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We want to keep this site as friendly, useful and straight-forward as possible.  

Our guidelines spell out how we moderate our forums.  Aside from that, by using this site you agree to the following:

  • The copyright for this site's design and the content not submitted by users belongs to the site's owners. 
  • The copyright to what you write on this site is yours.  
  • You must not infringe anybody else's Intellectual Property, nor post anything unlawful, or which encourages anyone else to break the law or do any harm.
  • You give EuroGA the right to use what you submit, both on this website and any other or any other medium, now and in the future.  You cannot subsequently remove this right.
You're welcome to link to the site and make "fair use" of the content elsewhere (e.g. quote a sentence or two), but we'd appreciate it if you link the content back to the original on this site or at least attribute it to this site.


We won't tell any third-parties any information about you as individual beyond what is publicly visible, unless compelled to do so by law.  We may share aggregated information about our collective user-base with third-parties.

You're not obliged to give us any personal information.  DSC is registered with the Data Protection Registrar.

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