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What is the best Traffic Avoidance system for light GA in Europe today ?

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So what is the general concensus for a retro-fit trafic avoidance system in a SEP operating in Europe ?

Is TCAS still relevant versus stand-alone, full in/out ADS-B ?

Is the Avidyne TAS600 the only game in town for TCAS these days or is TCAS “dead” ?


Legal action against pricing of airports/handlers - need your input and cost examples

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I have already asked for it in some previous thread, but almost no response. We need examples from European countries of the prices for GA some years ago and now. As you may know, we want to convince the European Commission that some form of anti monopoly intervention is needed in regards to airport’s (including handling) fees for GA.
K&K is finalizing documents for that, but without good examples – we simply limit our chances of being heard…
For now we just have examples from Poland, Ibiza in Spain, soon Greece and some data from Sweden. For the situation that has developed in Europe this is not representational at all and way too few of such…
So please look into your drawers and get the old and current invoices/bills from the places you fly. Having such please scan them (or take photo with your smartphone) and send onto the address: [email protected]

I know it requires some effort, but your involvement is in need now!

Anybody have installed dual transponders on their plane ?

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If your transponder fails it becomes difficult to fly and to come back home. Is it worth to have a second transponder installed as a backup?

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A little day trip from Shoreham to Alderney. Freezing morning at Shoreham (0C) but a nice +10C at Alderney. Fog bank moving into Shoreham so I didn't waste time getting out. Eurocontrol IFR but fil...
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The main issue with this is that the pilot prepares to fly Route X and then gets a departure clearance which goes off in a very different direction, and he has no idea of the route which has been "...
" infringes Articles 17 (Right to property), 21 (Non-discrimination) and 41 (Right to good administration) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union," But it won't affect us until ...
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And few words of the financial part – the crowdfunding brought us 6950 Euro and at the end (after paying K&K fees, platforms provisions and currency conversions) there is 311,73 Euro lef...
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It well might, because then both blades are getting a signal, without shielding from the blade in front of it. There is a number of people here who know the answers
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Try these numbers. If they don’t work, send me a PM.
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I wonder where you are based, Backpacker?
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OK, so both TXPs are always on, but the toggle switch enables only one of them to be active. And you have two TXP couplers, etc.