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Airport management discussion - USA versus Europe and why Europe is so often so screwed up

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From here

WhiskeyPapa wrote:

How is it that US airports of all sizes are able to accommodate GA traffic without disruption?

This question has been asked so often already that it makes me tired to read it… I have no idea. But I have come across so many experts on the internet who know exactly how an airport needs to be managed that I wonder why they don’t do that for a living. BTW: The position of CEO of my homebase airport will be vacant soon (the present one will reach retirement age in a few weeks). Looking forward to see that position filled with a GA friendly person who will show us all how an international airport can be run with a profit while still accommodating GA traffic for zero landing fees and free AVGAS for erverybody.

Icing (merged threads)

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I'm still somewhat new to IR and I am scared of icing. Heck, I occasionally wake up in the night after dreaming that I'm in an evil icing cloud...

What was your worst icing event? How much ice did you get? How did your airplane react? How long did it take until you reached a serious level of icing?

I've been receiving two types of advice:

  • don't worry, a Cessna can handle a lot of ice and it's no big deal, people are greatly exaggerating
  • stay away from any cloud in freezing conditions unless you're FIKI

Correct Lycoming / Continental engine shutdown procedure (non electrical considerations)

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From here

@A_and_C do you mean this one i.e.

I have heard of that with turbo engines which need the turbo to cool down.

There is a separate thread on the shutdown procedure for electrical reasons.

How to read an oil dipstick?

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This morning I pulled the oil dipstick out and it read half way between full and empty. I cleaned it and put it back in and pulled it out again and the oil only came up to the bottom line. So I pushed it back in, did my walkaround, and tried again: still the bottom line*.

I can see why wiping the oil off is important if a vehicle has just been in motion – as the engine tilts the oil moves in the sump and might rise to a higher level than normal, staining the dipstick up to this higher level. But in an aircraft that has been immobile for a week or two surely the oil will have time to flow down the dipstick so that the first reading will give you a true level. In which case, why the discrepancy the next time you measure it?

*The other thing I’ve learned with a tailwheel aircraft with a VW engine is that you get a significantly different oil level reading if you jack up the tail so that the engine is level, so an oil level at the bottom line of the dipstick is actually mid-range.

I found this which says, "If your ICAO licence does not show the validity dates of the ratings, please submit certified copies of logbook pages showing the rating validity and test dates." Guess I ...
Tb20 9
Good job I just checked the tafs and metars and never looked at the sky behind me before flying back in that direction It was quite rough, since one cannot get above the clouds at the required 230...
Hammer outline
I have to forfeit Roskilde. My plane will be in the shop for a starter adapter overhaul or replacement. I am very sorry about that especially because I was a strong proponent of Roskilde. Now I am ...
Thank you TMO! If you don'y mind, will try to update it with my clumsy fingers and give more indications: red - controlled, blue - un-controlled asphalt, green - un-conrolled grass.
IMO here is a comparison: Sitia: - Is very relaxed compared to Samos. - Has no Fraport and ridiculous charges (unless they improve something on that matter during the Summer). - Is an easier airpo...
Tb20 9
We have a new forum section called "Aircraft" - here This is for aircraft type specific postings. Since we already have a Non Certified section, I think that should remain specific to all non certi...
If anyone is at a loose end today, there's spur of the moment gathering for lunch at Bute, around 1230 local. Nice pub, with a well drained bowling green of a grass strip, about 500 m long. No obst...
Dr400 4
An excellent idea. Should make meet-ups a lot easier.
Tb20 9
This is just a suggestion. It adds context to many discussions to know roughly (at least which country) where the writer is located. In your Profile it is the Base Airport item. If you don't want t...
Tb20 9
I don't think a reputable company will reassemble a certified engine which has certain issues. I don't know what these are - no doubt there is a Lyco Service Letter on this - but a lot of things w...
Tb20 9
The Gramet simply doesn't forecast most cloud, most of the time. It does forecast convective cloud but such cloud, or the likelihood of it, is blindingly obvious from the MSLP chart. That's why I u...
Img 0079
It is, unless stated otherwise - FAA AIM "The missed approach waypoint is assigned a pronounceable name when it is not located at the runway threshold." (Source: AIM 5-4-5.d.5(d))
We had this a couple of years back here with Bressaucourt (LSZQ). Same thing, a lovely new GA field as a replacement for an old one which was very close to a city. This however is a pure ...
boscomantico wrote: Absolutely. But this also has a lot to do with what Aviathor said, a bit bluntly sure, but for the airports there it appears very much to be the case. Aviathor wrote: Airports...
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A_and_C wrote: Really? Into the wind is common sense. There are no adverse affects of running up into the wind. It is perfectly safe, and you have full control of the aircraft. Running up with a t...
Img 1186
I have a big turbo Lycoming and I believe the typical "cool down" considerations are pretty much nonsense. After an approach to land and taxi, the engine has cooled down and the turbo has spun down...
WhiskeyPapa wrote: What does short mean? Grass, you can get airfields which have grass runways which look and feel like golf greens (without the holes of course) and others which defy description....