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AOA indicators in general aviation a/c

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I wonder if any of you is using an AOA indicator? If yes, what brand/model and what are your experiences? Is it a worthwhile investment in a typical touring SEP not used for STOL work?

There have been some articles on the subject in the US media like Flying.

Some time ago I posted that topic on a German forum but the final tenor was something like "don't talk too much about it or the the authorities will get the idea to prescribe it" :-( ...

G-reg to other EASA-reg, due to Brexit

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So, with this hard Brexit coming towards us I have a question;

What does it take to re-register a G-reg acft to a D-reg, OO-reg,… any EASA-reg ? Assuming the Brexit end march 2019 means an immediate end to the UK’s EASA membership and a reregistration is done before this date.

Is it simply a paper exercise or is it a pretty expensive and complicated deal (like everything else in aviation) ?
I read about N-reg to EASA and vice-versa but I’d assume intra-EASA would be much easier ?

Why the obsession with TBM's and PC12's, when a Mustang is much cheaper?

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Well, Peter wanted us to start threads… So here comes my favorite type of thread – the provoker! Slightly inspired by meeting JasonC when he was here in the US and hearing about his operating costs and looking at his nice Mustang, which got me thinking:

As title says. A Mustang will cost much less to buy, it will cost about the same to overhaul both engines as the big bore PT6’s in the SETP’s, and up high the Mustang will burn roughly the same amount of fuel. Why do people spend $2 million more for something that’s slower, offers no cost benefit, and is more likely to be stuck in bad weather (and is potentially less safe)?

Is it the old I’m-too-lazy-to-do-my-multi-rating-factor playing in again? Is i simply easier to fork over another $2million just to avoid having to do that?

The very best optional aircraft add-ons

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For me, it must be propeller de-ice (TKS).

The factory option cost was a few k in 2002, though recent reports suggest it would now cost far more (over 10k) to buy the kit, because parts come from CAV who basically rip overybody off these days.

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Neil wrote: Yes if the TCDS has a life limit on a part that is binding. I am not suggesting it is realistic to do anything other than run on the manufacturers programme for everything but strictly...
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redRover wrote: No, not at all. There is class G and other airspace where you have no separation or are only separated from IFR traffic. A traffic system comes in handy in many situations. In clas...
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The EIR, I have no idea, but the IMCR (IRR) certainly doesn't. It would have been great if it did because revalidating the IMCR is good for 25 months and you would not have to worry about carrying...
Bald eagle
Hello!!! After lurking in the forums intensely over the last months, I have gathered courage to introduce myself. The inspiration and motivation present on this platform is commendable, considering...
N65lv small
Revalidation by experience is only allowed to be signed off by a UK examiner in case you have a UK EASA licence. This means going to the UK ...or find one abroad! I was struggling with this the las...
Img 6493
EDFZ is good for all people in Wiesbaden, Mainz and the westerly bits of Frankfurt. What has to be considered though is that all aircraft, with the exception of the Morane, are N-registered (for th...
The main trick here is to stay with Scottish control R/T (i.e. stay in the cas system r/t wise) and take whatever service they can offer, at least traffic, pref deconfliction. They should then coo...
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It looks like a great adventure but I wonder how much he spent bribing various officials. Simon Oliphant-Hope's epic RTW helicopter flight, some 10 years ago, involved 5 digits of "payments" just i...