan’s close call is a bit surprising to me given he was at FL85 (really high for mos…