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Aero Friedrichshafen 1-4 April 2020

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I’m planning to go. Would be my first time in that place. I know there are quite some procedures to follow (slots. etc..)
Cannot find anything regarding the Exhibition – how to organise the trip. Are they going to publish something later on, on the web page of the airport? Or I am looking in the wrong place?


Piper Malibu PA46 N757NY down in Goose Bay.

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Looks like N757NY. Pilot survived, but passenger did not. He was a UK resident – the new owner along for the ride? RIP, very sad.


Value of engine time at resale?

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When selling an aircraft, how does the engine hours impact the price? How does the engine hours impact salability, price element aside?

Is the engine value portion of the total aircraft value simply remaining hrs to TBO proportion of total new engine price? This would be (1- engine hrs / TBO hours) x new engine price. Or is the value less linear wrt hours? For example, does an engine with few hours have comparatively more value (% new) than an engine approaching TBO?

What impact on aircraft price and salability does a 2000 TBO engine with say 2500 or 3000 hrs have vs one approaching TBO, assuming aircraft is flown regularly and has a current CofA and Annual?

I have heard that some prefer to buy an aircraft with run-out engine, as the price hit (buyer benefit) is greater than engine replacement cost (incl labour) and/or results in a known engine.

Lilium electric VTOL jet

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The project got mentioned before but now the company has collected $90m from reputable investors. Also looking at the people behind it, it seems to be more than the typical “reserve your position now, fully refundable deposit” nonsense.

They have electric turbofans as ailerons and a canard with more electric turbofans. The prototype has flown successfully. Compared to the other city transport projects, it should be much more energy efficient and faster due to the use of airfoils for lift during cruise.

Apparently it is only powered by lithium batteries. They claim that you can do a 300km flight at 300kp/h which sounds unrealistic for what is expected from lithium batteries for the next 5 years. A Cirrus type chute is part of the concept.

Still a highly innovative and interesting concept. There is a lot of traction for those self-flying air taxis.

Any data on how many are doing the CB IR?

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The historical JAA IR (non ATPL route) data from the UK CAA was in the region of 10-30 a year, and that included a number of pilots who were really doing the airline pilot process but just happened to not yet have the CPL done when they for included in the stats.

Is there any evidence the CB IR has a bigger take-up?

Also does anyone have any idea of the take-up on the FAA IR to CB IR conversion?

5 abandoned runways in the Croatian woods

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Reading up on this massive installation. Probably europe‘s largest abandoned air base.


Constructed for 20 years, cost approx 6 billion USD (source?).

5 military jet capable runways.

A myriad of underground tunnels and hangars providing nuclear blast proof shelter for ~100+ fighter jets and 1000+ personnel.

20km hidden pipeline to supply fuel.

Partly made inoperative by 50tons of explosives and area extensively land-mined in 1992.

Visit not advised due to PCB chemical gases and land mines.

Landing with a CB overhead the airport

Easafdava2 Euroga Img 7269 Angrybird 2 61905135 832128000498457 6817995836320907264 o Cit mus flt18 hires 8d034f28 433e 4b5c a77d 464dd58d46f0 Tb20 eg1 N41518better

I had a wild landing at Shoreham, with a CB overhead raining and making 30kt+ gusts.

Wind (runway bearing 203) was given as 260/17 which would normally be no issue at all.

Landing itself was fine in terms of any “hardness” but it ran out of rudder authority and the plane skidded sideways a bit, in a “jumpy” manner. Obviously the runway was wet which didn’t help.

According to ATC the gust was in the 30s kt.

Another lesson learnt; next time I will orbit for 10 mins.

Full sutton 14 aug 16

I think you have probably overreacted; the conspiracy theory is somewhat far fetched in my opinion. I think it’s more to do with inertia and the fact that nobody wants to be the one to advocate ch…

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I think it is human nature, exemplified by the phrase “easy come easy go”, that if an activity has a lower barrier to entry it will also have a lower barrier to exit. It follows that the UL commun…

34 ice avatar
A pilot should always apply skill and judgement, however, landing at the demonstrated crosswind value should not be alarming, if the pilot is current on the type.

The whole requirement:


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If you forget to reset the altimeter when transitioning from FL to altitude.
Hi Emir, I think the card is meant to stay in the slot but I will check.
Tb20 eg1
Rick Beach’s phrase “pull early pull often” is probably based on vote early vote often.
Tb20 eg1
That’s a hilarious article

Rarely does someone dismantle corporate BS as effectively.

Img 20180913 232240 546
My preference is to go for mid or high time engine aircraft for a good price. I’d not pay premium for a freshly overhauled engine not knowing where, how it was overhauled and who/how broke in the e…