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UK CAA heel dragging on GPS approaches, including LPV (merged)

It probably means British [something] Association. Most of these GA representative bodies can’t stand each other…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Having read the headline “Sywell to get GPS approaches” I have to say I’m a little underwhelmed after reading the detail.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a positive step but it’s taken a long time and no doubht cost a lot of money.

The bits that dissapoint me are the max of 6 approaches a day and no intial instrument training .

Well I got my grubby hands on a approach plate for a recent HPS approach in the UK. I entered all the waypoints in manually into a Garmin 150 and then flew it in VFR and not surprisingly it flew it fine.

Now what I can’t quite understand is how an earth its take 4 or is it 5 years to come up with this. Seems like an afternoons work to me

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