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Happy Xmas 2019

And let’s hope 2020 brings us some better weather… 2019 seems to have been extraordinarily wet all over Europe.

Some EuroGA statistics, to show just how far our online community has come:

Total Registered Users: 4371
Total Forum Threads: 10218
Total Forum Posts: 230809

Thank you all for making it what it is!

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Congratulations Peter. I found this site a couple of years ago and love it. The way you have brought together pilots from all over Europe and with all types of experience and perspective is wonderful. Very inspiring.

Paul Beckwith

Upper Harford, United Kingdom

Well done Peter and team, and not just all over Europe as there are great contributors from North America and beyond!

Auguri y felices fiestas 2.020!

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

Same to you, Peter, and to all our members.
Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year !


Thanks for having us, Peter.
Best wishes for everyone.
Side note – although there has been some flooding in May, overall the past year was very dry, one can see how narrow and slow flowing the rivers are, and how little water is stored in artificial reservoirs. Now about that fog…

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

All the best to Peter and the cool mix of forumites that make this forum such a great source of information and inspiration. :)

ESG..., Sweden

Merry Christmas and many save flights to all of you. It is always a pleasure to read and write here. The bundled know-how of the forum is amazing and was especially helpful for me this autumn. Thank you @Peter for keep it running.

EDDS , Germany

A happy and peaceful Christmas to all and a well done to Peter for putting up with managing all this!

Merry Christmas everyone !
Wow, if each post was 1£, in 10 years we could buy a jetprop for Peter :)

Many thanks to all the informative contributors and to @Peter and his colleagues for making the site possible.

I’m sorry that I have so little to contribute but maybe 2020 will actually be the year I renew my SEP!

Seasons Greetings to all.

Stapleford, United Kingdom
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