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Bose X Service Kit

Img 8371

Does anyone know if it is possible to order a Bose X service kit anymore, either from Bose or a third party? I have a set which get used as pax headsets and it would be nice to give them a refresh if possible (ear pieces and microphone screen).

Using your own aircraft for training

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I want to do NVFR training in my PA28 Arrow 200.
Does anyone have any experience in using own aircraft in EASA land for training? As far as I read, it needs to be registered to an ATO. But does that mean the aircraft is suddenly subject to commerical operations regulations in regards to engine overhaul etc.?

Flight plan which starts or ends in the air (not at an airport)

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From here

You could always file 2 flight plans, one ending at a particular point in space and the other starting at a different point in space. The only problem being that if you are crossing the France/Spanish border in the VFR section you would have to file a 3rd FPL .

Flying in Poland VFR and IFR

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Anyone who can help me?

I’m planning an IFR trip in june from EHRD (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) to EPMO (Warsaw Modlin aerodrome). If someone has any tips or tricks flying (VFR/IFR) in Poland I would love to hear them! Also a nice IFR aerodrome around Berlin to refuel and get a nice meal.



Flying in Europe for the first time!

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Hello all,

I am an US Pilot with instrument rating. I currently own an 2020 Cirrus SR 22 with total of 350 hours (300 in Cirrus SR22) and fly within the busy NY Bravo airspace. I have managed to find a rental 2005 Cirrus SR22 with Avidyne Avionics Garmin (430 without WASS). My plan would be to pick up the airplane near Paris then fly to south of France, Corsica, Sardinia and Ibiza. The idea of flying in Europe seems very excited however I am few concerns.

1. Is there much paperwork that need to be filled out when crossing over to different country? Covid forms, customs, immigration etc
2. I use Foreflight exclusively and prefer to use it in Europe. Is that sufficient or I should get familiar with other apps or websites such at Autorouter to file IFR?
3. Am I required to file IFR when cross borders into different countries.
4. Any GA friendly airport in South of france, Corsica, Sardinia and Ibiza.

Thank you in advance for any help!!

Guess where I found this pic?

On street view on Google Earth!

Logo 60
If anybody is interested on 23th July 2022 there will be a full day seminar starting 10h45 local on all things ADL at EDAZ / Schönhagen. Attendance is completely free of charge but please email me …
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I flew back at 22/2100 and altitude 2500, which worked out to 11.5 UGPH and 146KIAS. QNH and OAT close to PA/ISA so 152KTAS, but only one POB and half tanks, around 700 pounds below Max Gross. The …
Reactivating this thread

1. I bought my aircraft complete with a Trig TT31 (with the awful Twist and push interface)
2. I added ADSB out with a certified Trig TN72 – installed by an avionics wor…

Just a tiny details, IFR start up or join clearance is likely to be in French when aerodrome is “FR only”…not an issue for lionel ofc
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“from an airport perspecitve do you have a preference? (Cost, headaches, etc)”

Costs are higher at EBOS when you have passengers. But they offer ATC, good FBO and an excellent restaurant.
EBKT has …

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Or simply use an ATO outside Germany.

That’s a very good cause

It would be very interesting to hear afterwards how you got on.
Another delivery project to Ukraine