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Where to find EASA (or UK post-brexit) regs?

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In a rare moment of altruism, I thought I'd add a reference to a Wikipedia article, pointing to the SERA.

I originally downloaded it as a PDF file of the publication in the Official Journal of the European Union from somewhere on EUR-Lex, but now I can't seem to find it again…

Since the Official Journal is maybe a bit too deep into the official publications, I wondered if there is a better web site, which is still "official" (EUROCONTROL, EASA?) but more oriented towards actual use by pilots?

Ideally, the site should have the various translations neatly organised together (for all its faults, EUR-Lex at least uses the same numbering system across all languages).

Where do you guys get new European docs (SERA, FCL, etc.?)

Has Cryogenics merits for piston engine overhaul?

Ava 000avatar09 Img 6094 2 Anonamized

People cryo-freeze their body, hoping to be revived at some later point in time, to achieve immortality. That same concept is now applied to piston engines, for example by Victor Aviation. The goal is not to achieve engine immortality, but longer engine life time. Observed changes include: Stress relieve, increased resistance to abrasion, change in vibrational damping, anecdotal evidence of changes in heat transfer, stabilization of metals to reduce warping under heat, stress, and vibration. That sounds all like music to my ears, but is it true? I have never heard of cryo-feezing an aircraft piston engine until now, and my first thought was that this is all marketing BS. But after digging deeper into it, I am not so sure anymore. The owner of Victor Aviation, Victor Sloan, contributed to Low Temperature Materials Mechanism, and cryogenics appears to be used in car racing.

Some literature and sources:
Cryogenics Explained – Hekimian Racing Engines
Discovery Channel Next Step : Cryogenics!
Aircraft Engine Overhaul – Victor Aviation -
ColdFacts – Magazine of Cryogenetic Society of America


Rubber (tyre) suggestions

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Appealing to the joint forum wisdom and experience – it would appear that I somehow while going down to Figari and back I got two flat spots (one each wheel).

Before the stealership tries to fleece me, any specific tyre / tire recommendations?

IFR alternates in the real world

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This subject came up over a cup of coffee the other day.

A student and an instructor where deep in the minutia of whether or not the TAF would allow a certain airport to be used as an alternate. I was asked for my opinion.

I said the legal alternate is the least important of the 4 alternates that should be part of every flight plan.

They are

  • The prefered alternate: This is the one you actually want to go to if you miss at your destination because it is the most convenient/cheapest/closest etc etc. It doesn’t need to have alternate mins, just approach mins and is the airport you are going to ask to go to if you miss.

  • The gold plated alternate: This is for those really crap weather days and is the place you will go to if there is a significant and unforcasted degradation in the weather

  • The legal alternate: This is what you put on your flight plan

  • The enroute alternate: This is where you are going to go if the bad thing happens enroute and should be updated as the flight progresses.

Before looking for alternates you should first look at the overall weather picture. If there is a widespread area of cap weather then just because you can find one airport that is just above legal alternate mins doesn’t mean you are automatically good to to go. Widespread morning fog/low stratus is a good example of a gotcha situation. I once had a case where the flight was to a destination 27 miles away but the nearest sold gold alternate was 375 miles away and so that was what the flight was fueled for.

Jetprop grass strip / short field performance porn

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I just posted this over on the MMOPA forum, and thought you guys would also enjoy it…

I have been meaning to document some of the short field landings and take offs I regularly perform with my Jetprop HS-TOM, especially those on grass.

Last year I was fortunate to have a film crew following me around documenting the conservation work I do with the aircraft and they kindly let me have the footage they never used in the final programme, which is mostly the exciting aircraft stuff. :-))

I have edited the best parts together from a series of two flights for those propeller heads amongst us, of which I count myself being one. So no music, just the raw sounds from the aircraft and the visual spectacle of what these truly capable machines can achieve.

Disclaimer: I am an unabashed Jetprop fan.
Yes that is the stall warner you can hear.
Any and all mistakes are my own. :-)
The movie contains scenes of an adrenaline type nature, and those with a nervous disposition should look away during the grass landing and take off sequences!
Enjoy.. E


I would like to see the calculation. In countries that had significant excess deaths, this is obviously complete nonsense, but it would be interesting to see how the knock-on effects pan out acros…

Looks like a nice Cherokee and certainly a nice trip.

Is it the engine oil pressure indication that looks to be at redline? I’ve seen two non-obvious things leading to that situation: a revised an…

Photo 342491

Although that’s what I would do for my private flying, my question was more regarding a UK CPL exam where the CAA examiner could potentially be offended if I quote anything from EASA/EU. Better to…

Lhe in flight new version

Very interesting! At the time I worked for the a Swedish national research institute for Computer Science (SICS). I was very slightly involved in this from the user side but some of my colleagues …

20190826 190957
They can always arrest you on suspicion of having committed an offence – any offence – so long as they suspect you.

I’ve not seen or heard of the police doing any routine checking of what people ar…

It looks like this is the data that the Daily Mail got hold of. The preprint link is at the bottom of the article.

It looks like both AZ and Pfizer (one-shot) vaccines have pretty much the same eff…

For a typical fixed gear SEP landing on all but the softest ground, Goodyear or Michelin 8.50×6 tyres work fine.

BTW, if anyone has any “worn out” 8.50×6s begging for a new home, please let me know…