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Engine overhaul / repair shop recommendation

Annual inspection revealed chips in the oil filter and further investigation showed that my left engine needs to be opened up and maybe overhauled. It has 950 hours.

The maintenance shop does not perform that kind of work themselves, so they've enquired to a company in Denmark which returned a rather stiff price for this.

Any recommendations for a good shop somewhere in Europe? The engine needs to be crated and shipped anyway so I recon it doesn't matter if I send it a few extra miles.

Have you read the articles by Mike Busch on when to overhaul? Shops often make premature decisions and there is an acceptable level of wear. After all, it's not the shop that pays for it.

Metallurgic analysis of the chips can tell you where they come from. It can be anything from the starter drive to the camshaft. An engine with 950h shouldn't need an overhaul.

An engine should definitely make more than 950hrs but sadly if there are bits of metal big enough to see (and it isn't just little bits of aluminium which can reasonably come off pistons) then the engine has probably had it.

N-reg, I would send it to Barrett Precision in the USA, as I did in 2008 for the crank job. But they can't do a dual release 8103-3 so if EU-reg you are stuck with some engine shop over here, and I have never come across one that has a universal good reputation.

There are other US shops which can do a dual release 8130-3 (e.g. Pen Yan) but they again do not have a universally good name.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I know a good one in USA that I trust. Just wanted to check if there was something closer to home but I guess I have to go that route.

How did you send it?

How did you send it?

Out there I sent it using a shipper called CEVA (part of TNT) who "lost it" for a few weeks in the UK and they "lost it" for a few more weeks in the USA. It cost about £500 (a 250kg box).

After that "learning experience" I shipped it back via FEDEX, using the FEDEX account of a friend in the USA who has a big firm which gets great rates. That cost about $1500, which was a great price for an "overnight" (well, 2 day) shipment of 250kg from the USA. I think today's DHL rate is about £3000.

To be fair, I was unlucky. Air freight is normally pretty reliable. We use it at work all the time. It takes about 5 days, door to door. Just don't use CEVA, or TNT.

Details of packing etc are here.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Nicolson Mc Laren!

I have a lot more faith in them then your Danish company (Scan Aviation?)

NML is the only UK engine shop on which there is a reasonable consensus of quality work.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I've visited a rebuilders in Woking near London and was impressed and a friend has had his engine rebuilt there with excellent results. Neil andrews.

Forever learning

+1 Nicholson McLaren.

I had a carb mod done by Nicholson McLaren. Pre arranged - took it in AM, collected PM, looked a very professional outfit.

United Kingdom

Ok. Thanks, appreciate all information.

Peter: Why did you send yours to the US?

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