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Flying without insurance

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It is a criminal offence ( in the U.K.) to drive a car without third party insurance cover.
What’s the law regarding flying?

Why don't manufacturers (and installers) participate in forums?

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This is a question some have asked.

Most just don’t want to do “social media”. You do get some like the “Avidyne blog” which looks nice. Obviously every word will be lawyer-checked but one would do that anyway with any social media participation.

So one gets loads of speculation and incorrect information on forums.

If they put a person in charge of posting helpful replies to questions, that company would get a lot of goodwill and thus a good bit of business.

I wonder why they don’t do it. Maybe they don’t want to appoint the necessary intelligent person to the job, because such a person is expensive and useful inside the company. Plus the legal backup to check everything that is written, before Submit is pressed.

Same goes for installers. They need to participate informatively too. I can see installers posting on some other forums but they mostly post deliberately brief replies to get their business name “up” without anything informative. We allow business participation provided the representative posts generally and informatively (i.e. in areas not purely related to their business). My view is that very often a business can give much better information because they work in the field all day.

What to worry about in buying a used plane?

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I know: the sensible answer is “everything”!

But I’ll tell you something: I worry least about engine condition. The reason is because I can repair the engine (up to an overhaul) and then I’m done.

What worries me is problems that make expensive repairs irrelevant (like unrepairable airframe corrosion after an overhaul). What also worries me is avionics (the labor in figuring out what is wrong is unbelievable).

But most of all, it’s airframe. If the airframe is clean, your repairs (some day) will end. Your repairs have incremental value.

In looking at old planes, I have come to assume that an overhaul is required. I see that the avionics need to be replaced. But I only want to go to the trouble if the plane is clean when naked.

How many older planes are truly clean? If they are clean, are the immortal? Can they live to 100 years?

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I've seen a post on a US site reporting that Genesys (which appears to be a trading name of STEC) is offering to produce an STC for the STEC 3100 for the Socata TB. They want 15 orders to do it, ap…
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Within my present company it is very much a legal matter and very strict company procedures regarding interacting within forums and social media.

I am a obviously a member of a few aviation forums …

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Aren’t there regions where people are flying regularly with deviation of 30 degrees and more ?
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AeroPlus wrote:

Got it, post from 2015 hence the confusion ;-)

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Peter wrote:

The issue has fixed itself on both occasions after a restart of the avionics when both plane and engine were warm. The stormscope automatically starts up with all the avionics only th…

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I wonder if there is any legal precedent for this.
Under FAA Part 91, non implementation of an SB/MSB is legal.
The outcome probably depends on which country's legal system the case is heard. Some…