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Post-maintenance check ?

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Hi All,
I’m new to this forum, having discovered it a little while ago and until now just reading some interesting threads.
But now, i actually have a question.

I’m picking up an aircraft out of maintenance this week, and I’m wondering if some extra checks would be needed. or useful.
In the past I have done it several times. Taking into account the maintenance, I did an extra-thorough walk-around, and be even more careful on departure then usual. But nothing really out of the ordinary.

This time I visited the aircraft during the maintenance, seen how inspection panels are opened etc… And I have been thinking, would there be need to do additional checks ?

What do experienced flyers here think ?

Single Engine cockpit noise level; is one airplane quieter than others?

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I’ve some problem with ears, tinnitus hyperacousis that increased last may, due to some music concert high level in a restaurant (while i had some ear mold for protection!)
I’ve 230hours of flight and fly since 10years with no problems with my Clarity Aloft headset, but now a have problem when i fly more than 30 minutes, my tinnitus ringing in my ears increase and it take days to get better only for a 1hour flight.
It’s just like noise is too lound for me.

I’ve tried a bose A20 active cancelling headphone plus some ear mold “Passtop N3” (made for industry) it’s the most powerful combination of protection i could found. Now i will try only passive headset as some people told me that active noise reduction can cause troubles to some peoples ?

In some american forum some pilot says that Pipers Warrior and arrow maybe can have quieter cockpit, any pilot here agree with that ?

For information i’ve measured cockpit in Cessna 172 160HP and it’s from 91dB to 93dB.

UL Advice

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So far all my flying has been in certified machines.
My provate flights are either to get somewhere (cruise speed is a factor) or to just fly for the sake of flying (cruise speed no factor). I spend between 250€ and 500€ per hour renting. Somewhere in this forum someone mentioned that an affordable way to fly and even own a plane is the UL route.
Now, I could rent an old DA20 Katana for 2,4€ / min wet (never liked that canopy opening the wrong way though…).
Or an ultralight for 1,7€. Since my main motivation of flying the Cirrus was CAPS the fact that ULs are equiped with a parachute appeals to me.
Taking friends up for local flights would be much more affordable.
From the perspective of someone used to Piper, Cessna, Diamond and Co. am I getting myself into trouble thinking about flying non certified? Anything I’m missing? What is your advice for someone coming over to the dark side?
I am not proficient (and brave) enough to fly a Cirrus in actual IMC so most of my flights are very weather dependent anyway. Might as well enjoy more time in the air, flying to smaller fields like LIKE etc…
Thanks for your remarks, warnings and advice!

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