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VFR Alps Crossing

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My planed next trip (see here: ) may involve crossing the Alps.

I have never done this and I’m torn between saying “let’s go for it – at least if really good weather and CAVOK is assured at all times” and saying “no need to press this… do it with another pilot first, maybe a couple of times, and do your own crossing maybe in a couple of years’ time”.

The crossing would be via Innsbruck and the Brenner pass, which is said to be easiest (yes – I have studied boscomantico’s I’m assuming in really good weather, I can fly on top of the alps at say FL 115. Am I right to say that THIS option is MUCH less demanding than navigating within the alps at say 6500 ft using SkyDemon?

Most people seem to do this with at least a C172 or similar. Will I likely have problems (power-wise reg. winds, climb performance etc) with a C152?

I obviously haven’t done a mountain flying course. Should I? What are the key points to understand in such a course?

As an alternative to crossing the Alps as described above (but avoiding to fly all the way around via Vienna), how would you judge a crossing (again, in good weather) slightly to the West of Vienna (let’s say Linz → Graz or similar)?

Thanks a lot for any insight


New Server

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As part of some ongoing work with the website, it has now been moved to a new server. Functionality should be as before, so if you spot anything unusual please do post on this thread.

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I‘m sorry I can not find the donate button at all. I‘m using the iPad to reach the site, maybe that‘s the reason.
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That indeed is the desired result, but the key Q is: how do you achieve that initial contact in the “modern world”? How do you get the customer to phone you and not one of your competitors?
My poi…

Finally, after many weeks of bad weather, I finally got back in the air for once. I took some pictures over Chasseral and the three lakes area in Switzerland. The sunset picture was taken last fall…
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Different symbols are used on the display, apparently. But the Sandel guy told me the protocol is different, which didn’t make sense to me (he is not one of the developers, and I could not get anyt…
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For mountain flying training in the area it is not that easy, only experts sit down there near ;-) :

Matthias Dolderer Crew – EDMT Tannheim –…

Img 7269
For me flying plane to Africa looks quite adventurous. Can you share the details of your preparation?

Btw I’m traveling next month to Tanzania (just across the border to Kenya ) by airliner and I’l…

Photo 342491
About this thing with the order of the theory…

I won’t say “pass every exam before even sitting in a cockpit”. But I do recommend not lagging behind on the theory. I would recommend getting the mor…