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Emails purporting to be from EuroGA about lack of activity

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Some joker seems to be sending out emails threatening to remove the recipient’s account.

Obviously we would never send out stuff like that, so please ignore it.

It looks like the emails have gone to people who have a public email in their profile. Very few people have that email configured, which is sensible.

I recommend that you don’t have a public email configured. It doesn’t serve any good purpose, because if someone wants to contact you they can join up and PM you. And the manual checks we do on new joinups should prevent all obvious spammers and most jokers. The exception to the foregoing is in adverts in the Marketplace where an email address will improve the response rate because people can email you directly, which is less effort. I would recommend putting any such email addresses in as text embedded within the photo of the item for sale, which makes it much harder to machine-read.

If you get any such email, please send it to me, including the headers if possible.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
1 Post
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