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Geeking out on post flight data with

FlySto supports EuroGA

I am curious how many of us geek out on the data from FlySto post flight and what do you look at to improve or learn?

I find it so useful and already corrected a few biases. would love to hear what people look at and how they use it to improve or learn?

For example in my case:

- I consistently look at my approaches scores, distance from threshold and approach angle to identify what I didn’t do right and be more careful following time.
- I use it to review tracks with the winds/cross wind on approach, make sure my patterns are ok.
- I also look at my take off initial patterns, which helped me for example realise I was consistently drifting left and not always using enough right rudder. I put more since and have better tracks.
- I also started looking when I encountered turbulence, the bumpiness/smoothness graph were a good way to compare across flight whether it was actually worse or just an impression from previous flight.

Any other thoughts on what to look at and how the data can be useful?

EGTF, United Kingdom

roznet wrote:

I am curious how many of us geek out on the data from FlySto post flight and what do you look at to improve or learn?

I do that practically after every flight. Besides what you listed, I check engine parameters and fuel recorded. And of course, I use it to reconfirm smoothness of my landings

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Blimey,I don’t even know what Flysto is.🙂


Indeed; nothing comes up on google. It is some phone app, I guess.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

No. It’s a web app where you can upload your G1000 flight log and see aircraft and your performance, go through the flight in 2D, 3D, cockpit view animation and similar stuff.

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LDZA LDVA, Croatia

It’s similar to from the looks of it. I haven’t used either but cloudahoy has long been promoted from various YouTube accounts.

EGBJ and Firs Farm, United Kingdom

I have been using FlySto for several years now. Fed by the data from my G5 and the EI CGR30 engine monitors it gives me a lot of useful information to review my flights. It has evolved quite a bit over the years and added a lot of nice features to detect deviations from normal parameters very easily. Given the fact, that I decided to give my plane to a bunch of other people to share the cost it gives me a sense of peace of mind to be able to see mismanagement or any clues, that pilots don’t stick to the negotiated procedures. It is all very transparent due to the ability to hand out a link to the logs after every flight.
I can highly recommend using it in addition to eg oil analysis.

EDAQ, Germany

One of the founders (perhaps the only founder?) is on EuroGA. Don’t know his EuroGA handle, but I met him at Friedrichshafen and he gave me a demo of FlySto. I was really impressed with it. He had hoped to come to the EuroGA dinner at Felders, but had to go to Zurich that evening. I’m sure if people have questions about it, he might answer on this forum.

Stapleford (EGSG), Denham (EGLD)

Here perhaps i.e. @Snoopy?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I might be the resident pilot at FlySto.
It was founded by a software developer passionate about general aviation and I might have contributed from the beginning.

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always learning
LO__, Austria
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