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Power off landings – glide slowly, or glide fast?

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We all know that once you are at Vbg then there is no way to stretch the glide range (other that 2nd order factors like gliding mostly downwind).

Langewiesche makes the point that one should glide slower than Vbg, because one can then easily stretch the glide when the need to do so becomes apparent, which will usually happen close to the ground, simply by pushing on the yoke.

However, the same can be achieved by gliding faster than Vbg…

I guess the former method gives you more time to consider your fate

One ex RAF fast jet pilot told me how they practiced a fairly extreme case of the latter method, in turboprops, and gliding really fast, for maximum options when popping up from under a low cloud layer. Needs serious balls, but you will be dead at 90kt same as at 160kt if you don’t get visual.

Flying an EU/EASA plane out of the EU (with your license not matching the aircraft reg)

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I’ve become aware of Commission Regulation 2018/1065 (…) as regards the automatic validation of Union flight crew licences (…) [ local copy ]

It adds the requirement, when we fly an EU registered plane from another member state than the one of our licence outside of the Union, to carry “the latest issue of the ICAO attachment, which includes a reference to the ICAO registration number of the agreement that recognises the automatic validation of licences, as well as the list of States which are party to this agreement”. Basically a document from EASA [ local copy ] telling a foreign ramp-checker that all EU states automatically validate all other EU state licences.

What struck me is that the non-EU EASA states (Norway, Switzerland, …) are not listed!

Parts and Materials Substitution for vintage a/c

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The FAA has an interesting advisory circular (23-27) in place under this title.
The introduction reads like this :
This advisory circular (AC) provides guidance for substantiating parts or materials substitutions to maintain the safety of old or out-of-production general aviation (GA) aircraft, or other GA aircraft where the parts or materials are either difficult or impossible to obtain. This AC also provides guidance about the data required to gain Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for making these substitutions. This AC does not include specific approvals for installations. It provides guidelines to follow when collecting information needed for an FAA approval. The material in this AC is neither mandatory nor regulatory in nature and does not constitute a regulation. You may follow an alternate FAA-approved method. However, ifyou use the means described in this AC, you must follow it in all respects. Mandatory words such as “must” apply only to those who seek to show compliance to a specific rule by use of a method prescribed in this AC without deviation.

Obviously this is FAA only, but I wonder if anybody knows of similar guidelines, projects or else by EASA for EASA territory.

How far can you get in Europe without Mode S, and can ATC see the Mode S data?

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I fly a club aircraft with Mode C (other club aircraft have already been upgraded to Mode S)

This Eurocontrol statement mandates Mode S for all aircraft at all times. It’s clear that any new aircraft, or equipment upgrades, will need to be Mode S from now on.

Fortunately, the UK CAA clarifies the position for VFR in this Mode S Factsheet and the LAA further simplified the story here, so that pretty much anything below 10,000 feet and outside Class A/B/C should be OK. It just indicates that getting Class D transits might become more difficult, although I haven’t experienced any problems myself.

Both the factsheet and webpage refers to an exemption up to March 2012, so I am unclear ifthis is this valid.

And although it doesn’t say so, I’d infer that flying IMC in Class G with only Mode C is also OK.

What I’d like to understand better is what the restrictions might be for VFR flight outside the UK, particularly in Western Europe. Are there specific non-Mode S areas (eg Holland, Belgium, France) which become inaccessible/awkward with only Mode C today or can I expect everywhere to be as easy to route through (or better) than the UK.

Does clearance to enter CAS extend to any CAS which adjoins it further down the route?

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Yesterday I got cleared flying eastbound via SAM at FL065

I realised that a CAS bust would occur upon exiting their airspace as shown above and alerted them to my intention to descend 5300ft abeam SAM.

But what if I said nothing and the controller didn’t spot it?

According to CAP1404 and the new CAA policy I might now have my license removed.

But a pilot is not expected to know the controller’s authority with regard to CAS clearances, is he?

I don’t remember whether Solent has ever previously issued me with a clearance for the adjoining Class A. They obviously do control the Class A above their zone (base FL055) otherwise they could not have cleared me for FL065.

Once, in Italy, I got a similar situation and they had a go at me for busting, and got me to do a rapid turn and a descent.

Fuel divider (spider) differences

I’m wondering – what is difference between fuel divider on IO-320 and IO-360. There is other P/N but how this simple device vary? Different opening pressure, flow?

Can a GTN650 be interfaced with a GTX330 transponder?

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Apologies for not being able to research before asking, but I’m in Kenya, with my avionics guy, fitting a GTX 330 to a C182P. Internet is unreliable, and I can’t contact Garmin Support. We’re currently marooned at Wilson, as t’ponder is compulsory to leave the zone.

In practice, can a GTX 330 be interfaced with a GTN 650?

Actually, I can’t see the point of remote controlling the 330, so maybe it’s not an issue.

Tb20 eg1
Bear in mind this GTX330 might be an old one, FWIW, so firmware versions might not be anywhere near current.

I have one from 2005, for example. I was an early adopter

Do you run windshield defrost while flying in IMC? how do you check that is working?

Usually with water droplets/ice you can see the effect but with just mist you have no guarantee of a clear view …

Angrybird 2
I’m a bit (a little more than one bit) confused as well. We have:

CRI: CRI course + ? : can do CRI stuff

FI : FI course? : can teach LAPL ?
FI + TK exam : FI course + TK exams (only) : can te…

It is more grey than SERA.8005, funny one I had was getting inside Alicante CTR from Seville TMA

Luckily in Spain things get sorted with a change of frequency, climb and phone call later on the gro…

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That reminds me of the UK Social Services flow chart for dealing with old / disabled people, which starts with “Is there a daughter around?” and if Yes then it goes to “Abandon it” And indeed this…
Cw avatar041

It is true that MT is slow on overhaul work. Last winter, one blade of a propeller already running on condition was damaged, so we went for an overhaul instead of s repair.
MT told us…

It throws off the fuel-air mixture locally, only affecting a few cylinders or one side of the engine, for those engines not having spider induction tubing.

The GAMI-leantest flown at two different…