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Old stories

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I have to mention this because it really touches a nerve as for why I chose so late in life a professional flying career. So I’m doing my type rating right now, and our TRI is a very nice elderly gentleman, one of only two TRIs left for the type in Europe.

Obviously he’s very knowledgeable, but what fascinates me the most are the stories he tells us about his earlier life as pilot. What an adventurous life this man must have had. Just yesterday he mentioned “Oh, yeah, I remember when I flew for Henry Kissinger…” Or casually telling us about flying the DH Vampire, the Draken and whatnot. Or being a crewmember in the Catalina…

These stories are a lesson on their own!

Best Practical Aviation Weather Course

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I have the books & have passed the FAA IR Written & do take weather seriously. But I feel weak on interpretation & on knowledge of online sources.

Are there any courses that address weather from the practical standpoint of a x-country pilot, both IFR and VFR, with a focus on sources and interpretation?

The 50/70 rule

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I came across this the other day

It says that, for most GA aircraft, that if you have not reached 70% of your takeoff speed by the time you have reached 50% of the length of the runway, you should abort the takeoff.

One thing I wonder is how do you judge where you are on the runway. If there is a taxiway coming off at the 50% point, that’s useful, but if there are multiple ones, you have to read the letter codes on the signs while trying to keep the plane going straight, which is not a good idea.

The best pilot you ever flew with, and why

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People often recount stories of a particularly inspiring pilot, or instructor, who they flew with, perhaps many years previously.

Who is yours, and what did he/she do?

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And the Archer III still has just one door...
BeechBaby wrote: I certainly have, and by weird coincidence one of these was in the region where the accident we are discussing here occurred. I was going south, from Girona to Malaga with a plann...
Looking at the architecture in post #13, I'd say somewhere in Central Europe.
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Looking at my logbook, it took 1 month and 2 days to do 50h23m towards IR. It's nice to be current and fly day after day. Just confirm your instructor's availability.
When I am instructed in the US to report base, it means go directly there ASAP... there is no underlying ‘standard join' protocol in use at ATC airports. The ‘game' is to occupy val...
LeSving wrote: Not in the take-off roll. All of the above written about prop and acceleration is a lot more complicated than the simple "props are constant power so thrust decreases with speed". F...
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Seen in EKVG Vagar and Vienna as well.
Hammer outline
placido wrote: Now I am confused. You are depicting TWO problems. Rough engine when running on a single mag - condition that existed already before you changed the cylinder 300°F higher EGT ...