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Round the World Gyrocopter flight

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Peter I hope this ok to post this here.

I have found myself Project Manager for James Ketchell’s next adventure, a round the world flight in an open cockpit tandem gyrocopter. He already the only person to have rowed single handed across the Atlantic, climbed Everest and circumvented the globe on a bicycle (18,000 miles).

As part of this gyro circumnavigation he aims to inspire 1 million young people by giving talks on the rest days as well as raising funds for 2 childrens charities “Kindled Spirit” and “Over The Wall”.

Would anyone have any schools, University/College, Aero club contacts in the following places, who I could contact to see if they would like one his inspiring motivational talks during Phase 1. He is also a UK Scouting Ambassador and did similar talks on his bicycle adventure. There would be no charge and could be an hour to a half day complete with lesson plans for the teachers etc.

He will be doing this in 2 phases; the 1st starting from Popham and ending up in Japan (Toyama) and the 2nd starting from Toyama iending up back at Popham via Russia, Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Scotland.

Alençon – France
Milan – Italy
Dubrovnik – Croatia
Sitia – Crete
Cairo – Egypt
possibly El Gouna – Egypt
Agaba – Jordan
Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
Manama- Bahrain
Abu Dhabi Al Batllen, Dubai – UAE
Karachi- Pakistan
Mumbai- India
Chittagong – Bangladesh
Mandalay – Myanmar
Bangkok – Thailand
Kuala Lumpur, Singapore – Malaysia
Angeles City, Kaohsiung City – Philippines
Okinawa Toyama – Japan

PM me and I’ll forward my email address

Many thanks

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