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Pipistrel Electro accident in Norway, and electric propulsion reliability

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There was a loss of power accident with a Norwegian Pipistrel Electro today.

Translated from an interview with the pilot in Norwegian media:

- We were heading towards the airport when there was an indication that something was wrong with the engine power. Then the engine power weakened and disappeared completely. Then I had to send a mayday and try to find a place to land, he said, adding:

- There was a lot of forest there, so I headed for a lake on which we landed.

The pilot was the managing director of Avinor, the Norwegian ATS and state airport company. No injuries to the pilot and passenger.

Attitude source for a Century autopilot

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from here

@slowflyer who did the install ? Did you do it yourself or an avionics installer ?

Bose A20 battery usage


My headset just seems to have gone through two stints of eating batteries straight away, usually it lasts for ages between changes. No change in flying. The only thing I can think of I someone I packed the headset so the button got pressed a couple of times? I use Duracell Ultra Power. Any one else experienced this?

Keep your EASA MEP / EASA IR up to date!

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I just want to mention that recent EASA moves have really tightened up the renewal options for these.

These need to be revalidated every 12 months.

If you do it within the 12 months, it is a “revalidation”. This can still be done with a freelance instructor, as before. The usual cost is about £150, plus the cost of the aircraft.

If you let it go past the 12 months, it is a “renewal”. This cannot be done purely with a freelance instructor anymore. You have to go back to an FTO which has to assess you and potentially you are stuck there for some “retraining”. There are 2 or 3 stages of “expiry” which force different amounts of FTO involvement but obviously any FTO involvement is a significant hassle and expense (they are in business after all). You could easily be into 4 figures.

If the period of expiry is less than 3 months there are no recommended minima for refresher training. However, you will still have to obtain a certificate from an FTO (now called “ATO”) to confirm either that they determined that no training was required or that the required training has been completed.

Another thing is that previously if you had a JAA IR and an FAA IR, but didn’t have any need for the JAA IR, but you flew regularly on the privileges of the FAA IR (example: N-reg owners, or UK airline pilots working outside Europe) so you didn’t bother revalidating the JAA IR, you could revalidate it anytime just with a flight with a freelance examiner. The flying on the ICAO IR kept the JAA IR from expiring. This has ended too, and has caught a lot of professional pilots with their trousers down.

If you let the JAA IR lapse for 7 years, you have to do it all again, i.e. the 7 IR exams, the 50/55hrs training!

While the JAA IR is relatively rare in the private pilot IFR community (most of which is N-reg/FAA IR) this is yet another factor working against private pilots maintaining the much more common twin (MEP) rating, if they don’t own or regularly fly a twin.

The reference is in AMC1 FCL.625(c) and the relevant page is 226. I hope I got this right!

This one was a bit close

Vlcsnap error114 Avatar Snoopy wallpaper snoopy 33124746 1024 768 Angrybird 2 Tb20 eg1

Someone sent me this… you can see his ground effect airflow in the treetops

Apologies for yet another portrait video – it seems to be a craze nowadays.

Why not become an instructor?

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I read on a UK site that EASA has just launched a project to try to address a perceived shortage of instructors. I can’t find any reference to this, but it seems a good question to ask anyway.

Who do people become instructors? The reasons I have been told over the years included

  • build hours (I am not sure how this actually works towards the European ATPL since it needs 500hrs in a multi pilot cockpit, and the CPL/IR needs almost none)
  • get lots of free flying
  • put something back into society
  • enjoy teaching people
  • did it to pass time and get a bit of money but, after years of trying, could not get an airline job, so stayed an instructor

If you ever thought about becoming an FI, what factors stopped you doing it?

I didn’t post this in the Instructors forum section because only instructors go there

Nice one! Out of curiosity – did you consider the North Pacific route and would that even be doable (Russia, China….)?
I think that it is a variety of factors across the board.

In no particular order:

Mandatory reporting
Increase in regulated airspace
Creation of new types of airspace (such as TMZ and RMZ…

Photo 2018 01 26 14 17 22

That is a bit of an oxymoron with the 4 pax wish. You can get one or the other, but not both for today’s population (as @Peter more eloquently put).

A long write up on this trip: I had a short holiday, the plan was to take Eurostar to Paris to pick wife, then car drive to visit family in Nantes, then another car drive to visit family in Bergera…
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This is a great video about the computer which controlled the rocket. This was built by IBM. I read somewhere that all the design data for this has been lost
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Though that’s presumably in jet engines rather than pressurised piston aircraft.
The question is in the title. I’d really like an Apple Pencil, but they don’t work on the iPad 4 Mini.

Has anyone found anything that works well in SkyDemon (and elsewhere, but SD is the main thing.)

Tb20 eg1
To me that looks like heading bug and course pointer emulation, not pitch and roll pickoff coil emulation (which is that the EA100 and GAD43 adapters, Aspen and Garmin respectively, do).

I see simi…