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New "Aircraft" section

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We have a new forum section called “Aircraft” – here

This is for aircraft type specific postings.

Since we already have a Non Certified section, I think that should remain specific to all non certified types so please keep the Aircraft section for certified types.

I have just spent a couple of hours of this wet xmas day moving suitable posts from Hangar Talk and Flying into the new section, going back about 2 years.

Greek Airports (being sold to FRAPORT in Germany)

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I see speculation that the proposal by the Greek government will include

Selling off state assets including airports and ports


Obviously this is speculation at this stage. But I was wondering are most of the airports in Greece state owned, or most private? Obviously private ownership could have mixed blessings for GA. Less complaints of empty aprons being full, but perhaps a tighter focus on scheduled traffic at GA’s expense.

Pipistrel Panthera (combined thread)

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Hello everyone,

Just when I thought it was sad to see the lack of development and new things in the SEP industry, I ran into the Pipistel Panthera website and was really impressed by the design and the advertised specifications. Of course, the price will probably be just as impressive but still, a 200kts cruise speed for 10 gals an hours sounds too good to be true. And it probably is. What do you guys think ?

Tb20 9
We have a new forum section called "Aircraft" - here This is for aircraft type specific postings. Since we already have a Non Certified section, I think that should remain specific to all non certi...
In fact if you look in ICAO Annex 1 Pilot holding a PPL may hold a class 2 medical and Class 3 medical is for Air Traffic Controller. I think this is creating a confusion with the class 3 of Part ...
Polen ac2
Today reserved the hotel I hope the weather will be on our side !
I'm flying to Athens on July 8th, so it will be two trips to Greece for me this year
Img 0079
The Super Cub panel with 8.33 khz and Mode S
Dr400 4
An excellent idea. Should make meet-ups a lot easier.
Tb20 9
This is just a suggestion. It adds context to many discussions to know roughly (at least which country) where the writer is located. In your Profile it is the Base Airport item. If you don't want t...
Thanks for the tip, Aleksander, I will not forget!
If anyone is at a loose end today, there's spur of the moment gathering for lunch at Bute, around 1230 local. Nice pub, with a well drained bowling green of a grass strip, about 500 m long. No obst...
Question mainly to Peter: After hearing a strange high-pitched sound in my TB20 inflight yesterday, I am diving into the hydraulics, suspecting something around the UG as culprit. Will check gear f...
Img 3057
What is the cheapest port of entry for Greece now (flying VFR)? LGIR Heraklion?
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During the past week we have had record low temperatures across Hungary and lots of precipitation. In the hilly/mountainous areas this translated into ca. 50 - 80 cm of snowfall at 500 - 1000 m AMS...
There are many, many inequalities and unfairnesses, and, as the owner of a big twin, I am at the receiving end of a disproportionate number of them of them. A lot of them are debatable. However, I...
Rwy20 wrote: Peter wrote: The "reliable electrical system" requirements are for FIKI, not IFR.
I think you should make a point of hand flying for reasonable peroids of time, reasonably often, IFR and VFR. It is like any other skill. It is also enjoyable.
Tim, might it be that when you change pitch, i.e. descend without touching any of your levers the prop moves to a more coarse pitch to maintain RPM and that has an effect on your MP.