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Cost of a panel upgrade

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hello all

I think the question may be tricky and very dependable of some units options and shops used, but, what would be the cost of turning a standard 80’s IFR panel to a modern one, with saying a G500Txi, GTN750, GTN650, GFC500 ?

50k ? 70k ? 100k ?

thank you

Aeroclub of East Africa – Kenya Webcams


The Aeroclub of East Africa, based at Wilson airfield, Nairobi, has an ongoing webcam project, financed by members’ contributions, throughout Kenya.

This is the latest version of their website:

Without routine airfield weather reports, it’s invaluable.

There’s also a link to their comprehensive airstrips guide on the same page.

Laid back flying

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This makes me anything but relaxed…

Flying in Rumania & Bulgaria – looking for tips

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I’m planning a flight to Burgas (LBBG) in a couple of weeks. The routing will be via Stockerau (LOAU), Traian Vuia (LRTR) and then Burgas. Anybody got any hints / tips for the planning / execution of this flight, anything I should be aware of? In particular with regards handling fees, AVGAS / Mogas availability etc? Thanks.

Infringements again (UK)

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I am one of many who must fume at the infringement avoidance regime now imposed on the UK GA fraternity. NATS report that infringements of CAS are up. It is no surprise as we have a software driven police ready to trigger an MOR (mandatory occurrence report) if you step over the line. I am sure most of the “infringements” are transitory and last mere seconds, and were never ever going to cause a problem to CAT. When we had controllers able to use their judgement on infringements, we could get a telling off, which was enough for most pilots to wake their ideas up. Ok, the self righteous amongst us will trot out the “safety” aspect of infringements etc etc, but most of this over sensitivity to aircraft infringing CAS is due to the burgeoning use of class D airspace dished out willy nilly to minor airfields who feel they must big themselves up because they have some passenger services. Well Covid 19 has taken them down a peg. Southend is closed due to Easyjet having no passengers, Stanstead and Luton flights are but a shadow of their pre-Covid selves.
Luton’s corporate plan a year back was to double the amount of passengers it was handling. All these operators worked on the assumption that CAT would keep on growing and growing. I must confess to be enjoying a large measure of schadenfreude at the moment and would like to see some of the class D areas reduced in size temporarily if not permanently once we see what the new reality is for passenger numbers.
Our transport minister, Grant Schapps makes the right noises when he says “airspace is everybody’s” not just commercial operators, but no action was taken when Farnborough applied and got class D status. The half mil chart for southern England, to the west and east of the Heathrow zone, takes a lot of thought if you are travelling north to south, and if we had carried on with airspace changes pre Covid-19, we would have ended up with GA having to scull about at 1500ft to avoid infringing somebody. I am glad that CAT has had to quieten down however temporary.
One of the unwanted side effects of the CAIT induced infringements regime, is that it has given aircraft insurers carte blanche to raise their prices. In fact last year our syndicate was refused a renewal quote because of our infringement history and had to accept an alternative insurer at a big increase in premium. Also note that the infringement record stays with you for five years.

I suspect Peter may be thinking of such things as metric countersunk screws made with a special sharp Socata-specified head shape to allow their use to retain thin fiberglass fairings
Which direct connection to Vienna City from LOAV?

From LOAN you can get a taxi (15€) to the trainstation which has frequent train service to Vienna city center (55 minutes).

Lhe in flight new version

You need to log with userid and password to every social media, every internet bank etc. You need a PIN code to use a credit card or an ATM, I would think everyone is very used to the concept of l…

Lhe in flight new version

There is no mention of it in PANS-OPS. I’ve read the full IR TK twice with no mention of it. I’ve taken the IR tests twice without any question mentioning it. I’ve taken an IR skill check twice wi…

Angrybird 2
Took the new (to us) Alphatrainer for a spin a couple of hours a go
Sr20 pr
My Cirrus has an analogue, but all electric panel.

With a rather curious intermittent fault…
The setup is standard for a Cirrus G1; it was just prior to the introduction of the PFD so there is a ce…

What does the controller have to check when you are bellow Radar altitude in this case? except asking you to “remain VMC“ or “confirm you have ground in sight”?
This one is a WX500 that sits deep behind the G1000, it is powered by the same avionics bus as everything but has own CB, it did seem to work fine on the ground during initial tests, will check the…