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Mooney Baggage Door Takes Out Horizontal Stab in Flight (UK)

not only there…. monday morning quarterbacks are horrible everywhere.

What will be the consequence… people won’t post such incidents anymore and we will not learn anything from them.

Mooneyspace was different however. There people appear to have understood what happened and posts were mostly positive. As well as wtf a bit.

LSZH, Switzerland

quarterbacking on the Reddit

You sound surprised I used that site for a bit, to do with action cams IIRC, but soon got fed up with the useless format. It’s a cleverly addictive traffic generator.

Getting people to post stuff which others might learn from is already hard enough.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

This one popped on youtube:

He actually managed it well, although triggered a mayday a bit too fast.

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LFMD, France

Well, sitting in a flying plane with a stuck elevator and not knowing what’s gonna happen, I don’t blame him one bit about the mayday. That’s quite an armchair comment, frankly.

EDLN, Germany

EuroFlyer wrote:

That’s quite an armchair comment, frankly.

I admit ;)

LFMD, France

You can always cancel a MAYDAY. In this situation I think the pilot did the right thing.

This was discussed at the time it happened:

Mooney Baggage Hits Elevator in flight

I think you may like to re-think the “premature Mayday”… The guy did really well.

Regards, SD..

Indeed – I didn’t spot that Threads merged.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Southend ATC once told me “cancel IFR” and gave me “Maypole runway & wind” when the engine quits at 4000ft over Isle of Sheppy as I went bellow 1500agl, that was the last of my priorities and the last transmission I got from them

Once on the ground I called RT air-to-air to someone who overflow me and orbited while he was in contact with Southend to say I landed safely (I think that was a proper “cancel MayDay” )

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ESSEX, United Kingdom
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