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Customs violation for intra-EU flight

Got a letter from Antwerpen customs office berating me for / asking me why I didn’t submit a general declaration before flying from Antwerpen to Switzerland. The flight was to Luxembourg.

I’m genuinely curious what kind of screw-up led to that mixup on their side. Did some airport clerk enter the wrong country code in some computer system? Was the confusion on the registration, rather than on the destination (there was a flight to Switzerland, but it was another plane)? I suppose we will never know.

What ticked me off is that they “expected” an answer within a certain number of days from the day they put in header of the letter. The postmark shows they posted the letter 6 days later, and it took a few more days to arrive.

Anyone got a similar experience, same country, another country, …?


Another forum member got the same letter but nothing came out of it. He actually did depart to Switzerland without a GenDec.

Yes, that’s the letter. Exactly the same one.


They seem obsessed with the GenDec.

I use the airport a few times a year. Arrived once did the GebDec at the police hatch and and then no one behind the airport hatch so waited and then left. The guy went mad when I returned. I asked him to call his boss as it was obviously such a huge problem it would need someone senior to deal with it…..then he went quiet! but weirdly wouldn’t let me even use his pen to fill in the invoice form! Guess he was having a bad day!

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)
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