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These items are offered directly by EuroGA members.  If you are interested in an item, please send a message to the member, using the button provided. We cannot vouch for the veracity of the ads.  Buyer beware.

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Socata TB20/TB21 propeller TKS parts

Price: 2000 euros

These parts were removed from a 2002 TB20GT. They are in a perfect working condition. The fluid container and the pump are 6000 euros + VAT new and the control unit is probably another 1-2k. To make a complete propeller TKS system you need to obtain the propeller related parts also.

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Added 2 months ago
Prop tks parts

Heavy duty wing walk material

Price: €150 plus delivery

This is a very heavy duty material which came from Aircraft Spruce USA in late 2017.
It is suitable for covering smooth areas, possibly with curves, but is too stiff to be formed over rivets etc. I need this so I am selling it.
There is no 8130-3 or EASA-1 but I can supply a copy of the invoice.
I have two sheets, each 24 × 70 inches.

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Added 3 months ago
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