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Brexit and general aviation, UK leaving EASA? (merged)

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The most obvious is that the anti N-reg attack in EASA FCL would be explicitly void – because the “operator” would be non EU resident. That would be great news for the foreign reg community (which makes up the bulk of the private IFR community) due to no more annual revalidations etc, and superb news for those who have not yet done the EASA IR.

What happens with an ILS (or LPV) glideslope below the DH?

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From here

Needles crossed? With my calibrator’s hat on, I can say with absolute confidence that the GP info you are seeing is junk after about 175ft. During calibration we hand-fly to 50ft and after 200ft, even on a CAT III, we stop cross-checking against the ILS GP information presented on the HSI.

PS. Are you always looking to keep the needles crossed after DA? What about offset localisers such as Lydd? Do you follow the lateral guidance which is happily diverging from the actual centreline?

Technical stops and flight plan, and customs/immigration required?

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How do you handle short technical stops on your flight plan? I’m thinking of a 10-15 min stop to refuel or pick up passengers.

Do you close and file a separate flight plan, or somehow accommodate for that stop in a single flight plan (and tell ATC “brb”)?

Img 7269
Great video but it brought great challenge to my Spanish too fast speaking.
Img 7269
acquilinus wrote: Many things work but it doesn't mean that they can be crafted into rules. E.g. you can open door on C150 and use it as rudder but nobody will consider this as standard procedure
I have the impression selectspecs does bifocal inserts, and you can just type whatever you want. I've used them for non-bifocal and am happy with the service.
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"The plane was destroyed by fire as the pilot started the engine of the plane. There were no personal injuries. The three occupants were able to leave the airplane in time." Unusual... I bet the si...
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Two aircraft currently going, Friday to Monday for me.
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Also which is the hottest cylinder, varies. Mine used to be #6 and now (since the baffles were fixed some years ago) it is #3.
To answer the original poster's questions, I had a similar holiday a few years ago Getting a piggyback licence wasn't too hard provided you jumped through ththe right hoops. for example, it is eas...
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Apparently it sucks to do such things ;-) Thanks for sharing!