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These items are offered directly by EuroGA members.  If you are interested in an item, please send a message to the member, using the button provided. We cannot vouch for the veracity of the ads.  Buyer beware.


  • Miscellanous items (other than below) €5 per item
  • Avionics €10 per item
  • Aircraft €25 per aircraft


Various Avionics from Avionics Upgrade

Call or Email for pricing

- GDC 31 Roll Steering Converter with Annunciator
- KS 270 Pitch Servo
- KS 271 Roll Servo
- KS 272 Trim Servo
- KI 256 ADI
- KC 295 Flight Computer with Tray
- KA 285 Mode Annunciator
- KC 290 Mode Controller
- KCS 55A Compass System with Tray

-Garmin G5 certified – new

All units working when removed
Sale without warranty

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21 days


Robin HR200/120B

Img 3590

€32,000 plus VAT

Flying schools love the baby Robins for their useful load, visibility, reliable power and modern looks which appeal to students. XK is a late model example, being built in 1994 the last year before production changed to Apex/Alpha. The airframe has 6925hrs and the engine has run 1297hrs SMOH on 24th Feb 2012. This aircraft offers great training potential for any school. Annual valid through to March 2019, it all ready for someone to start. The aircraft had recent extensive maintenance at Fast Aviation in Bournemouth including a mag overhaul. Avionics are basic digital Nav/Com, Mode C and ADF. The aircraft is currently operated off grass, so the spats are not fitted. Worth mentioning that XK is faster than the rest with it’s Hoffman prop! €30k plus vat as is. €32k plus vat with Garmin GMA-340 and Trig TY-91 8.33Khz Com fitted.

For more details see

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about 1 month


Avionics from PC-12 upgrade with Form1

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List of avionics from upgrade to G600TXI in a PC12. (28volts)
All units listed are bench tested and come with a EASA Form 1.

Garmin GPS 400W (Waas) 3000€ (NEW LOWER PRICE)
Garmin Audiopanel GMA340 900€
Garmin GTX330D Mode S TXP (Diversity version) Non ES. 900€
King COM/NAV KX165a -0201 8,33mhz version. Slide in replacement for the -0101 25mhz version 2800€ (Only 1 left) NEW LOWER PRICE
King KEA-346 Encoding altimeter 2800€
King KAS-297C Altitude/VS selector 800€
King KMT-112 Magnetic Flux meter 200€ (2 available)
King KNI-582 RMI indicator 600€ (2 available)
King KI-204 VOR/GS indicator 1000€
Vertical Speed indicator feet P/N 7040 250€ (2 available)
Backup Attitude Gyro L3 5040035922 700€
Airspeed indicator 0-350kts 500€
Diplexer CI-1125 200€
Weather radar King ART-2000 5500€ or nearest offer (PRICE LOWERED)
King KMD-850 Nav/Radar display with KAC501(radar),KAC502(EGPWS),KAC504(traffic) 1800€ (PRICE LOWERED)
StormScope 1000E 900€
Stormscope antenna 400€

Email to [email protected] for more information, picture etc.

Espen Jakobsen

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about 1 month


SOLD – Solid 1979 Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six platform to upgrade avionics to your taste

Oo fls

SOLD – if you want to efficiently sell or buy and aircraft, contact us.

SOLD – if you want to efficiently sell or buy and aircraft, contact us.

Solid six-seater 1979 PA-32-300 Cherokee Six platform to upgrade to your taste.
Ideal for pilots looking for a simple touring VFR/IFR 6 seater where they can make their own avionics upgrade decisions.
Solid platform only 3261 hrs.
Not retractable, which is sometimes an advantage.
Engine 1268 hrs SMOH 1993.
Owner is running out of medical
Based in Kortrijk International Airport, Belgium (EBKT)
Always hangared, never damaged
EASA registered as OO-FLS, serial number 7940074
More information and high resolution pictures on We are offering this fine aircraft as an independent broker. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at +32 468 479075.

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about 2 months


PCAS XRX faster than ADS-B , personal Anticollision

51w4 gozqll. sx425


Traffic awareness is everyone’s concern, but so has been the cost of traffic systems, until now. PCAS XRX-ONYX is the first ever portable, passive, stand-alone collision avoidance system for general aviation to offer direction from within the cockpit.

