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Most trips done later in the year?

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I just wondered… this has certainly been true for me. It is perhaps because people take time to “get going” after the winter, and in Europe the wx tends to be OK through October, especially in the more southern parts.

Can an FAA BFR be done in Europe with an EASA FI?

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from here


A person who holds a instructor certificate granted by a Contracting State, who does not hold an appropriate US flight instructor certificate, is an authorized instructor for the purpose of giving flight training towards a certificate or rating established in 14 CFR 61 but only outside the US. See 14 CFR 61.41.

Wow. Does that possibly also mean that I (an EASA flight instructor, no FAA flight instructor) could do and endorse 61.56 flight reviews when outside of the US? In order to do flight reviews, one has to be an “authorized instructor”. And your post above seems to say that I would be such “authorized instructor”.

Number one or not?

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Flying to Deauville at the weekend IFR I asked for the RNAV 30 and got cleared for the approach via the IAF and told you are number one. Then after the IAF was asked to slow to minimum speed and told you are number one and a Robin is joining on base leg. Reported established on final approach track and told again you are number one and a Robin is on a two mile final. When exactly are you number one then?

Very steep descending turn, after steep climb losing speed, and taking advantage of any side gully.
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I supposed so, but flying at FL180, I don't understand how F035..F065 affects my flight.
I don't like the view in the C172, preferring the Pa28. Both flown for scenery viewing in Colorado/Utah area. But the C172 is the aircraft I've continued to fly through the worst weather. I enjoyed...
You can also change the depth of field with the Focos app on the iPhone X.
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It actually works for departures too; with an IMCR you can take off into IMC right away, limited only by the 1800m min surface vis, and any departure minima on the plates. Yes; I would only add t...
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Which Total oil did they use and which Aeroshell oil did they use afterwards?
@Qalupalik: Thank you for the info. How much is one point going to forward the due date for the Flight Review?
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@petakas the Ozi log is clean: