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Please don't remove the blank line after the < /blockquote >

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This was described here but most people don’t visit the IT/Website section.

The block quoting feature automatically inserts a blank line there but somehow some people manage to strip it out. This then causes strange spacing of text below the quote.

I suspect that on some devices the blank line is getting selected (highlighted) and then the whole selected section gets deleted when one starts typing.

A software fix at the server is too complicated to do right now.

Thank you

Promoting EuroGA

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For Aero 2014 and 2015 (Germany) I got a load of A5 leaflets printed. One helpful exhibitor had some on his stand, and the show organisers kindly offered to spread some around their literature stands.

I have some left over and if anybody can think of a use for them, drop me an email and I will pop them in the mail

Also if anyone has any ideas on what else one could do, I am “all ears”.

Of course the main thing we need is more people posting generally (rather than just reading) and particularly more people starting threads.

GTX330 to GTX330ES – what is the point of this upgrade? Also the GTX335?

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It seems the only point is if you want to achieve ADS-B OUT, don’t need ADS-B IN (or achieve that via another route) and already have a compatible WAAS GPS.

But then I wonder what the GTX335 brings you. This gives you ADS-B OUT, also no ADS-B IN, and it has an internal WAAS GPS option (which is also available as an output).

Perhaps the ES upgrade costs less than a GTX335 installation? Not on the basis of figures I have seen.

Affordable light twins?

Lhe in flight new version Ava Hbdwcavtar Tb20 eg1 Babypilotmedium Plane logo

I’ve noticed some interesting light twins for sale recently for very attractive prices. However, I wonder how they fare in terms of affordability once you own them.

I’m not in the market myself being happy to just about afford my M20, but I’ve been discussing with some people who might have use for a light twin.

My arguments pro light twin is increased safety primarily at night, IMC and over water. Their weak points such as max OEI operating altitude do not really come to play in most of these cases, as over the sea or over most of the European mainland you can make it to an airport at 5000 ft or so and also if an engine fails at say 15000 ft, it will take a considerable drift down till you get there. The factors OEI over the Alps e.t.c. are well known and not subject here.

But I’d like to hear from people who have actual experience with airplanes like the Twin Commanche, Beech Travel Air or similar. For me, these two are quite attractive because of their increadible range. The Twin Com is “known” to me due to the long trips taken by N7311Y for Pilot und Flugzeug, the Travel Air I got to try out many years back and found it very comfortable.

So what is there to know about them? Obviously there are others like the Cheetah or Apache.

Lhe in flight new version
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“Is there anything worth a visit in Southend city BTW ?”

To do: Kitesurf
To visit: as Jason said ;)
We are doing a flyout to Duxford with 15 vintage aircrafts Sunday, usually Duxford is not much of…

Tb20 eg1
I am looking at installing the GTX335 as the first part of the TAS605 to TAS605A upgrade. Currently Avidyne won’t supply an exchange TAS box however so the project might end there… but at least I w…