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Health / Blood Pressure (merged)

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I have been following a thread on another forum – no, not that one – and this forum has a section dedicated to aviation safety etc which I find most interesting once you filter out the excess twoddle that gets written. Anyhow, there is a thread running about a pilot that had a heart attack and died while flying and obviously said plane crashed. This got me thinking about my flying. I love solo flying but what carnage would ensue should I have a heart attack or similar while flying through more congested parts of the UK and crash and kill innocent people. Should I change my flying and at the very least always have someone with me even if a non aviator? Flying medicals don't mean much do they? Under EASA you don't need an ecg etc anymore so even that possible early detection of trouble is no more. I am not a heath and safety type person but this did get me to cogitate on this matter. Anyhow, I thought I would share my musings with the collective. :-)

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck will be phased out in one year from now

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See here. This affects Jepp customers that are not using (or not willing to use) ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot to display their terminal charts.

Flying into the Event

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Flying, work and sightseeing is another formidable magic combination.
Your airplane is the right catalyst to make this magic happen.

Tachometer troubleshooting

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Dear all, today It was the first time I detected a zero RPM reading of the electronic analogue Tach of my TB20GT when starting the Engine. It still has the Factory installed Tach which didn‘t work at all after starting the engine today. Checked all CB‘s and switched Main and Alternator on and off without any reaction. Shutting the engine off and restarting did not resolve the zero reading with low RPM initially but with full throttle the RPM Indicator was jumping around and showing stabile max RPM at full throttle as he does subseqently in a flight, too but started to jump wild around below less throttle approx under 2200 RPM.
Would be thankful for any suggestion where to detect the problem?

Crowdfunding launched by German/Swiss AOPAs to help rescue a retired pilot from bankruptcy due to German customs decision

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The latest IAOPA news has an article on this crowdfunding project:
Crowdfunding to support pilot caught in German customs trap

In particular, the pdf is interesting reading and concrete evidence of the traps awaiting us all every day that we cross a customs border.


Yes, it’s an Advanced Ultralight.
My company is the Italian Aerospace Research Center C.I.R.A.
It’s like the US NASA… but in an italian scale…
Please check


One fairly basic issue is that only a fool will generate paperwork without doing a physical inspection, and that complicates the job. In the FAA scene that is highly risky because it takes only 1 …

Img 7269

DA42 TDI is still on 9.x WAAS or not but Diamond promised to deliver 15.x by the end of this year (which will not happen) and postponed it for the next one.

Img 7269

I believe there’s saying in English “You can’t outrun the fork”. Exercise is important but if you don’t control the intake, you won’t achieve much.

Img 7269

For me that’s instrument approach to LESU or some other alternate airport

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In view of recent local events, are there any aviation fuel shortages? Are there likely to be any? I can’t see that distribution of aviation fuel is going to be prioritised over automotive fuel.