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Bug squash

Img 3994 Euroga G ahau sml Avatar Kendoon02 Tb20 9 Hammer outline

That time of year again here so what do others use to remove bug squash that is easy and not harmful to the paint work?

Oxygen retrofit - any available solutions

Tb20 9 Img 1474

Today I‘m flying the Bonanza with a portable Oxygen system using the Oxyfly.

What I don’t like so much is, that all the oxygen hosepipes are also portable, so they are running through the cabin.

Now I‘m making up my mind if there is a possibility to retrofit the hosepipe system only to have a certified hosepipe system with one entry point where I can attach the Oxyfly to the hosepipes and four exit point for each seat.

The Oxyfly can not be certified, it has to stay manually removeable.

Any ideas?

The "Mk 1 Eyeball" is almost totally useless (and optimal horizontal cruising altitudes)

Sr20 Tb20 9 Img 0194 Pca Hammer outline Img 1186 Image Cit mus flt18 hires 6c6316b6 c67f 4dcf 8eb9 0ddfa9beb018 G ahau sml Three greens Xxtbvorhalle Beech bonanza v35 Terwelle Za947

The "Mk 1 Eyeball" is PROB99 an old Royal Air Force expression, for keeping a lookout.

Often, I see a target on the TCAS at about 1 mile, my level (which means plus or minus 200ft, assuming his transponder is in spec; I know mine is spot on), and in the front i.e. 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock.

In most cases, no matter how hard I look and no matter how hard my passengers look, we never see him.

Even as he passed to one side of us, and probably very close (a few hundred metres) nothing is spotted.

Fortunately, as they say, the sky is big.

Img 7269
After several phone calls and few e-mails I got in touch with person at Swedavia who had info on pricing. Only take-off (SEK 500 - €50) and parking for 5 days (SEK 160 - €16) will be ...
Img 7269
I found how to transfer the plan - it's super-simple - just open .FPL file with FF.
Img 1114
I‘m getting 5 1/2 hrs endurance out of it, with an hour reserve that’s 4 1/2 hours. That‘s 720NM @ N0160. My bladder gives up before ;)
It's selecting the wrong GIZMO (the one in New South Wales, Australia). Most software that is faced with two or more waypoints with the same name gives you the option of selecting which waypoint y...
Img 1114
Aviathor wrote: Any retractable, wouldn't you keep the gear retracted and pull the prop full backward ? Should give you VSIs around 700-900. If i lower the gear and leave the prop in cruise, the ...
Img 20161105 164810
Airborne_Again wrote: Maybe this has been explained before, but how can a country officially decine such a safety requirement ? I guess ICAO can't give a fine to the UK but isn't it some kind of l...
Tb20 9
Nothing is too nerdy I would add the diode anyway. Safety always comes first; if you lose electrics while flying you will wish you did it.
Tb20 9
Regarding post #1, the blog on their RV build is here. Jwoolard is still "out there"; whether he is still flying anything I have no idea.