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EASA ATPL with IR-SP-ME class, SEP and expired MEP to FAA PPL/Multi/IR

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Hi all,

I’m looking ahead for a possible touring trip in the US next year. With the target area in mind (Bahamas, Keys, Exumas etc), I’d be trying to source a twin to do it in. Putting aside the logistics of finding a decent twin available to rent without breaking the bank, I’m just exploring the licensing issues.

I’d be very grateful for hints/suggestions/experiences of a way to obtain an FAA PPL/IR/Multi from my existing EASA ATPL with SEP/IR-SP-ME class/Expired MEP. I don’t mind a trip to the US over winter if required, and I also want to be properly proficient with US rules/procedures so that I’m fully prepared for that type of trip. In the meantime, if there is an additional requirement to validate an EASA to FAA MEP, I’d be looking to try and renew my EASA MEP in the UK such that it could be combined flight check or common examiner.

Any input would be gratefully received.

Europe NavData for GNS430W

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Good morning Euroga,

Before I loose my sanity I thought that I ought to post here.

I’m trying to renew my nav data subscription for the GNS430W. I used to log on the Jeppesen website, pick up my avionics, sell a kid and update the GNS monthly using the JDM app and the little blue device.

Apparently Jeppesen got acquired by Boeing recently and their UX designer is either from another planet or I suddenly became blind – I can’t figure out how to purchase a new subscription online.

The closest I’ve found is this reseller: but it doesn’t seem optimal. Garmin doesn’t have nav data for Europe afaik

Where do you guys source your nav data subscription from?

Blue skies,



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I am planning a flight to Torino, Italy. Probably LIMF but I am open for suggestions.
Any advise on handling, fuel (100LL), landing fee etc?

Garmin G5 and Navomatic 300A

Hi. I’m looking way to connecte navomatic 300A (CA395A) to Garmin G5 via Gad29b.
I can’t find any wiring for this ap.

Ouessant (aka Ushant) LFEC

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Hi all, any experiences of this destination? Looks like a bit of a curious place but any island with an airfield gets my interest…


I’m using text, whatsapp, email and website form enquiries.

Please message me the details

Img 8412

For lack of a dedicated European group (all of them currently are US focussed), I created a new Facebook group called “Aircraft Sales Europe”.
Please feel free to join, browse or advertise.

Thank you very much for the information guys – that’s really useful.
Doesn’t the report state that during the pre-flight briefing with ATC it was agreed that the calibration flight would provide its own separation and wake avoidance? Kinda tricky to do at night, and…
Whatever people’s individual view on this, page 22 of the en-route AIP document suggests it should have been active at that time

[ PDF replaced with a local copy because EAD links go dead every 28…

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The fully costed cost per hour of a plane like that is of the order of €30-50k per hour… That was a figure in the RAF about 20 years ago, FWIW.
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That would be a controversial POV

Generally speaking, a non turbo plane with a POH ceiling of x feet, and (as with most IFR tourers) does +1000fpm at sea level, it will do +500fpm at x/2 feet.

The savings in oil changes compared to pistons pays for the hot section, more or less (you’ll spend an easy $15-20K on a piston in oil changes unless you do everything yourself). Add to this that a…