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Plane Held Hostage

Avatar Tb20 9 Dub Beech bonanza v35 Plane logo Img 0079 Kr to lee   copy Image

So I bought my plane just about a year ago. I had a few months of happy flying, then after a HSI failure in December and a very tricky G5 install job (that’s another story) the annual was due in mid Feb. My local mx company didn’t have their paperwork in order in time so I went to another shop that I was recommended (approx 3 hour drive away).
I dropped it up in the knowledge that he would take a couple of weeks to get started on it. Eventually in late March I get a call saying he’s started and there are some corrosion problems and a few other bits. I hear nothing further until mid May when he finally sends on a parts list. It takes a while for the dealer to assemble them and they’re received at the mx shop on June 11th…on the 15th I hear there’s no 8130-3 with some of them and I suggest using owner approved parts memorandum. After numerous phone calls, texts, emails that weren’t answered or ever returned, he says ‘no can do’ on July13th.
I replied saying its the only option, otherwise parts will have to be sent back to the US (if they will even take them back as more than 30 days have expired)…Again since then, nothing. This is going on for over 5 months now, with the total work estimate at about 150 hours. Over the months, the occasional time he emails he just says something along the lines of ‘been busy, haven’t got around to it’ with no estimated date, no suggestions on how to move forward. Obviously with a car I’d have gone up and got it out of there by now, but there’s basically nothing I can do. It’s sickening that I’ll be paying full price for such a terrible service and I feel like I can’t become combative or the final bill might be even more astronomical. Is there anything that can be done in these situations? Certainly not been a fun year of aircraft ownership.

From Greece (LGST) to Zanzibar (HTZA), Madagascar (FMNN), Mauritius (FIMP) etc.

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We’d like to fly down to Zanzibar, Madagascar, Mauritius etc.
Greece is becoming more and more expensive but is nothing in comparison to Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Sudan.

So, what is the strategy if one wants to get there optimizing handling, landing and Avgas fees – not to go there is no option ;)

Range is a comfortable 1.200 NM + 2 hours reserve (@150 KTAS), however, flight-time shouldn’t exceed 7 hours.

Sitia (LGST) – Hurghada (HEGN) – Djibouti (HDAM)
Sitia (LGST) – Aswan (HESN) – Djibouti (HDAM)

Especially the second legs (HRGN/HESN) with appr. 1.100 NM is very (too?!) challenging.

What are the alternatives?

Sitia (LGST) – Jeddah (OEJN) – Djibouti (HDAM)
Sitia (LGST) – Khartoum (HSSS) – Djibouti (HDAM)

I really would like to reduce being ripped-off to an absolute minimum, but as far as I know especially for Jeddah, Khartoum fees of appr. 500-600 € must be expected, Avgas ~ 5 € per Litre.

So, what are your suggestions? Any other opportunities?!

Someone who can provide current information in regard to handling, landing, parking, permission and Avgas fees especially for

  • HEGN
  • HDAM
  • HESN
  • OEJN
  • HSSS

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Glass cockpit vs steam gauges for low time PPL

Cit mus flt18 hires Gen ewokz Profile

Hello everybody, it’s my first post here.

I’m finishing my PPL at the moment and going to buy a plane right after getting it. And I’m going to start working on IFR rating shortly. I decided to buy a Cessna 182. The question is whether it’s better to buy a fresher one with Garmin G1000 or an older one with steam gauges.

My instructor is suggesting me to buy one with steam gauges and learn IFR rating with it. The main reason is that I will develop a proper instrument scan this way.
However, after getting my IFR rating and when I have enough experience, I’m going to buy a faster and more modern plane anyway which will definitely have a glass cockpit. So for me, it seems to be weird to learn with steam gauges first and then need to relearn to get used to the glass cockpit. I have no experience, and it’s difficult for me to understand whether I need the 6-pack instrument scan if I’m not going to fly 6-pack IFR.

I had similar problems with my mechanic the last year. He had always been good to me - I've been with him for almost 10 years, after all. Old and slow, but not dishonest (I thought). Then a big fra...
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I use and the app Flugwetter available for iOS both with your DWD login credentials and I find it superior to the app „DWD Flugwetter“ which is only focused on Germa...
I don't think it's a huge secret - it HAS bad range and SLOW speed to get that range (hell, a Commander will outspeed it, outcarry it, and outrange it whilst burning less in total). But that doesn'...
If we are being pedantic, bearings are always from. So those are tracks.
Not that I am saying this is the explanation, but if the tanks only had unusable fuel remaining, they would still need draining.
Cit mus flt18 hires
If you can afford a glass cockpit, do it. You have to learn a scan no matter what you fly - the scan is just different.
Peter wrote: Most likely as the French president also had a "bouncer" as security guard who was filmed "bouncing" demonstrators at the 1st May events in Paris. The "bouncer" has been fired and it ...
Thanks both, it sounds like a lovely place. We fell in love with Belle Île recently so this sounds like a good one to add to the list!