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Fly-in to Guernsey EGJB Channel Islands, 21 July 2018

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From here

Peter wrote:

Regarding Alderney, I wonder about doing a EuroGA fly-in there. Or the Scilly Isles for that matter. I wonder whether anybody from mainland Europe would go there? From the EU (non UK) there is just the Guernsey GAR form to do, plus obviously a flight plan.

Well, plus the Schengen immigration exit & entry on the EU (non UK) side :)
The Guernsey GAR form at Alderney, you can even fill it in on arrival on the spot.
Alderney gave me the bad surprise that they have Jet A1, but won’t sell me any.

Scilly Isles, the runway’s a bit shorter, hmmm. Will have to see if TODA is more than the runway.

Telegram group joining link:

French Customs / Immigration notice required

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So I need to go to Pontoise which has no customs any more. Never had to make a customs only stop before in France. Do you just land, pay the landing fee at say Calais and then go? Customs have never actually come when I have landed there before having filled out the declaration on their page.

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Is there any interest in a meet-up somewhere in "central" Europe in August? Last year we did Dresden which had a good turnout. Prague is always popular too.
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I departed LDZD yesterday morning at 0520z dct LIRZ. The weather was fine, just a bit of headwind nearing Italy. Then from LIRZ down to Nettuno, just south of Rome, arriving at 0900z. A couple of h...
Full sutton 14 aug 16
RobertL18C wrote: But of course Vs is effectively more than 43 mph at full power
Schjetne wrote: For private flights, there is no requirement whatsoever on using "approved" software or hardware, "official" charts etc. The regulations only say that any chart used should be "cur...
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Further tests (S95) show interesting and possibly expected results. Basically, both the S95 and the S7 produce more or less equally usable RAW images (meaning the dynamic range is similar, in good ...
This is the level 6 criterion. I test almost exclusively French pilots, of whom probably only 5% achieve a level 6, generally for reasons of structure and fluency rather than pronunciation. Howeve...
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To Elba? Sure I can also bring some EuroGA t-shirts. The most important thing, I have found, with the leaflets is that they are left somewhere where people who go places / have a desire to broaden...