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These items are offered directly by EuroGA members.  If you are interested in an item, please send a message to the member, using the button provided. We cannot vouch for the veracity of the ads.  Buyer beware.


  • Miscellanous items (other than below) €5 per item
  • Avionics €10 per item
  • Aircraft €25 per aircraft

Headsets, kneeboards, etc.

David Clark H10-60

H10 60


Private sale, sold as is. 30 day money back guarantee. Serviced 9 December 2014 by Headset Services Ltd. and not used since. Price includes shipping within EU

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about 1 month

Headsets, kneeboards, etc.

Bose A20, twin plug, no Bluetooth

A20 1


Headset in good working order. New cable fitted 17-2-2020. Offered as is from private seller. No factory warranty. If not satisfied can be returned within 30 days from delivery for full refund. Price includes shipping within EU

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about 1 month


Diamond DA40XL for sale

20200215 111025


My Diamond DA40XL for sale, N911KT
Please take a look

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about 2 months


Share in my Mooney M20K 252


€ 55.000,00

Based in a (very practical) heated carroussel hangar at Teuge (EHTE) is my lovely low hours (1.200 total time) Mooney M20K 252. The 252 is turbocharged, has an automatic wastegate and intercooler (all OEM and installed at the factory, so no aftermarket shenanigans). It’s hailed as one of the best Mooneys built. I have little base for comparison, but just wanted to put that out there.

She’s IFR/PBN certified.

I am looking for a co-owner as I used to fly it with my father, who sadly passed away almost two years ago. I fly around 60 hrs per year and this makes the cost/benefit calculations a bit silly and it is a shame not to enjoy this capable machine together. I am looking for a co-owner who would be okay with the airplane based at Teuge and who has about the same flying ambitions that I have. So mixed VFR and IFR flying, some weekend trips and around 50 to 60 hrs per year. A personal click needs to be there, but I’m not the type that wants to go flying together every weekend.

The Mooney is on the Dutch (EASA) registration, and the engine is the original one she left the factory with in ‘87 with around 1.250 hours TT. The engine has lasted for 33 years and has a fine bill of health, but in all fairness it probably won’t last another 33 years before an overhaul. I have tried to calculate this in to the asking price. The engine is on an Dutch CAA/FAA approved ‘on condition’ programme and all maintenance is done under CAMO. I have yet to inflate a tire myself. I know this ‘probably’ is not the most cost effective way to go about and I am willing to discuss more owner involved options.

I am also willing to discuss different shares and – reluctantly – the sale of the entire aircraft, because I know I’m looking for a needle in a haystack.

COM 1: Garmin GNS 530W
COM 2: Garmin GNC 255A
NAV 1: Garmin GNS 530W
NAV 2: Garmin GNC 255A
Audio panel: Bendix/King KMA-24
Intercom: Isocom SCI-4
ADF: Bendix/King KR-87
DME: Bendix/King KN-64
Stormscope: 3M WX-950
ADL150 Satellite weather receiver (2018)
HSI: Bendix/King KCS-55A
Autopilot: Bendix/King KAP-150 with yaw damper
Transponder: Garmin GTX-330
GPS: Garmin GNS 530W
Garmin GTS800 Traffic Info System (2018)
JPI-EDM 700 Engine monitor with fuel flow data, shared with GNS530W (2019)
ELT: Artex ME-406
Hot prop (brand new blades 2019, 5 hrs since new)
LED landing lights
Dual alternators
Built in oxygen (tank renewed 6 years ago)

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3 months

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