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Cessna R172K Weight & Balance caculator

Does anyone have a weight and balance calculator please for the above, preferably on Excel but even a table would be helpful? Have searched google but nothing can I find for this model.

Many thanks

UK, United Kingdom

I would try to find an app, for Android or iOS. There’s many, for little money.

Hi Alan, if you PM me with your e-mail address, I’ve an Excel spreadsheet to cover C172M / P etc. which I’d be happy to send to you. Therefore if you have access to the 172K POH it would be simple to insert the calculation bases for the 172K.

Fenland_Flyer wrote:

weight and balance calculator

Try either a tablet aviation app like Foreflight, Garmin Pilot, or iFlightPlanner. All of them have W&B tools…but you will need to enter the W&B information from your POH for them to apply to the Cessna 172.

There’s a hundred cheaper WB apps on the appstore!

You can also use the EuroGA router. If the model does not exist, you will have to enter the envelope and the stations manually, but that is a one-shot.


take any one you find on the internet ad adapt it to your airplane.
that should be easy enough as you would only need your current aircraft weighting sheet

ELLX (Luxembourg), Luxembourg

Here’s one I made a few years ago for a 172S:

C172S W&B

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