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The impossible turn

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Inspired by the Barry Schiff "the very best of Proficient Flying" DVD and the NASA research in the 70s on this topic, I did the Impossible Turn in the Cirrus SR22 full motion simulator in Poznan, Poland this week. OK. I did not wait x seconds after the engine failure at 1000 feet AGL to count for the confusion and misbelieve when you have a real engine failure. I turned into the wind at 45 degrees bank angle and 85 knots IAS back to the runway. Once I 'secured' the runway I have set full flaps.

Promoting EuroGA

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For Aero 2014 and 2015 (Germany) I got a load of A5 leaflets printed. One helpful exhibitor had some on his stand, and the show organisers kindly offered to spread some around their literature stands.

I have some left over and if anybody can think of a use for them, drop me an email and I will pop them in the mail

Also if anyone has any ideas on what else one could do, I am “all ears”.

Of course the main thing we need is more people posting generally (rather than just reading) and particularly more people starting threads.

Corrosion X or ACF-50?

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Corrosion X


There are allegations that ACF-50 is not as good; specifically that it does not meet some US MIL spec which C-X meets.

However, C-X is almost unavailable in the UK. I tried to buy it a while ago (after I bought a used C-X spray kit which came with a load of the stuff still inside) but never got anywhere with the supposed UK distributor.

ACF-50 is much more available here.

So I used the old stuff up for lighting fires and put ACF-50 in there and used that ever since. It seems to work very well, remaining in place for a good 2 years plus where there is no strong airflow (e.g. inside the wings).

C-X was developed by Ed Kollin who also did Camguard, which works brilliantly.

This topic came up in relation to the new and infamous Socata horizontal stabiliser SB which requires drilling some holes, an endoscope inspection, and corrosion proofing using a specific (but unheard of) substance. Socata have also approved C-X for this and it is believed they also approve ACF-50.

I still think the SB is misguided and they should have gone for two holes in the end caps which would allow the entire HS to be treated with a simple spray nozzle. The current SB doesn't allow for the liquid (or mist) to reach the whole HS. I asked Socata about this a number of times but got no comment.

How proven does technology in GA have to be before people will trust it?

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I think it’s obvious that most newcomers into this field have not asked themselves that question!

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Are any of you familiar with VFR arrival procedures at Augsburg EDMA? Are any of you familiar with whether the tower has radar or the ability to see aircrafts position by having a computer program ...
Img 3264
Inbrunodias wrote: Max takeoff weight = 2300 kg Empty weight = ~ 1680 kg Useful load = 620 kg 7 standard adults ~ 78 kg = 546 kg So that's 74 kg of fuel, Jet A1 weight .8 kg / litre so you can ca...
Sir_Percy wrote: The 231 of course has a Turbo so fuel flow should be rather high. Well, it would be absurd if a computer modelled airplane like the Panthera should be slower than a 50 year old ai...
Peter wrote: It is difficult to do, because we never get trained to keep 1G on the wing while getting in and getting out of manoeuvres (neither bank or speed are constant but they relate to a fixe...
Err, you'll only achieve a (almost) constant pressure if you use a two stage regulator. The first stage reduces the pressure form a big number to something manageable (takes off a zero or two) but...
A crosswind runway hardly strikes me as something that's not needed.
Do you mean ACF affects old paint a year after it was used, or affects paint sprayed a year after it was used? ( Negotiating to buy a 50 year old metal aircraft at present.)
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