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Twin performance

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I found this very interesting.

A twin needs to demonstrate any SE climb rate if it is either above 6000lb or its Vs is above 60kt.

Also they say the Aztec climbs at just 50fpm at 5000ft, SE.

The first table shows just how marginal the light twins are, on SE.

Static port plug for Socata TB series and 3D printing

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Is anyone familiar with 3D printing software, such as Autodesk 123D, and could craft a design file for a static port plug. I tried a design with Google Sketchup but got quickly frustrated, due to my unfamiliarity with these type of software.

How to get A&P FAA license (I have already EASA PART66)

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Hi all.
I’m looking for clever way to obtain/convert FAA A&P License.
I’m currently holder of Part66 B1.2/C full group 3.

I know that there is way to sit some exams in EU (France) and get practice proven by FAA A&P however no details…
I’m considering also going to USA for kind of fast training/examination if this is possible to do this by 1-2 weeks there, maybe would be easier…

Any hints?

Links to

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I wanted to post a video from youtube, so I went to the page of the video: <a rel=‘nofollow’ href=“

I copied the link of the video by right clicking and selecting “Copy video URL”. The result was this url: ”/system/1/user_files/files/000/009/793/9793/93ae1957e/large/Untitled.png" /> . However when I pasted it in the forum as a video (no other text in the message, just the link), it was shown like this:

I then copied the actual url with youtube instead of and it worked as expected. Strangely when I am trying to write this message here, the video sometimes gets parsed and sometimes not. I suppose it depends on if and what you have after the link because if I put a period at the end (for end of sentence) it works and if I don’t it doesn’t. Something like that, maybe some further checks can show if and when a problem arises.

Exchange Autopilot options for a TB20

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I’ve question to the experts,
I’d like to get an autopilot like KFC 225 with Vertical Speed operating.
My present equipment is KC191, GNS 550, Sandel 3308 without
VS- operating mode.
Is it possible to exchange the AP?
Is there a better way to get VS-mode?
How much is it for a TB 20? Is it worth to do it?
Can I take a used item ?
Thanks in advance , Thomas

Engine on condition for hours but using for IR training

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Hi all

Thanks to the admin team for approval. Was recommended this site for GA.

I own a Cessna 172 with a Lycoming O360 that has gone past extension on hours. I believe it cannot be used for ab initio training, but can it get used for other training, such as getting an IR? It won’t be leased to a school, it’s just my aircraft and I’ll occasionally let another individual fly it. It’s not for public use either


EDIT: I have looked all over the CAA website, but cannot find any confirmation on this

She is back. Massive media coverage!

I’d like to read about the details of the logistics. It would take an experienced IFR touring pilot not weeks but months just to plan something like this. Espec…

The slopes at Cervinia are all good. They have been bulldozing snow from off-piste onto the pistes, to keep them covered. They have not so far been using artificial snow AFAICT. And more snow is on…
Hi All,

I have a quick question, I have acquired a PA30 twin commanche, it’s on G reg and stranded in Annemasse as the CofA expired a number of years ago.
I’ve been out and had a good poke around i…

Fhdmd avatar
Visited Bromma in a DA40 a few years back and it was all very friendly and easy. We contacted the airport ops and got one of their parking slots, so no handling. Friendly lady escorted us airside t…
This is reportedly from Colorado
34 ice avatar

I don’t quite agree. If the engine fails non mechanically (fuel exhaustion), it’s going to keep windmilling at flight speed, unless feathered. However, it may slow below 800-900 RPM while windmill…

They need to sort out Alderney The “covid welcome team” in their Apollo spacesuits gets there 1130-1200, to check the “blue blob” on that daft app, so day trips are practically impossible.


Right wingtip damage. Spin? Or did wingtip make the dragmark, then spin? The wheel fairings look undamaged.

Loss of directional control by student slamming on power, leaves runway, instructor isn…