PCAS™, or Portable Collision Avoidance System, is Zaon’s solution for providing high-quality, low cost traffic information to the general aviation pilot. XRX-ONYX is our flagship model, providing a complete picture in a simple, easy-to-use device.

PCAS represents our third generation of proven traffic detection technology. XRX-ONYX is truly a “Plug and Go” device with its built-in antenna system and built-in display.
The new XRX-ONYX, is an upgraded version of the current XRX—A system. The differences include:

Minor user interface enhancements, Forward compatibility
with integrated systems
The one that gives direction
An industry first, XRX-ONYX detects threat aircraft direction from within your cockpit using a cutting-edge, proprietary, self-contained antenna design. With direction, locating and identifying traffic is simple and easy, and traffic information is “three-dimensional”, which means it can be displayed on third-party systems, such as moving map GPS devices. Read more about this below.
Don’t let the tiny size fool you
XRX-ONYX was designed to be placed on the glareshield. Yet despite its incredibly small and self-contained, XRX-ONYX sacrifices none of the accuracy found in much more expensive, installed systems. The unit is only 3.9” (100mm) wide, 3.6” (93mm) deep, and 2.7” (69mm) tall. The majority of the height is for the enclosed antenna array.

In most cases, the unit sits below the visual line of the propeller, out of the pilot’s line-of-sight and presents useful traffic information in plain sight in front of the pilot. If a different configuration is desired, several options exist. XRX-ONYX has a 45° mode which allows the unit to be placed on the right side of the glareshield and rotated so that the screen is pointed at the pilot. Another option is a suction-cup mount. See our complete line of PCAS accessories for more information.
“Traffic, front-right, 0.9 miles, 500 feet below and decending”
XRX-ONYX delivers the three “dimensions” of traffic information that pinpoints where traffic is located: direction, range and relative altitude. Armed with this information, you’ll know just where the threats lie. XRX-ONYX detects and tracks all aircraft in the detection window you specify and displays the information on a built-in, easy-to-read LCD display. The top three threats are displayed using simple visual cues.

For the primary threat, direction is displayed in a compass rose around the range and relative altitude information. The second and third threats are displayed, along with the local heading and relative altitude information. XRX-ONYX also displays your local squawk code. Advanced features are included such as visual and audible voice alerts and advisories, an easy-to-use menu interface, and local information. XRX-ONYX displays “3-D View” quadrant bearing information, as well as relative altitude and range, all from inside the cockpit and without the need for external antenna arrays.
Operational Simplicity
The easy-to-read LCD display boasts large numerals and EL backlighting for night operation.All parameters are controlled by an easy-to-use menu system: range and altitude settings, type of aircraft, screen options, and more. Flying a pressurized aircraft? XRX-ONYX includes a pressurized mode for use in a pressurized cockpit with no external static line connections needed. The unit also monitors aircraft bus voltage and host transponder operations and is powered through aircraft power (12-40 V compatible).
Flexible detection window and intelligent alerts
XRX-ONYX sets up a “bubble of awareness” around you and reports any traffic in this window. The size of this window is easily defined using a simple menu that sets the range and altitude maximums. The detection window has a maximum range of 6 NM and altitude of ±2500 feet. PCAS utilizes both visual and audible alerts if the traffic gets close enough to become a threat.
The most important job of any collision avoidance system is to tell you what is a threat, and quietly provide information on traffic that is not a threat. An important distinction with PCAS is the difference between traffic detection and traffic alerts. XRX-ONYX will detect any aircraft in the detection window you specify, but will alert you to traffic that has become a threat based on the aircraft’s relative altitude, range, track over time, and ascent/descent status.
Reliable accuracy
Following in the footsteps of previous models, the traffic information accuracy is the best in the industry. Traffic accuracy is 0.2 NM on average for range, ±200 ft for altitude (defined by TSO standards set for transponder encoders), and ±22° for direction. XRX-ONYX also displays your local squawk code and pressure altitude for monitoring your transponder encoder output, as well as bearing. XRX-ONYX includes many built-in sensors for razor-sharp accuracy, including a pressure altimeter for relative altitude accuracy, a solid-state 16-point compass for bearing accuracy, a solid-state attitude and bank sensor for bearing accuracy, thermal monitors and overtemp protection for accuracy in any environment.
Plays well with others
Get XRX-ONYX traffic on your GPS or EFIS system, including Garmin, Blue Mountain, Grand Rapids, AnywhereMap, Hangar B-17, PCAvionics, and many more. Introducing a simple way to get traffic on your moving map display. A simple hookup to your PCAS™ XRX-ONYX™ directly to your system and you’re off and running. Traffic alerts, popups, voice alerts, the reliability and accuracy of XRX-ONYX overlayed right onto the screen of an old friend. Get the precision and all-over coverage that only XRX-ONYX can provide, directly on the screen you’re already looking at. [ Read more… ]
Everything you need is included!
The PCAS XRX-ONYX traffic system is a complete package and comes with everything you need to simply “Plug and Go”, including:

