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Research Project Ideas

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Would anyone have any ideas that might make for a good aviation-themed final year undergraduate thesis project in physics/engineering? I’ve been trying to think of aviation based projects to run for a few years but haven’t come up with anything good. I was thinking about maybe some Arduino-based TCAS/traffic alerting system but I guess there are loads of plans on the internet which reduces the challenge somewhat. Really anything that would be useful and a good learning experience (no harm if a small business comes out of it!)

Fly-in to Mali Losinj LDLO June 2019

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Following the Venice Lido fly-in having resulted in a wash-out and the majority of people cancelling (same as the Cambridge fly-in in May 2018, actually) I think it is right to suggest doing a meet-up at a location which really does tick all the boxes for both VFR and IFR pilots: Mali Losinj LDLO.

We did this in 2014 but that is now 5 years ago and we have many new people on EuroGA.

It is a super scenic location, hard to reach conventionally, like most of Croatia has no “airport management” problems, and is readily accessible to most European pilots.

I can do the weekend of 15th June, onwards.

I also wonder about having a backup date. This had been tried in the past but almost nobody could “book” a backup date.

Continuation of the IMC or IR(R) rating to April 2021

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With the implementation of Commission Implementing Regulation (amendment) 2019/430 revising Article 4(8) to the EASA Aircrew Regulations, the CAA will continue to endorse the Instrument Rating (Restricted) (IR(R)) rating on UK CAA issued EASA PPL(A), CPL(A), MPL(A) and ATPL(A) licences until 8 April 2021.

Another icing forecast site

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This is one of the many free Jepp weather pages which have been around for years. The data is sure to be GFS based. The data has been accessible for free via the old Flitestar flight planning program, too.

May be of interest…

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Hmm I haven’t met a demotivated student who was unreliable in his schedule in my 6 years of instructing. I have seen more unreliable fellow FI, though.
Two years is somewhat normal in a club, when…

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And for those insisting to endure this special arrangement+NOTAMs+Fraport ,here some nice consumer “charges” that will make Russian oligarchs to tear in sorrow.…


Some radar stations do a so called volume scan of the atmosphere. This can take nearly 5 minutes alone as the antenna is rotated many times at different elevations etc. Some antennas just do one t…

Great trip report, thanks for sharing.

If my German was only half as good as your English I would be very happy!


For the genuinely private airport, and when everyone is free to create their own if they want to, I don’t think they should.
And given the small number of people involved, and the fact that they h…

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Right Snoopy… Restaurant Lanterna is the perfect place for a wedding anniversary :-)

Unfortunately, I’m on holiday with my little son and my wife in France in June… and since I work on Saturdays, I…

In the Mooney I have been taught to drop the gear and reduce power 1 mile before FAF. This gets it below 110 kts pretty quick and then I add T/O flaps. Reduce power a bit more at the FAF and trim f…
The advantage of the Continental loaded cyl assy is that it includes new piston and rings for a reasonable package price, minimizing chances of future problems on that side.The disadvantage (vs rep…