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For later stretching the glide - glide slowly, or glide fast?

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We all know that once you are at Vbg then there is no way to stretch the glide range (other that 2nd order factors like gliding mostly downwind).

Langewiesche makes the point that one should glide slower than Vbg, because one can then easily stretch the glide when the need to do so becomes apparent, which will usually happen close to the ground, simply by pushing on the yoke.

However, the same can be achieved by gliding faster than Vbg…

I guess the former method gives you more time to consider your fate

One ex RAF fast jet pilot told me how they practiced a fairly extreme case of the latter method, in turboprops, and gliding really fast, for maximum options when popping up from under a low cloud layer. Needs serious balls, but you will be dead at 90kt same as at 160kt if you don’t get visual.

Avionics installation/replacement without STC/change approval

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I recall having read here on EuroGA that you don’t need any kind of approval (or STC) to install equipment on an aircraft which is available as a factory option on that aircraft model.

E.g. if there is a factory option to have a particular make and model of HSI and your aircraft only has a DG, you may install such a HSI without approval/STC.

Is this correct or have I imagined reading it?

If it is correct, what documentation would be needed? The aircraft MM?

selfie from inside/outside my other plane, Schempp-Hirth Cirrus 75 glider. here resting after a long flying day at LILC
We are coming, I've sent an email with our details, 3 of us in one aeroplane.
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Mooney_Driver wrote: Yes I agree. A 1960's airplane predates formal flight manual formatting, and some serious effort at checklists. Hopefully the mods on the aircraft are accompanied by flight ma...
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An excellent idea. Should make meet-ups a lot easier.
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I needed to bring my plane to the Aero this year so the cost of 35 Euros is reasonable considering the bennies that go with it, but the hotel which is 4 km from the airport costs 225 Euros for one...
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I left some leaflets at Aéroclub Hispano Suiza at Pontoise (LFPT), and the club at Le Plessis-Belleville (LFPP). BTW I thought the print quality, as well as the quality of the paper used to p...
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We have a new forum section called "Aircraft" - here This is for aircraft type specific postings. Since we already have a Non Certified section, I think that should remain specific to all non certi...
Many in here have an avatar that is a picture of (their) airplane but it is often hard to see the details. When I click on the avatar I go to the person's profile but there's no avatar. Would be ni...
Good point Jason, when these things happen I can't help but wonder if the outcome would have been less deadly if it was a single engine aeroplane. This was no doubt an experienced pilot but at low ...
Does it come with a magnifying glass?
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That was a "interesting" piece of decisionmaking, given that they could not have known what collateral damage was done by the engine shredding itself, to other aircraft systems. IMHO they continue...
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boscomantico wrote: That is correct. A/A 123.50 is the MULTICOM frequency that anyone in French airspace can use anywhere for communication between aircraft. This frequency is used as CTAF at airf...
Please provide the quotes for the tests, the O2 bottles in our Bonanza will soon be due for testing. Thanks!
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Yep on the stepdown fixes it is Minus zero.
Just one more...
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Bit basically isn't this what books are for?