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ZOOM meet-up

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Since we can’t fly anywhere “useful”, would there be any interest in a virtual meet-up using the Zoom app?

It works pretty well.

If you owned your hangar, what would you do?

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I would rent a corner to a freelance A&P/IA and another corner to a freelance avionics installer

And have free hangarage

And I would put in heating.

My life would be 10000% easier – no more servicing in the wind and rain. No more Annuals in -4C in a rented hangar with buckets on the floor to catch the leaks, wearing 3 layers of clothing…

Zagreb LDZA

Img 7269 Euroga Img 6493

From here

Thanks! On the subject of LDZA, I have read a pirep according to which they have seriously hiked the prices, from about 100€ to about 230€ For a day stop in a small SEP. Can you confirm?

Looking for a TB20

Hi all,

I have been looking for a comfortable, going places (2 to 3 hours hops) family plane.
A decent cruise performance, and reasonable price tag. But having searched multiple types, it seems, the comfort aspect is what does it for me, mostly because I want my passengers to feel at ease in the plane.
My search keeps on getting me back to the TB20 (or TB10).

Anyone having one of these for sale, please reach out.


Tb20 eg1
This is stating the obvious but did they test randomly selected people? Since everybody with any education will immediately ask this Q, why didn’t they give details? Maybe it is in the video but th…
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Maybe everyone should add a mandatory flight or ground run every 2 weeks in his maintenance programme ? Then everyone would have a reason to look after his bird.
Dr400 4
Not something we often think about. Pilots out there who are in their twenties, thirties and forties, have probably never had the thought cross their mind, I mean they’re bullet proof aren’t they!?…

Only reason why I would flew low VFR in marginal weather, usually cloud break on nearby ILS and 6min to home base…

I think slow flying speeds and precautionary landing capabilities that matters f…

Tb20 eg1
Going to try tonight 1900 UTC.
Img 7269

I had to send additional mail to check whether this service was mandatory or not. The reply was: “The service is not mandatory but if crew uses GA service in any way, it will be charged.”
I didn’…

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I don’t think there is, but there is a nice DA62 by aerobask I think. I have been using it to help during my IRME. The only tink I don’t really like is that there is no NDB as it’s US based and th…