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EuroGA ZOOM video lounge

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Since we can’t fly anywhere “useful”, would there be any interest in a virtual meet-up using the Zoom app?

It works pretty well.

I have created a telegram group for ZOOM video conference. This is a good way to coordinate the times. Also I don’t think all the clients support e.g. file transfer so telegram can be used for this.

Telegram joining link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 896 655 7621
Password: the first four digits of the flight level altimeter setting in millibars

Long distance maintenance G-reg / another reason for N-reg?

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In the absence of a useful CAA engineer nearby, how do pilots manage their maintenance when on an ultra long distance journey.

At typical GA block speed going to Oshkosh and back, for example, is likely to need at least a remote (from a UK maintenance shop) inspection at 50 or 55 hours. Going further afield would require a 100 hour inspection, and in due course an annual and ARC renewal.

Have contacted one G reg earthrounder, and a prospective one, who might have some answers. Will also ask a couple of maintenance shops.

It would be interesting to know if this is relatively straightforward, for example your remote A&P might liaise with the UK shop and they sign off remotely?

Trip writeups for EuroGA Articles

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I have mentioned this before a few times: if you have done some nice trips this summer and can write them up with some nice photos, please send them to me and we can put them up under Articles.

They need to be supplied in a simple linear form, like those already on there i.e. text – image – text – image etc. No fancy HTML with style sheets, frames etc.

I can easily resize images (they need to be about 900 pixels wide).

Autopilots which use GPS to fly an ILS

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This is quite interesting. Both the Honeywell KFC230 and the Garmin GFC500/600/700 do it. They appear to use GPS data as an additional input to the control loop.

The KFC230 needs GPS and will disconnect upon loss of GPS data, leaving you to fly the ILS via other means; it appears that the HDG mode and VS modes will still work.

Re the Garmin ones, this was posted on some US site

You have to read it carefully. The GFC500 will disconnect ILS tracking if GPS is lost during the ILS, although the HDG, VS etc modes remain available. The GFC600/700 will not disconnect but you get degraded performance.

There have been several appeals for seniors to fill out forms to that effect to keep beds vacant for those who have “more life left in them

Appeals by whom?


No – as I don’t intend to fly to alternates I do not ask for PPR.

Panettone – my kryptonite, my weakness. I melt when I see those packages and immediately succumb.
A bit late to this party… I have a friend who is a huge Gyrocopter enthusiast, though very frustrated because of the difficulty of owning one round here (it needs a hangar and hangars are $$$$$).


34 ice avatar

I believe that my student opened the throttle once on the water on the step, and did not hold the nose up, allowing the nose to get a little too low in the water, and slowing us, so the nose dug i…

The point has been totally lost on the ex RAF ATC “club” at the CAA that not publishing where the busts are taking place is suppressing the only opportunity GA pilots have to learn from the data.


Not weather but:

A few years ago, Inverness area schools were due to fly for a skiing holiday. The kids and staff were at the airport. There was no weather issue.
The B757 diverted to Aberdeen, as …

From 3rd Dec 2020 the UK will again allow nonessential travel – see here and here – subject to the current quarantine rules.

I still have not managed to get the police to rule on whether a EGKA-EGK…