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Hangar One at Teuge

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I am considering employing Hangar One at EHTE for a certain avionics upgrade, a company I have not dealt with before. Its reputation, as far as I can make out, is good. Any comments or experiences from folks here?

Bosnia overflights ok?

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I would be interested in insight from those who fly oft in and around Croatia, VFR, as concerns Bosnia overflights. Bosnia used to be a “no-fly zone” for GA VFR traffic. Is that still the case?

Specifically, is it possible to fly direct to/from Osijek LDOS and other Croatian airfields along the Adriatic coast without avoiding Bosnia-Herzegovina? I know that when flying from LDOS to Losinj LDLO there are VFR routes west and then south-west, staying within Croatia. That is not a big detour, though. What about a flight from LDOS to Zadar LDZD or Split LDSP or Sinj LDSS or Dubrovnik LDDU?

TQ KTX2-S vs KTX2-S.V2 "differences"


Could anybody please share their knowledge on the differences between the two – V1 and V2?

Bonus questions.
Is it a suitable transponder for any light category aircraft (such as pa28, c172, MS Rallye etc.).

Many thanks in advance.

Transponder installation rules for UK LAA aircraft (and certified aircraft too)

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Picking up @wigglyamp ’s old post:

You can’t perform a Mode A\C transponder installation any longer. In the U.K., the requirement is in Schedule 5 of the ANO. An existing Mode A\C installation can be maintained and repaired (using the same equipment) but any change of equipment constitutes a modification which then limits it to being Mode S only.

UK LAA TL_3_03 contains:

Is this only for LAA (Annex 1) types, or others too?

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Most of the totalizers send pulses, and then software needs to count these pulses, and convert them to something useful. This could be done by a small board like an ESP32 or other simple device a…

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There is also another way of looking at “the elite’s” seaside properties.
I remember seeing an interview with Bill Gates a number of years ago. He was on a super yacht at the time. He had rented i…

Lhe in flight new version

This is not an EASA regulation, it is a “Single European Sky” (Eurocontrol) regulation so it should apply in the whole Eurocontrol area for any aircraft – Annex 1 or non-Annex 1. If you read it, …

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Good answer Mooney_Driver, I understand much better now what you mean.

Certainly if one takes great interest in a topic and that is subject of a movie or other work of fiction, it can be a massive …

Gen ewokz

Afaik Switzerland would be able to ban the export of Swiss made 35 mm shells in German stocks under international law.
Earlier in the year when there were rumours that the Spanish were going to ex…

From the manual, the only difference I see except some small display and interface stuff is that the V2 can do certified ADS-B out if linked to a NextNav Mini GPS.

Also seems that, in the V2, the A…


I got 3 within a 15 min drive of which one someplace I regularly visit for other reasons.


yes and as you say, rightly so.