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Socata TB20 for first aircraft.

Hbdwcavtar Tb20 eg1 Img 7269 5338039634192457442 Img 20161105 164810 Rv8 Easafdava2 Img 0079 Snoopy Lhe in flight new version 20180416 192510

I would like to buy a first aircraft.

My favorit is TB20 because i like it. But some pilot frinds say me, that is too much for my fresh PPL. This is not a “weekend pilot” aircraft.
Is it difficult to fly the TB20?

What do you think abaut this aircraft:


STC for Continental O-550-F/TS

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anyone know the STC for installing Continental O-550-F/TS on a 182N?
prop is a Hartzell HC-G3YF-1RF/F8068

Wise words on loss of control prevention (video)

Angrybird 2 5338039634192457442 Yak small Img 0246 Easafdava2 Avatar

“I want you to get light on the seat”

So many wise words to the last second.

G ahau sml
The thing is VOR/DME is good enough, and TACAN is only as common as VOR in the USA.

Today it would be extremely inexpensive to make a non-certified TACAN receiver using an SDR dongle and off the sh…

I had a look at the youtube link from Snoopy above. This makes me think we need a thread on washing & polishing airplanes.

I have a late model Saratoga with factory Imron paint. When I bought i…

I fail to see how it puts the issue in perspective.

Notwithstanding some of the inaccuracies by @blancolirio about part25 rules and cert processes, it is again a narrow focussed analysis. I had pr…

There is a big difference between denying that the climate is changing and the position that many “sceptics” such as myself hold.

Clearly the climate is changing, with moderate warming over the las…

Angrybird 2
We train touch and go with cut(s). Shortly after takeoff, 50 feet +-, the throttle is cut and a landing is done a second time. With some practice you can do a whole bunch. I think the record is 6 c…