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Airteam in CZ - anyone dealt with them?

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Has anyone ever dealt with It is a Czech online store for pilot supplies and aircraft parts, with a UK-based phone number.

I do not know about the general price level, but their Concorde batteries seem to be 100-150 € cheaper than Sandelving, their shipping rates (ground) are 20€ (to France) and are waived for orders exceeding 500 €

Battery from Airteam incl shipping: 485 €
Battery from Sandelving incl shipping: 613 €

Any other tips on where to buy Concorde batteries?



Their pricing is indeed very interesting. And they install avionics as well…

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EBST, Belgium
I have bought some smaller items- Jeppensen map for Garmin, some hose.. Everything was OK.
EETU, Estonia

I recently bought Garmin 2xG5 (AI and HSI with GAD29b and GMU11) from them. Nothing to complain about. Everything went smooth and easy.

EDAQ, Germany

Anyone having had Airteam install avionics?

EKRK, Denmark

I bought Trutrak autopilot for P28A from them. Decent guys. Also handled the EASA STC validation.

EETU, Estonia

I bought from them several times. They are quire responsive, usually offer good prices, and deliver quickly.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

We really should have a “sticky” list for different manufacturers and dealers here on EuroGA.


One could, but then people complain about too many stickies

Maybe a better approach is to do a separate and dedicated structure, like we have done for the EuroGA Airports Database.

My main concern would the regular threats of litigation. We have already had some, in years past.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I recently ordered a battery from them which arrived damaged (cracked housing supposedly due to mishandling during shipment). The exchange for a new one went quickly and friendly with extremely short email response times from the support.
So if it is correct that the quality of a supplier shows mainly when things go not as expected then Airteam has proven to be a good choice.

Happy (and more importantly healthy) New Year to you all

EDAQ, Germany
10 Posts
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