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Six-Seated SEP club aircraft?

A. contet pilot Img 1114 Tb20 9 34 ice avatar Plane logo N41518better Cw avatar041

Hello everybody,

in the last few weeks, I had to turn town quite a few requests of friends and co-workers to fly with them and their families due to the lack of an adequate aircraft.
In all of the cases, they wanted to fly with their respective spouses and kids, so a C172 of which we have three, is not sufficient. Of course one could have split up the flights, but that’s not exactly the same, and as they wanted a family experience, we decided not to do this. In another case, we wanted to fly to an island, where shuttling back and forth would also have been less than ideal.
And even without the PoB-problem, there are many occasions where one could use some additional kg of payload, especially with passengers who are not exactly the 75 kg standard person ;).

So I was wondering whether we (as a club) could use a six-seater SEP. The obvious idea would be a C206 or a PA32. Neither of those would stand out, as we already have C172s and a PA28, so communality and maintenance should be manageable.

Are there clubs around which do have larger aircraft? And which one would you recommend for club use?
My gut feeling says the C206 should be better, but that’s solely based on my experience with the C172s which I think are benign, easy to fly and very good for elderly and “non-standard” PAX. I would assume the C206 to be in that line, but unfortunately have no first-hand experience. There is no C206 (or PA32) in my area, as far as I know.

The reason why I’m asking is the that people in the club keep saying that although it would be nice to have one larger aircraft, it would be way too expensive to be viable. This sounds overly negative to me, and that’s why I’m starting this thread.

So I would be happy to learn about realistic numbers for these aircraft, be it speed, payload and of course cost. And if you know a six-seater in a club, I am highly interested in the acceptance and actual useage of it!

Elba LIRJ fly-in 8/9 September 2018

Ae vfr Avatar Image Img 7269 Img 0214 Blobby Tb20 9 From votec first solo

Having gathered feedback from many pilots on EuroGA, Elba LIRJ has been chosen.

It meets most of the requirements for a good location:

  • scenic
  • something for the whole family
  • good weather (usually)
  • not a place which everybody has already visited via Ryanair
  • enough parking (mostly on grass but “nice planes” can get tarmac)
  • no special hassles at the airport
  • avgas, immigration and customs
  • hard runway (949×20m)

I went there in 2014.

So, put the date in your diary

A number of us will fly on from there down to Greece for this.

I will contact the airport and ask if they have any known issues with the date, for 10-20 aircraft.

Legal action against pricing of some airports/handlers and funds gathering

Foto bk1 Tb20 9 Ava Img 7269 Img 1599 Oh paf From votec first solo Kendoon02 Images Babypilotmedium Avatar Gen ewokz 10377

As the next steps following the surveys and associated discussion please find below a proposal of legal dealing against the excess prices of airports/ handlers in Europe, aimed at getting rid of GA when the will come. Through excessive prices we are banned from the growing number of airports, it is high time to start a serious fight against that.
Initially, I was talking with two legal companies, each with aviation law roots and both were admitting that the situation is wrong here. They engaged themselves into analyzing the potential for legal action against airports abusing its market position, both at EU and national levels.
Unfortunately after some initial analysis one of them decided that they do not see much chances for positive outcome of such endeavor, they miss skills, decided not to provide an offer. As a result I have one proposal for our consideration, of K&K Aviation Lawyers, for me a well suited team, please see attached their competencies description.
In the next post, I will present the scope of the proposal and the price for that. And let’s start discussing, if you find it of interest for our group, if we should ask for changing something, if it is promising enough to start with the money gathering process. Because if the comments of yours will be positive in general – the next would be to start the crowd funding process, and after collecting the asked amount of money – let the lawyers do their job…
For those who would like to read the former threads associated with this one, these are:

Our legal team introduction:

huv wrote: Sweden does offer PPL theory exams in English (source). As far as I know, a successful theory exam done in an EASA country is valid in every other EASA country — but I can't back ...
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Img 3994
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A. contet pilot
Airborne_Again wrote: I put my vote on the former. So much easier to put everything in the ATCO's arms.
Tb20 9
Sure, but this is a Foreflight thread.
Img 0079
As time goes on, go places tailwheel aircraft (Maule, C180/185/195, Vans, Husky, etc) seem to increase their utility - not sure how many tarmac GA airports will be around twenty years from now.
A. contet pilot
At least it is good that they (FRAPort) are being called out in a somewhat official meeting. If the topic of the conference indeed was "aerotourism", I hope all understood Fraport is killing it (fl...
A. contet pilot
A local club has a PA32 in its fleet. About 220€/h. Another one a bit further away, with POH, W&B etc... on the site. Will carry total 657kg or 404kg with full tanks. I am not a member i...