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Why these design features??

EGPE, United Kingdom

I like the sound of that thing.

Freelance IRI / CB-IR Instructor
LOWG | Worldwide

Why the design feaatures? Because that’s what Nausicaä’s flyer looked like!

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Test flying this thing in close proximity to high voltage power lines, an elevated freeway. Nuts!

Upper Harford, United Kingdom

I love the fuselage sign at 0:33 in the first video which, I am told, means “Private use” :-)

I guess the negative dihedral is to cope with the lack of a tail, and the ‘variable’ Centre of Gravity? Putting it all at the wingtip means there is space for springy wing-wheels?

Booker EGTB, White Waltham EGLM

DavidS wrote:

I love the fuselage sign at 0:33 in the first video which, I am told, means “Private use” :-)

More accurately, “Own-Use” or “Personal-Use”, referring to an in individual (such as the builder) rather than any general private individual.

The 自 means roughly ‘self’, but a specific self (someone, or a thing itself). Together with 家 (one’s own house/home), it means something like own, personal, or self, depending on context.

Biggin Hill

It was at the Oshkosh EAA event. I’d never heard of anything like it.

EGPE, United Kingdom

how do they steer this thing? And what kind of engine is that?

Somehow I doubt he meant to land on the grass but rather missed the runway?

It kind of looks like a manta ray… impressive as they are I thought they belong under water?

Last Edited by Mooney_Driver at 29 Nov 21:19
LSZH, Switzerland

“And what kind of engine is that?’
A piston engine (motorcycle?) driving a ducted fan?

EGPE, United Kingdom

This must be Miyazaki…

KPAO, United States
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