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Does anyone know who to call in the (French) DGAC about aircraft (de)registration?

A rather narrow / specific query for those with some French / knowledge of the French ways….

Im waiting for the DGAC to de-register a French registered aircraft (F-HMDA) before I try to get it onto the G reg.
Does anyone know how most easily find out if it has been de-registered?

I presume there isn’t a G-INFO style portal but might there be a phone number or email address I could use to ask such a question?

Thanks in advance.


EGNV and Fishburn Airfield

You may have to try the email listed down, I don’t think a GINFO style portal works:

ESSEX, United Kingdom

The link Ibra posted normally works, so you might have to wait a bit. Direct:
It used to list all previous owners which I used a couple of times to ask questions about an aeroplane’s history, but this recently disappeared, possibly due to GDPR

EGHP-LFQF-KCLW, United Kingdom

Last time I used the link posted above they emailed back very swiftly, I’d start there too.

ESMK, Sweden

Thanks a lot guys.
The F-INFO seems to work a treat.
Arne, Kristianstad looks a treat to visit, perhaps this summer once the thing is airbourne again!

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EGNV and Fishburn Airfield
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