Dash-mount unit with integrated antenna
Cigarette-lighter adaptor
Headset-Direct™Audio cable
Velcro mounting dots
Silicone “gripper” feet
75-page Owner’s Manual
Quick Guide
Hard carrying case


Tiny, unobtrusive size (3.9” x 3.6” x 2.7”)
Digital range, scalable from 6NM to 1NM
Relative altitude, scalable from ±2500 ft to ±500 ft, with ascending/descending indicator
Metal or composite airframes
Displays top three intruders
A built-in altimeter, a built-in compass, and a built-in turn/bank sensor, and internal thermometer provide the highest, real-time accuracy available
Completely portable
Audio voice alerts for threats and advisories are included, with both Headset-Direct™ hookup and in-cabin output
Built-in directional antenna
Instant traffic updates with no delays
“3-D” view Quadrant Direction, 45° increments
Menu-driven interface, with selectable aircraft profiles and advanced calibration options
Displays the local squawk code, altitude, bank angle, bearing and temperature
RS-232 out for integration with other units.


Altitude Min. 0ft. Max 22,000ft (FL220)
Temperature Min. -15°C (+5°F)
Max. +60°C (+140°F)
Pressure Min. 0 kPA (0 PSI)
Max. 100 kPA (14.5 PSI)
Humidity Tested to 100% humidity
Power 10-48 VDC Negative grnd
Consumption @14V 4.2w max.
@ 24V 2.6 watts max.
Current 450-500 mA 475 mA nom.
Connect Type 2.35mm mini tip pos
Type Superheterodyne / PLL x4
Selectivity 1090 MHz
Bandwidth ±8.1 MHz
Signal ModeX,Y,A,C,S,2,3/a,3/c
Scan Rate 3.2 kHz
Data Rate 1000 kbps
MTL Sensitivity -78 dBm
Max Peak Power +28 dBm
Max Detection Range 22.0 NM
100% Error Rate 7.0 NM 10% Error Rate
Type FSTN Liq. Crystal Display,
Black/White, Wide Temp
Resolution 122 × 32
Viewing Angle 12:00
Backlight White Electroluminescent

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about 2 months


Mooney Acclaim Ultra M20V – 2018 – N242KT

20190228 095632735 ios

955'000 CHF

A new Mooney Acclaim Ultra M20V with 140 Total Hours! Serial Number 6, and at the moment the one and only in europe!

Garmin 1000NXi, FIKI TKS, Oxygen, Longerange Tank & a lot of more!
Check the Website for further Informations

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about 2 months


Garrecht VT-2000 Transponder ADS-B OUT

Gsobild 469

1,480 EUR

Used, no scratches or other issues.

Installation without adapter and modification of existing wiring harness.
Just slide in into existing mounting frame of your KT-76 or KT-76A / KT-76C.

ADS-B OUT extended Squitter.

Certification base: ETSO-2C112a, ED-73B

Output power: min. 220 Watt (Class-1)

Level 2es (extended Squitter)

Internal Alticoder. Interfaces for external alticoder (serial or parallel)

Direct-GPS NMEA Interface for ADS-B, no adapter required

Transflective color TFT Display

Illuminated keyboard

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3 months

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