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Airvan down near Umea in Sweden

Hbdwcavtar Angrybird 2 Lhe in flight new version Babypilotmedium Snoopy Screen shot 2017 12 28 at 22.37.48

A Gippsland GA8 Airvan with 9 people on board crashed vertically on the island of Storsandskär, near Umeå in Sweden. All on board perished in the crash.

The airplane was owned by a operator of parashuting flights.

ARINC 407 Synchro XYZ heading source

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Hi. I’m thinking how to feed my ADC200 with heading signal. Accepted is XYZ synchro heading.
If there is on the market small, light unit that can provide this signal? I need it for experimental aircraft.
I don’t want to go into heavy systems like KCS55.

FI(R) (no CPL TK) versus CRI


This is a thought spawned off the other thread…

I am half way through my FI and have no CPL TKs, and I really don’t want to do them either. I asked my instructor if I can also do the CRI at the same time as it’s my understanding that the CRI has some privileges that the FI(R) with no CPLs does not have. He said that FI is higher than CRI so it’s not necessary but agreed nonetheless.

I want to know: precisely what are the privileges a CRI has than a double-restricted FI does not?

Aspen KFC225 anomaly

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I have discovered some anomaly with my Aspen Kfc 225 installation. It might be a wiring/ pin problem, but I have to solve it ASAP.
Then anomaly is the following:
When then AP or FD is ON, and the NAV mode is ON and captured, the HDG bug still works, and affects the AP. I have discovered this, when the ILS^ LOC was captured, the HDG remained on the intercept leg, and the AP struggled to keep the LOC. The GS was ok. Yesterday tested during my flight to Duxford, and it had a the same problem with normal VOR capture.
The GPSS works ok, it is a kinda HDG mode.
Additionally, when the NAV is on, the HDG knob is more sensitive, commands more abrupt turns. I have talked immediately to my installation shop, but they still work on it.
Any idea without looking into the wiring, but I can provide it too.

Garmin 430 / 530 Software Upgrade

Dscn1198 Image Tb20 eg1 G otui002 429238 10151352960525184 722425183 22793400 1008147852 n

It seems that the data cards supplied new by Garmin these days, will only work if the unit is running software version 3.30 or later.

Can this upgrade be done by an avionics shop or does the unit need to be sent away?

Any idea on cost?

IFR practice flights

Primary glider Babypilotmedium Ava 61905135 832128000498457 6817995836320907264 o Lhe in flight new version

I am starting to get worried as my IFR-equipped aircraft is currently grounded, and it’s been 5 months and not a single IFR segment for me. I could certainly go to my favourite FTO and book a few hours with or without an instructor, but I wonder if anyone can propose a more cost-effective way. I have a few general ideas – any specific recommendations or offers on these will be greatly appreciated:
- Take an MCC course and gain an extra qualification while exercising my IFR skills – would it work this way?
- Join someone on a multi-day IFR trip (I can easily travel on a short notice)
- Take simulator training for a considerably faster aircraft, so that going back to real-life 80-knot approaches would be a no-brainer
- Find a reasonably priced FTO based directly at an IFR airport
Thanks everyone!

Lhe in flight new version

That link clearly says “land and ports with ferry connections”.

Lhe in flight new version

How do you calculate takeoff and landing performance without converting airfield altitude to pressure altitude?

What do you think about combining certified Garmin G3X as PFD, and for the price of another certified G3X panel I could buy two experimental G3X’s for MFD. Can they work together, and would that be…
Holy sh*t! And all that right next to power lines………
Odd thing is that nobody got out or if they did not capable to open their chutes. It must have been a very violent event.
G ahau sml
Honestly, the whole thing is silly, most people should almost be writing a MOR after every flight the triggering conditions seem so trivial (how often does a small amount of fuel get spilled when y…
Home pilot

Awesome recommendation, thanks AfricanEagle. Too bad though, aerodrome is closed for public traffic until September 12 (for the “3rd FAI World Gliding Championships 13.5m” it seems).

Eal, did you receive an answer to your email request? I haven’t to mine, sent to info at …

Edit: I called them and they said “no problem for hard parking”. Easy.